Clay Hutson’s Life and Career

Clay Hutson, a business owner and a resident in Nashville is an icon I the music industry. He has done exploits in the industry. He considers the thoughts and feelings of his artists and uses that to work with them productively. Clayton works from dusk to dawn to ensure perfect results. He makes sure the audiences experience a unique and beautiful experience in every performance.

Before he commenced his company he has had massive experience working on different sets of tour production and live entertainment. He has been behind the scenes working with big leagues like Pink, Kelly Clarkson, Guns N’ Roses, to mention a few. Clayton Hutson started out as a sound engineer and worked on his repertoire by giving his best in every show. He spent quite some time in the music industry before he decided to start his own business. Through all the shows and performances, Clayton has learned valuable lessons from each position and responsibility he held. These skills have sharpened him and perfected him just enough to give him the confidence to be active and involved in every bit of live entertainment. The company Hutson was working for begun experiencing difficulties and this pushed him, he thought why not go on his own. This Big step in his career to him appeared to be the right decision.

Clay Hutson spends most of his days managing various events. He makes sure he goes through his schedule for the day. He organizes his day such that he creates a plan and scribbles down a to-do list that guides him through his long day. He also makes sure his crew has a list of guidelines of the tasks they should complete that day. All this is done to ensure his and his crews’ productivity. Clay pays attention to details, the way things are done before and during performances. During a performance, he constructs each action and breaks down everything in order to give his stuff directions on what to do after the show.

Mr. Clayton Hutson is also learned. He graduated from Michigan University with a degree in Fine Arts, Theater design and Technical production. He also attended Michigan University’s Stephen M. Ross School of Business where he gained a Master of Business Administration. He has been in the game as a production manager since 1999 where he worked with Getagrip Touring. In 2001 he worked for Ronin Event Creative as the Vice Chair of production. He also worked for Prince and Jennifer Nettles as their production manager and was also Kanye’s stage manager. These and much more are his achievements over the years. Learn more: