A Quick Update on Richard Liu

Richard Liu got his start in 1998; it was at that time that he created his first business, Jingdong. His business sold magneto-optical items. At this time, e-commerce was really thriving online, which excited the new entrepreneur. So, in 2004, Liu developed an online business which he named JD.com. He became CEO and chairman of his new company and is to the present day.

Richard discovered a need in the market for a more convenient way for Chinese customers to buy and receive appliances, so his new business developed 3,210 delivery and pickup locations throughout most of China.JD.com went on to become China’s first e-commerce business to make the Fortune 500 Companies List. It has, since then, grown into a billion dollar company internationally. It’s creator, Richard Liu, achieved a degree in Sociology at a college in Bejing, and a EMBA from China’s Europe International Business School. He began his career as a businessman shortly thereafter and continues to guide JD.com into the future and into the global success it enjoys today,

NewsWatch TV reviews this company’s proposal to disrupt the PC workstation.

With over 3 Billion people using a computer today, an optimized mouse-keyboard setup can have a significant impact on productivity. The consumer oriented television show NewsWatch TV reviews Contour Design’s proposal to improve productivity in the workplace with maximum comfort.

Contour Design has taken the challenge to improve the user setup introducing its ultimate workstation series featuring a keyboard with fully adjustable height and the patented Roller Mouse Red. This solution is a wireless setup that doesn’t require an on/off switch due to it’s smart energy usage.

Contour Design offers two series of the Roller Mouse: Roller Mouse Red, and Roller Mouse Free 3 for a completely wireless workstation. Both solutions disrupts the workstation with a large roller with a digital right click to minimize impact on fingertips. Intuitive sevens sensors adjust the user experience by matching the user’s pace. As the roller is centrally located right underneath they keyboard, unnecessary motion and stress of reaching out and moving a regular mouse is minimized.

NewsWatch TV produces reviews of consumer oriented products that comply with their editorial standards and practices. As an award winning platform with recognition from Videographer Awards, The Telly Awards and Marcom Awards, they present top level consumer oriented content.

The Contour Design review by NewsWatch TV led to a dramatic spike in sales for the ultimate workstation series. Reaching to over 95 million households in 200 US Markets, and through the overall quality of the video, NewsWatch TV demonstrate a significant impact for the reviewed products.

Looking For A Search Engine Marketing Solution and Finding White Shark Media

Many people who are trying to get into internet marketing have to solve tons of issues. One of the challenges they have to face in order to get the money they need is figuring out the type of search engine marketing they are going to do. For one thing, people need to figure out their search engine marketing plans so that they can ensure that they are going to get sales. One example is figuring out if they are going to do their own marketing or if they are going to hand the responsibilities over to another entity.

For those that are hoping to hand it over to another entity, there is a need to figure out what to look for in a search engine marketer. One of the best types of search engine marketers is the type that is willing to listen to the customer. After all, it is the customer who votes on the company. Therefore, it is important for the company to make sure that he customer is satisfied with the services. This includes listening to the customer when he has any suggestions on what can be done in order to improve their services for the customers.

White Shark Media is one such company. While they have tons of experience with marketing, and advertising for search engines, they have also leave a lot of room for their clients to add suggestions. These suggestions have been used to improve their services. Among the issues that customers have looked at is communications. Another issue that was looked into was the analytics and data issue. Customers needed to know how the ad campaigns that White Shark Media has given them was performing for them. This could help them determine whether it is better to go forward with the new ad campaign or continue with an older campaign.