Role Models – Michael Lacey And Jim Larkin

When people think or role models in people standing up for their rights, they will think of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. These two men are journalists that have spent a lot of time in defending the First Amendment Rights. Their rights were violated, and they reported it. They won their case with a sum of $3,750,000 being given to them as a reward. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

The sum was a lot of money, and they decided to open up the Fontera Fund with it. The Fontera Fund helps others to protect and defend their rights. These rights include human, migrant and civil rights. The fund helps people located throughout the Arizona territory.

When someone experiences a problem with the violation of their rights, they will want to know what organizations can help them with this sort of ordeal. They can find a wealth of information on these organizations online. They simply need to do a search on the Internet to find them. Read more: Michael Lacey | LinkedIn

For most people, they will find that there is plenty of places that will assist them in reporting the violation to their rights and help them with the process.

One way that a person can help themselves is to write everything down so that they can remember the details. It is a good idea to have a notebook that they keep in a safe place with all the information written down in it.

When they go to talk to someone about it, they will have all the details written down so that they don’t forget them. The notes should include any names and dates that coincide with the experience that they went through. Other information that they write down can also be beneficial when they report their experience.

They should find someone that they trust to talk to. A good rapport with that person is important because it can be very stressful when dealing with issues that affect the rights of the people. The knowledge and power of a person that is experienced with these types of issues is important to find.

People should look up to Lacey and Larkin for speaking up about what happened to them. They protected and defended their rights, and they won their lawsuit. The two journalists are examples of what others should do when their rights are violated. It can make all the difference in the world when people stand up for themselves in all types of instances.

When people report these types of violations, something can be done about them in a very fast way. It can make a huge difference for other people too. In so many ways, reporting instances in the violations of the rights of the people is imperative.

Read more: Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Securus Technologies, Fighting Crime One Call At A Time

Proper investigative tools and software are essential to crime prevention. With the increased use of technology, corrections institutions, law enforcement, and public safety agencies are now relying heavily on the use of data and technology to fight crime. In a recent press release, Securus Technologies, a leader in criminal justice technology solutions released several customer comments detailing their experience and success with Securus Technologies investigative software.


Through thousands of letters and emails, the company received praise from facility customers with several of them willing to share their story. Correctional facility officials told of their success in riding their facilities of corrupt employees, gaining vital information regarding inmate drug trades, contraband, and possible threats to other inmates and staff. The use of Securus Technologies investigative software has helped significantly decrease the amount of inmate on inmate crime and increased the rate of crime solving both in and out of prison walls. CEO and Chairman, Richard A. Smith says that the company currently develops one new product each week to help law enforcement and corrections officials stay on top of crime.


Since 1986, Securus Technologies has been one of the most respected providers of investigative tools and inmate technology. Currently, Securus serves more than 2,600 correctional facilities and over 1,200,000 inmates in the United Staes. Aside from their commitment to reliable crime monitoring software, they are committed to keeping families together through phone calls, email, and video chat services.


Mighty Fortress Church Included in the List of Most Beautiful Churches in Minnesota

Christians require perfect places where they can assemble and worship God. At Minnesota state, churches are well designed using great styles of architecture that make them look beautiful. Church of the Assumption at St Paul, Episcopal Church of Our Savior at Little Falls, Fowler Methodist Episcopal Church as well as Mighty Fortress Church are the most beautiful churches in the state. View the interactive map at

Fowler Methodist Episcopal Church is a well-designed church that has a Romanesque style of architecture. The church was designed way back in 1894 by Warren H. Hayes. Episcopal Church of Our Savior at Little Falls is also well designed. It has a blend of Gothic and Tudor styles of architecture which makes the church worth attending. Church of the Assumption at St Paul is the oldest existing church at St. Paul. Romanesque Revival style was used to build the church. The interior of the church is also attractive, and Christians feel closer to God at the church.

To top the list of most beautiful churches in Minnesota is Mighty fortress church. This church is designed using latest styles of architecture. The church is spacious, and all worshipers are welcomed at the church. The church aims at deepening Christians knowledge of Christ. Also, the church employs practical Bible teachings that impact lives of Christian directly. They have a highly talented worship team. The worship team leads praise and worship songs that make every worshiper feel closer to God. Visit Yelp to write a review about Mighty Fortress Church.

The atmosphere at Mighty Fortress Church is enjoyable. No matter who you are you will feel comfortable at the church as they believe all are equal in the presence of God. You have a chance to praise God at the top of your voice while expressing your gratitude to our Creator. Mighty Fortress Church vision is to nurture Christians faith and help them live victorious and prosperous lives.

