Fortress Investment Group Executive Peter Briger

Peter Briger is one of the executives who manages Fortress Investment Group. He currently serves as its co chief executive officer and principal. Briger currently oversees the firm’s office in San Francisco, California. Peter has had a long career working in the financial services field. During his career, he has been a member of top financial services firms such as Goldman Sachs. With his experience, Peter has always been able to bring solid leadership skills and expertise to all of the firms that he has been a part of. Peter Briger is also very active in the community as he looks to help make a difference on a regular basis. Along with being active in the community, Briger has been recognized by Forbes as one of the wealthiest individuals in the world.

The experience of Peter Briger spans over two decades. One of the most recent experiences he has had in the financial sector is as a member of Goldman Sachs. When he worked at this firm, he was responsible for managing its credit asset department. He spent time managing professionals and also finding ways to improve the services to clients. While he was part of Goldman Sachs, Peter would also help serve on various Asian committees. This helped the firm establish a presence in Asia. He would eventually become one of the firm’s partners by the year 1996. View his website at to learn more.

In 2002, Peter Briger looked to move on from Goldman Sachs and pursue another opportunity. This opportunity came when he was hired by the young investment firm Fortress Investment Group. Briger would immediately be named as a member of its management committee. Peter would also be named as one of its top executives as well. As a top executive of the firm, Peter was in charge of managing the credit asset departments.

Before beginning his career, Peter attended Princeton University where he completed a bachelor’s degree. He would later attend the University of Pennsylvania and complete a master’s degree in business administration. Peter was a member of the Princeton University Investment Club while attending Princeton. Briger has also helped his community by participating in park development and housing.

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How Francisco Domenech Became An Important Player On The Puerto Rican Political Scene

Francisco Domentech is renowned in the Puerto Rican political scene, and is currently the Managing Partner at Politank. Politank is a law firm he founded more than a decade ago, and focuses on developing strategies in order to represent private interests before a governmental forum. Domentech’s academic record consists of a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and his Juris Doctor, earned from the University of Puerto Rico.

In the past, Mr. Domentech held the role of Chief Legal Counselor for Kenneth McClintock, the Senate President of Puerto Rico. He provided legal advice and oversaw all in-house work, representing the Senate’s best interest before courts. After six months, he was part of the Office of Legislative Services, where he acted as Director. He managed a staff of more than 125 employees and a budget of over $11 million, during all three years of his activity (from 2005 to 2008) turning surpluses. Through his years of activity, in both the political as well as legal world, Domentech managed to gain a deep knowledge and experience in his respective field. Read more about Domenech at

In between 2007 and 2012, Francisco Domentech represented the Young Democrats of America while acting as member in the Democratic National Committee. During the 2008 primary elections he was the Deputy Campaign Manager in Puerto Rico of candidate Hilary Clinton. His candidate won with 68-32 against Senator Obama. In the 2016 elections he once again managed the primary campaign of Hilary Clinton in Puerto Rico, where she won with 61-37 against Senator Bernie Sanders. He assisted in organizing his candidate’s trip to Puerto Rico during the 2016 election cycle, and sat on her presidential campaign committee, the National Finance Committee, due to him being a top fundraising bundler.

Whether individually or through Politank, Francisco Domentech took part in a number of philanthropic projects throughout the years, such as the Hispanic Heritage Foundation and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute, among others. Through philanthropic donations to the Clinton Foundation, Domentech supports his previous political relationships. He is admitted to practice before the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico court, and many others throughout the United States, including the U.S. Supreme Court.

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Adam Milstein – Gifts That Keep Giving

Times Of Israel author, Adam Milstein, is a man of many talents. Prior to earning an MBA at USC, he served on the Israel Defense Forces during the Yom Kippur War. Today Adam Milstein acts as Co-Founder of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, where he dedicates time and resources to supporting Pro-Israel organizations. Adam also manages to write blog posts for Times Of Israel, a highly acclaimed online newspaper, while maintaining a position as a managing partner at a private real estate investment firm.

In a recent article, Mr. Milstein lists gifts that should be shared amongst Jewish families, these being guiding principles that are meant to strengthen the connection between the Jewish people and the State of Israel. Pride, Courage, Persistence, Knowledge, Innovation, Belief in the Impossible, Brotherhood, and Passion are the gifts described by Adam Milstein, and he says that these gifts are meant to enrich the lives of the young generations, strengthen families and secure a common future for the Jewish people.

Milstein concurs that Pride is amongst the greatest gifts that can be given, and should be a foundational cornerstone of the truths given to younger generations. He describes pride to be an understanding of “who you are”, and this pride can strengthen the link between Jews and the Jewish homeland. Courage and persistence are also valuable gifts that when imparted upon an individual can give them the drive to fight and stand up for what they believe in, as Jews have done throughout their oppressive history.

Knowledge and Innovation go hand in hand, as these gifts can inspire those who behold them to greater heights. Adam Milstein believes that Jewish people must continue to instill knowledge into their children, and this can drive them towards innovation which is the key to preserving communal institutions of Judaism and will allow them to adapt and succeed in a multicultural, global society.

Milstein is an advocate of the advancement of the Jewish people, and philanthropically supports many organizations that are Pro-Israel. In his work, he seeks to have a positive impact that will encourage Jewish people around the world to strengthen their ties with Judaism and the Of Israel.