Advertising Executive Edwin Miranda Shares Some Marketing Trends Of 2019

Puerto Rican Edwin Miranda is an entrepreneur in the advertising and marketing industry. He founded KOI IXS which is a full-service agency that helps its clients by crafting online digital marketing using things such as influencer marketing and user-created content. His company collects data and does extensive research in order to help its clients succeed in their industry.

He says that KOI IXS was founded on performance marketing and passion. Edwin Miranda says he loves getting into work early each morning. He works with an experienced and talented group of creator, designers, and strategists. It’s hard to align everyone’s vision and creative direction but the end result is always worth the effort, he says.

Edwin Miranda built a group of people at KOI IXS that he trusts to do their very best. He said that early on he learned that just one person couldn’t do everything that is necessary for a marketing agency to thrive. He knows that he can delegate tasks to his team and they will be successfully executed. He says that it is only by having a strong team in place at a business that it can grow.

He is paying attention to some marketing trends that have been developing in 2019. He says that in order for a brand to be successfully marketed it needs to be able to show its value in just seconds. The world is saturated with advertising and people simply don’t have the time to look into all their options. Edwin Miranda says there are consumer micro-moments a brand needs to take advantage of.

Edwin Miranda also sees influencer marketing being used even more in 2019. This is advertising that doesn’t really seem to be advertising. It uses people who are followed by millions of people who share a product on their social media account so that people can see what it’s all about.