The church was found by Bishop Thomas Williams who is senior pastor at the church. Bishop Thomas has an experience of over 30 years serving in different capacities in God’s ministry. He is an excellent minister of the gospel. He believes that the words of God have the solution to many of social problems like diseases, racism as well as poverty. He is highly educated, and that is why he has been able to provide exceptional leadership at Mighty Fortress Church.


What Makes The Move To Multi-variate Testing Worth It!

Imagine testing every business idea in a single session, instead of multiple sitting. Multivariate Testing outperforms the A/B (bucket) technique, which allows CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) professionals to analyze and evaluate limited ideas. What makes multivariate testing a better optimization model to traditional methods is that it evolves with changing dynamics. In comparison, traditional A/B testing would require multiple sequential A/B split tests as elements change to determine the right combination. With Multi-variate Testing, faster evaluation is achieved because one can input variable combinations for a more defined hypothesis.

Although AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology combined with Multivariate Testing promises greater CRO results, proper execution is key. The popularity of multivariate testing as the perfect CRO solution for today’s ever-growing e-commerce network is its speed. It turns out way cheaper than split testing, which only measures the influence of a single marketing idea per evaluation. In just one sitting, online marketers can evaluate potential designs and how it impacts different elements.

It even gets easier with AI technology which intelligently exploits genetic algorithms as a means to identify profitable ideas. Ultimately, this shapes how e-commerce is adapted to improve CRO and increase profitability. This personalized approach aims to convert casual browsers by creating a relatable e-commerce platform that will optimize sales conversion. A lot goes into designing consumer experience that can positively sway a purchase decision. In fact, it requires having the right data to input, and analyze to determine how well the combination really works.

Multi-variate Testing requires a considerable portion of traffic as does the traditional A/B solution. What sets the two apart is how traffic is distributed to perform an analysis. For example, A/B split tests divide traffic into two even portions. Whereas Multivariate Testing prefers smaller segments. A given is that e-commerce receiving low traffic volume opt to do A/B split tests. Medium to large scale companies found Multivariate Testing more beneficial given the multifactorial nature of the business.

How well AI-powered Multivariate Testing will work for e-commerce relies heavily on measurable elements. Nonetheless, it’s a powerful e-commerce optimization tool to exploit and learn the complex behavior of an evolving audience. With online marketers gaining relevant insights into consumer behavior, e-commerce personalization will eventually become less of a challenge. Furthermore, it’s the right approach to eliminate any doubt of CRO success because AI-powered multivariate testing allows room for greater accuracy. The conversion gains will be significantly higher because faster testing makes it easier; to conduct trials concurrently while improving insights and implementing winning designs.


Greg Secker entrepreneurial Empire

Greg Secker has lately been into his new entrepreneur venture the Greg Foundation. He is aiming at improving the lifestyles and conditions of people in the whole world. To meet the goal of the foundation, he is imparting knowledge and life skills to people.

Since the foundation establishment in 2010, it has made some substantial strides. For instance, the incidence of the catastrophic typhoon in the Philippines made Greg Secker realize the opportunity and came up with the house building project. His foundation is funding the rebuild of 100 homes which can overcome the typhoon in case of another incidence.

Greg Secker financial journey commenced at Thomas Cook Financial Services. He then saw the opportunities in foreign exchange business and embraced it. He left to start a trading company where he could teach people how to trade forex. Virtual Trading Company became his breakthrough in forex trade. His firm provides real-time facts and figure regarding the forex trade of which Greg became the first person ever to develop such a platform.

He became the VP of Mellon Financial Corporation, an investment bank where he had the opportunity to serve amongst the world-class traders. He gained a substantial profit margin from trading while at Mellon and decided to start his trading firm in his living room. Secker launched Learn to Trade and began by training family members and friends before welcoming the interested people from the public. Currently, it has grown to be the largest trading company in the world with over 200, 000 persons taking advantage of Greg`s trading brains.

The educational strategy is through seminars and workshops. Learn to Trade has been awarded severally for the valuable education. In 2012 and 2013 it was named the Best Educator by the World Finance Magazine. Moreover, in 2015 it was recognized as the Best Trader Forex Trader Training UK as well as Best Trading Education Product by Wealth and Finance Magazine. Through his education and expertise, many people have transformed their lives.

Greg holds B.Sc from the University of Nottingham. His venture into The Knowledge to Action Group after being in Mellon Financial Corporation opened ways for various companies including, Smart Chart Software, Capital Index, Learn to Trade, and the Greg Secker Foundation.

