Being Norka Luque and the Rise to Greatness

Norka Luque is a renowned singer from Venezuela but based in the United States. Rising to become the star she is today was not easy; it has cost her, time, disciple, and hard work. Luque is both a local and international star whose rise to fame came after meeting her producer Emilio Estefan.

Love for Music and Meeting Emilio Estefan

Before meeting up with Emilio, Norka Luque was just a mere singer and member of the Bad Moon Rising band in France. She loved music while growing up and took part in many school competitions. She went to France for higher studies, and it is while here that her music career began taking shape. The band gave her a chance to sing in various places and through that Emilio discovered her talent.

When she returned to the US, she enrolled in music classes and soon began working with Emilio in his Crescent Moon Studios. It took the guidance and help of Emilio for Norka to hit the international music scene. Also, she appreciates her entire production team that works tirelessly to see her achieving her dreams.

Breaking the Ceiling with International Hits

Norka has come a long way in her music career. She continues to make hit after hit through the help of Emilio Estefan. She knows too well that without discipline, consistency, and hard work, she will not break the ceiling. Thankfully, her efforts are paying off with most of her songs topping the Billboard Top Salsa Report. One of her major hits, Milagro is making waves in Venezuela, Puerto Rico, and the United States. The song has fresh sounds and is a blend of different genres including reggae, rock and roll, Mediterranean rhythms, and pop. She was nominated for the Female Pop Artist of the Year in the Nuestro Awards.

Overcoming Depression

Norka was doing well until she hit her all time low when she suffered a personal crisis in 2007 that saw her become overweight. The situation hit her career hard, but luckily, she fought it back. As a celebrity and constant public scrutiny, Norka Luque had to lose weight with the help of her trainer. She has since overcome the issues and now lives under strict diet and exercise regime. She keeps fit by playing tennis.