George Soros Has Always Desired To Transfer All His Wealth To Charity

Entrepreneur George Soros has transferred his wealth amounting to $18 billion to his charity organization known as The Open Society Foundations. Due to its immense contribution towards charity initiatives, the Open Foundations is now ranked as the third largest organization aimed at promoting good in the society. Georges contribution has helped OSF in its effort of coming up with solutions to significant problems faced by humanity. The charity has delivered as far as matters democracy, openness, and ethical leadership is concerned.

According to popular media such as the Wall Street Journal and Forbes, George Soros’ transfer of $18 billion to the non-profit community is one of the biggest acts of nobility in the corporate world. It puts George Soros at in the same category with the Bill and Melinda Gates as far as philanthropy is concerned.

George Soros is widely known by many people for his commitment towards the good of society. It is evident that he has created an impact with his work in the field of philanthropy. George has over decades worked with various organizations to push for more cohesive and inclusive societies. From issues touching on climate change to advocating for the rights of minorities, it’s obvious that George has done a lot. He works tirelessly to ensure that governments respect and uphold the rights of their people. George has a more considerable interest in fighting against drug and substance abuse. He has done a lot to bring to light the failure of the global war anchored against drugs. Despite that, he has gone ahead to offer solutions that can help get the fight on track. Read more on about George Soros.

As a child, George Soros came head-on with the adverse effects brought along by war. His country Hungary was invaded by the Nazis. The occupation though horrifying, helped in hardening the entrepreneur. Besides that, it has also helped in shaping his vision of fighting oppressive governments. George’s commitment to foster an open, inclusive and just society has earned him friends and enemies at the same time. He is a staunch believer in the philosophies that guide his Open Society Foundations.

For a long time, George Soros has stood for the kind of leadership that is open and governments that respect the rights of their citizens. Despite harsh criticism, George has never deterred from doing his work. Most of the blame leveled against does not hold. He has put in a lot of effort in developing his country Hungary. This brings him out as a brilliant businessman. He established the Central European University in his hometown. The University gives the students a chance to study social arts.

The University is one of the most prestigious and acclaimed institutions of higher learning the in Eastern Europe. The school has nurtured various individuals and empowered them with the right skills to push for multiple social goals in their communities. As much as many people have criticized the billionaire’s works, George Soros has shown no sign of deterring from his excellent work. He is quite determined in ensuring the world is a better place. Visit The New York Times to learn more about George.

How Will End Citizens United Achieve Political Justice

The nature of American politics had changed from what it used to be when the United States of America gained its independence. Power to elect leaders has shifted from the patriotic citizens to a few wealthy individuals who use their money and influence to sway American politicians at their bidding. The change has come about due to critical changes in the United States of America Constitution back in 2010, something that is threatening American Nationals. For this reason, some members of the public have formed a pact by the name End Citizens United that seeks to oust politicians who do not have the agenda of the citizens in mind.


With the political action committee (PAC) being led by a five-member bench, it has gained momentum by seeking financial aid from everyday citizens, finances that will then be used to propel the agenda of the group forward.  By supporting many self-conscious leaders, the End Citizens United plans to decrease the power that most political billionaires in America wield today.Besides, the political action committee believes that it is its elected representatives that will help the association change the constitution so as to suit the needs of the American people better. Although the above mentioned is easier said than done, it might come to fruition when a vast majority of elected leaders have some sort of affiliation with End Citizens United. Presently, End Citizens United is only interested with leaders hailing from the Democratic Party, mainly because this society believes that it is the politicians from this political power that have the interest to alleviate the plight of low-income Americans in mind. PAC also has partnered with some good, wealthy and influential leaders to see to it that the 2010 constitution amendments are re-done.


Some months before the just concluded 2016 American national elections, PAC had raised not less than two million dollars with its aim being a whopping ten million dollars. PAC used its money to assist a select few aspiring senators, and House leaders advance their campaigns. Apart from individual donations, End Citizens United relies on polling, TV advertisements and direct mailers as a way of raising funds.


Also, PAC has presented its agenda to the courts time and again, a move that has not borne much fruit. However, End Citizens United is determined today more than ever to bring down American leaders who allow wealthy billionaires push their agenda through them. From the on-going onslaught, it is only a matter of time before the power to elect leaders comes back to members of public of the United States of America.


George Soros Heads to DC to Discuss Election Results

Billionaire philanthropist George Soros and many of his close friends and associates involved with Democratic Party politics will be congregating in DC for a multi-day group meeting meant to answer questions about the results of the election and how liberal groups and donors should proceed now.

The pow wow being held in the Mandarin Oriental is the first official grouping of these powerful individuals in the Democratic Party. Of most importance is how Democrats will react to a Trump presidency on

Most observers and attendees are predicting that Dems will come out guns blazing in order to delay and obstruct as much of Trump’s agenda as they can. Democrats are loathe to see many of the achievements they have made over the past 8 years collapse under a Trump presidency.

One of the main Obama programs that will be under attack is the massive expansion of healthcare, aka Obamacare on Biography. Millions of Americans now depend on the government subsidy to afford their healthcare. In addition many Americans fear losing protections against denial for existing conditions.

The Democratic Alliance is considered the vanguard of all groups opposing the Trump agenda at While they have only existed as an official organization since 2005 they are one of the heavy hitters in Democratic fundraising today. They have donated nearly half a billion dollars to all kinds of think tanks, non profits and Democratic party races and measures.

George Soros is among the most generous donors in the group- with roughly 25 million dollars in donations under his belt. He is and was considered one of Clinton’s strongest allies and gave generously to her campaign as well. He was vehemently opposed to many in the ultra right wing Republican camp.

Soros typically does not attend all meetings of the Democratic Alliance so him showing up in person is considered a very big deal among party elites and those in the know. Likely he will play a key role in setting the agenda for the next 2 years before elections.