Rocketship Education Providing a Bright Future for Students

Accessing excellent education to achieve a fulfilling dream can be challenging for low-income students (rocketeers) which led to the formation of Rocketship Education. Rocketship is a non-profit chain of public elementary charter schools that help the community to educate their children at an affordable cost. Headquartered in Redwood City, Rocketship was founded in 2007 by John Danner and Preston smith. Currently, the network has sixteen charter schools in Concord California, Washington D.C., San Jose, Redwood City, Nashville, and Milwaukee.

Rocketship Education works with organizations, educators, and parents to create a platform of quality public education putting low-income students on their highway to college. For example in San Jose since their founding in 2007, many high performing public charter schools for the low-income communities have been established. According to a study done by CREDO at Stanford University, English learners and rocketeers in San Jose gain more a month of additional learning in math and reading.

For the achievement of Rocketship Education, districts like Franklin-McKinley School and Alum Rock Union Elementary School District partner with the charter schools to improve the students and increase their readiness for college. Moreover, entrepreneurs such as Netflix CEO Reed Hastings and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan have donated to the schools in various aspects.

At Rocketship Education, parents get to choose the teachers that will teach the charter schools before classes kick off. According to Preston Smith, the CEO of Rocketship Education, parent participation in the interviews has always been a culture of Rocketship which began in San Jose in 2007. Three to six families will go through a training process so that they can be among the panelists during the interviews.

To enroll as a student at any Rocketship Education charter school, a student applies. Application occurs through filling out a form that only takes a few minutes. Submit and wait for feedback from the school to take your child as a rocketeer. Through supporters who fund the program, many students who had lost hope because of their background, are now happy with rocketship education. Their hopes of joining college have been restored with the intensive and high-quality education they receive.

Financial Services

*A Closer at Nexbank:

Nexbank is an institution that currently provides a variety of financial services to both businesses as well as individuals. Nexbank provides Institutional, Commercial as well as Mortgage Banking services.

Nexbank works with institutional clients as well as mortgage companies and high net worth real estate investors. Nextbank services their clients through strong leadership as well as financial industry expertise. Serving the client’s needs is what Nexbank is all about.

Nexbank is currently one of the top leading financial organizations within the nation. Customers can easily access their accounts on line any time of the night or day. In addition, Nexbank has state of the art technology when it comes to keeping your accounts safe and secure. Customers can be assured that their accounts are safe from hacking as well as identity theft.

John Holt is currently the President as well as CEO of Nexbank. Mr. Holt oversees daily financial operations and he provides exceptional leadership which is critical when managing large portfolios and managing the assets major organizations throughout the US.

*Nexbank Services Offered:

Mr. Holt has enabled Nexbank to expand its operations within the mortgage lending sector. Nexbank currently has assets that exceed 6 billion dollars. In addition, the mortgage department alone has some extraordinary financial figures to be released by January 01, 2018. Apparently 2017 was an excellent year from a financial standpoint for Nexbank Mortgage lending.

Nexbank offers savings, checking and Certificate of Deposit accounts. The bank offers highly competitive rates, reasonable terms as well as roll-over options. The bank recommends investing in CD’s for your long term financial goals. Nexbank has experienced personnel that will help the customer make the best possible investment and loan choices.

Customers can register for on line banking within minutes. Please visit www.nexbank,com. The company web site is updated on a daily basis.

The Unique Philosophies And Intriguing Career Of Samuel Strauch

After completing his education, Samuel Strauch eventually turned to the real estate business. His family were realtors in South Florida, and this was where his career originally launched. After acquiring well over a decade of experience, he opened his own company, Metrik Real Estate. His ability to sell residential properties quickly, and effectively earned him a superb reputation. Samuel Strauch quickly achieved a high ranking in his field, partially due to his innovative approach to real estate.

The reason for the accelerated growth of Metrik Real Estate is the innovative platform Samuel Strauch used to establish the business. He thinks outside of the box, and his enthusiasm for real estate is unrivaled. The passions of Samuel Strauch additionally include art, and photography. His extensive travels to Tibet resulted in a personal blog, and includes the photographs he took of the Tibetan Buddhist monks. Samuel Strauch had also made investments in numerous restaurants, and internet enterprises.

Samuel Strauch attributes Metrik Real Estate to the right timing. The population of Miami was experiencing a surge in growth, and his travels in Latin America had resulted in a lot of contacts. Since Miami is considered the gateway to Latin America, opening his own business made sense. The business incorporates new technological advances, creates an assortment of opportunities for investors, and is defined by its innovative principles.

