Jason Hope Perspective On Anti-Aging Drug Research

Human beings see aging as a natural process that is unavoidable. It is true that no matter who you are, you must fall victim to aging. When we get old, our bones become weak and fragile, and our skin becomes wrinkled. Generally, the whole body structure losses its stamina and it becomes very hard to complete some of the tasks that we could manage at a younger age. As our bodies become weak, we tend to develop diseases. Old age diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease are some of the illnesses that old people normally develop.

To solve the old age disease problem, we need to look at the root cause of the problem. Aging is the clear reason why we have to deal with such diseases. If we are able to deal with aging in human beings, we shall have managed to deal with old age diseases. The problem now becomes, how do we deal with aging? Aging is a natural process that we cannot stop unless a new solution is invented. The solution that is needed is one which can reverse the effects of aging in human beings. To reverse the effects of aging we need a substance that will rebuild the worn out tissues and body cells in the body.

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Luckily, there is ongoing research done by an organization known as the SENS Research Foundation. This is an organization that wants to bring a solution to the aging problem by creating an anti-aging drug that will bring to an end all the human suffering that comes with old age. The organization has received the backing of Jason Hope, a futurist and philanthropist from Arizona who believes in the work this group is doing. Jason Hope is known for making correct predictions on technological trends. He correctly predicted the Internet of Things and is now hoping to do the same with the anti-aging drug.

Jason Hope is supporting this initiative because, unlike others, this is one is addressing the root problem. If the aging process is reversed, Jason Hope is hopeful there are great chances that the whole approach to the treatment of human illness will change.

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Eric Pulier the Startup Master

Eric Pulier has become very famous in the world of technology. There is a very good reason for this. He has become known for the skill he has for taking an idea and turning it into a company that ends up making a huge profit. Not many people have been able to achieve the success he has had when it comes to startups. This is because Eric has put a great deal of thought and energy into all of the projects that he is a part of. This gives him a step up on all of his competitors.


Eric Pullier has always been a prepared person at any job he is given. This type of attitude has led him to have great success in the academic world. He always did great with his studies. He was a brilliant student who regularly appeared on the honor roll. This academic track record eventually led him to get accepted into one of the most prestigious colleges in the United States. He majored in English literature at Harvard. He would eventually graduate with a bachelor’s degree. However, he quickly became interested in startups because of the excitement involved in creating them. He discovered that he was passionate about this line of work. Therefore, he decided to pursue it as a career.


One of the first startups that Eric had an idea for was ServiceMesh. This site demonstrated to business owners all of the various ways that the cloud can be used. The startup was a huge success because the cloud was new at the time. Many people had no idea what the cloud was or how to use it. This sort of innovation is what has allowed Pulier to create startups that catch on with the public and start to make money in no time at all.


Needless to say, venture capitalists have Eric’s number on their speed dial. Investors love to work with people who have always shown an ability to make money. There are not many of those people out there. Eric Pulier is one of them. He always has enough startup capital to finance his ventures.