Samuel Strauch conducts interviews with his team in mind. He learns the individual’s goals, and the importance they place on making a good living. He considers an applicant’s intellectual, emotional, and spiritual views. Understanding the individual’s passions allows Samuel Strauch to hire employees with professionalism, and ethics. He believes his employees passions, and personal habits must reflect their job, and is always looking for potential talent.

Samuel Strauch creates teams with a dedication for charitable organizations. Raising funds for these organizations is important for him. He has learned that since life is limited, personal growth, happiness, and health are critical. Samuel Strauch believes anything less is a waste of time. He encourages his employees to use his philosophy, and this has resulted in several previous employees opening their own businesses.

Samuel Strauch believes the thought processes of today’s employees has changed. They no longer feel they must attend college, work for their entire lives, then truly enjoy life once they retire. The newer generation chooses to decide how they live their lives, and their viewpoints differ from previous generations.

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Igor Cornelsen Talks About Brazil’s Investing Strategies

Banking controls most institutions. From schools, churches, events and fashion houses, it is almost impossible not to rely on a banking for transaction. In Brazil, banking is a tough sector that requires constant evaluation and advice in order for the economy to survive.

The harsh economy in the industry has vastly affected the world of banking in Brazil. To be safe from the destruction caused by unavoidable circumstances, proper care must be exercised. Igor Cornelsen offers valid precaution to take in these times.

  1. Ten Core Players

In Brazil, there are ten, core players in the banking industry. The industry relies on private sector to survive and flourish. Being part of the warehouse, it is vital to invest in key areas that will hold the industry together. Read more: Igor Cornelsen gives you the basics on Brazilian banking

  1. New Face of Change

Brazil has a system that failed terribly. A new face of handling this situation can be a blessing that will not only transform this field but also work well for the good of investors and share holders. Igor Cornelsen states that the new minister of finance brings hope.

  1. China Should Offer Tips

China is known for its flourishing economy. It is the world’s trading partner and has a track record of good performance. Brazil should borrow lessons from this state. Read more: Igor Cornelsen Identifies 5 Ways Businesses Can Organize To Be More Successful

China has excellent strategies in expanding its territories,a strategy that Brazil can implement and reap from. It is also the largest competitor that Brazil has.

  1. Money Value Should Be Real

For years, Brazil’s money value has been overvalued. This has effects on the value that it currently presents. The export of commodities has become difficult because of this value. It is time the value became real so that trading becomes relatively easy. The new administration will probably implement the key areas that Mr. Igor has highlighted.


Igor Cornelsen is an investment adviser. His experience and determination describe his character as an admirable, reliable , individual.

He speaks for many that need to air their opinion on investment and the new structures the docket has taken. Igor offers valid advise regarding investment. He focuses on providing relevant advice that will help you as a client and investor.

Learn more about Igor Cornelson:

Profile review of CEO Jeffry Schneider

Jeffry Schneider is a securities and investment specialist with more than 17yrs experience in the industry. He has been a valuable player in the financial services industry, during which time he has managed to reach the top of his professional career with solid determination and in-depth knowledge of the finance business.

Schneider is a deep believer in persistence and quality service. In fact, one of his favorite quotes is by Calvin Coolidge (1872 – 1933) which says that. ‘Talent alone won’t make you successful; there are many unsuccessful men with great talent. Genius will not; un-rewarded genius has become a proverb. Education also will not; the globe is full of learned derelicts. Only persistence and determination are omnipotent. The phrase which says ‘Press On’ has solved and will always solve many of humanity’s problems.’

Those who have worked with him, such as Todd Bierdeman of Newlight Healthcare, know Jeffry Schneider as a friend and business associate who is extremely dedicated to serving his clientèle, and will always put their needs first before anything. Schneider’s investment expertise as well as his unequaled work ethic and jovial nature have brought him success.

In addition to his business interests, Jeffry is also a committed philanthropist having helped many less fortunate people in society. He works with various charity organizations such as the Gazelle Foundation, Wonders and Worries as well as the Cherokee Home for Kids. Currently, he resides in the Austin, TX area.

After graduating from University of Massachusetts Amherst with a Bachelor of Arts Degree, Schneider began his career in 1990 at the Alex Brown Institute in New York City. Two years later he joined Paine Webber and was then hired by CIBC Oppenheimer, where he rose to the position of Senior VP with the Corporate and Management Services team. CIBC is a successful integrated financial services company in New York, offering investment banking and wealth management services to family ventures, institutional businesses and many others.

In 2004, Jeffry Schneider joined one of the previous firms where he worked as a senior vice president, charged with the responsibility of managing and supervising the firm’s US activities in the brand marketing and structuring department.

Apart from his professional career, Jeffry is also an avid sportsman and is known to participate in the Ironman Triathlon events.