Jeunesse Global Helps You Become Instantly Ageless

Jeunesse Global is on a mission to change the lives of people around the world by helping them look and feel young. They are also passionate about empowering you to achieve your maximum potential. Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis founded Jeunesse in 2009 after experiencing remarkable success in other enterprises. They wanted to share their youth enhancement products with people around the globe. Jeunesse offers a cutting-edge, global platform that allows you to share a variety of innovative products.

Jeunesse’s Instantly Ageless product helps you put your best face forward. One reason why this product is so popular is because it addresses a variety of issues related to forehead wrinkles, eyebrows, hooded eyes, under-eye bags, crow’s feet and facial pores. This product is a velvety cream that contains high-tech ingredients. It doesn’t take long to notice a difference when you’re using Instantly Ageless. As a matter of fact, you’ll notice that your skin is visibly toned in as little as two minutes.

Distributors of Jeunesse can generate income in six different ways. They can also earn travel rewards and achieve 15 prestigious ranks. In addition to having access to youth-enhancement products that are exclusive, Jeunesse distributors have the benefit of offering products that people love and rave about. You will have your own personal website, 24/7 access to business tools and training, as well as your own business app and social media resources.

Becoming a Jeunesse distributor offers a rewarding lifestyle that includes time, freedom and financial security. It’s been said that if you enjoy what you do you’ll never work again in your life. You’ll have an opportunity to build enduring relationships with people around the globe and participate in a variety of celebrations. Many Jeunesse distributors have proven that if you put forth the effort and remain dedicated, the possibilities for how much you can achieve are endless.

The founders of Jeunesse Global also established Jeunesse Kids, a nonprofit charitable 501(c)(3) foundation that was developed to positively impact the lives of children around the world, especially as it relates education and healthcare. Jeunesse Kids is committed to ending childhood exploitation and poverty.

Fortress Investment Group Expansion Programs and its Acquisition

Fortress Investment Group which has been in existence for over two decades now has been coming up with as many ways to get revenue for itself as possible. To help in boosting the offerings made by investors, Fortress has come up with a direct lending fund alongside other expansion funding programs in areas such as debts in real estate and purchase of aircraft leasing businesses. Visit

The funding programs have been beneficial to the fortress as recent reports indicate that the company has raised an approximate of $400 million, with an increase in demand for the company’s open end asset fund which is basically a mutual fund that has no restrictions for the shares or bonds that are to be issued.

Fortress Investment Group has been a player in the private credit market for some time now and the benefits that the company realizes have been increasing by day especially because of the open end asset fund which has been convenient for most investors.

To help minimize risks, Fortress plans on giving new purchasers the primary credit opportunities as opposed to the past where the opportunities were only limited to the current investors of the company. By end of the year, Fortress Investment Group plans on raising an approximate of $1.5 billion through the real estate fund like had happened in Japan.

Softbank Group recently acquired Fortress Investment Group and at the time, Fortress had an approximate of 900 employees in asset management which is quite beneficial for Softbank Group. According to Softbank Group, Fortress is not like other companies because it shows a lot of potential especially in the way it conducts business, and especially the great skill of analyzing potential business opportunities and working on them.

Another benefit that Softbank Group got from the acquisition is that of balance sheet monitoring which is Fortress has specialized in. Fortress has been known to be a maker of strategic choices even with the help of its partners which has been the secret behind the company’s financial success over the years. The financial strength, alongside the company’s innovative spirit, are some of the benefits that Softbank anticipates to realize with time.



Fortress Investment Group Celebrates Its Two Decade Accomplishments

Two decades ago, Fortress Investment Group was instituted as a start-up hedge fund serving some parts of the New York City. Regardless of the humble start, the company has developed to a giant investment manager serving thousands of clients and running hundreds of stable investment schemes.

Reasons why Fortress Investment Group is among the leading investment management firms

  1. FIG manages assets worth billions of dollars

Presently, FIG manages $ 41.6 billion of physical and liquid assets. The assets are distributed across the world’s real estate, transport, and finance industries. Besides the assets, the chief investment manager serves over 1700 venture capitalists from various parts of the world. Check out to learn more about fortress investment group.

  1. FIG works with a talented team of experts

Fortress collaborates with gifted finance and investment experts. They specialize in sector-specific investment research, asset management, and financial management. Furthermore, the experts have solid skills in securing appropriate business financing.

FIG’s team is led by Randal Nardone, Peter Briger, and Wes Edens. Randal Nardone is FIG’s co-founder. Afore establishing the firm, he served BlackRock Financial Management and other principal financial firms.

Wes Edens collaborated with Mr. Nardone to cofound FIG. Before founding FIG, the executive served Lehman Brothers, a famous US-based investment bank. Moreover, Wes Edens worked at BlackRock financial management firm.

Peter Briger cooperates with Edens and Nardone to supervise FIG’s team. Mr. Briger is Goldman Sachs’ former employee. Forbes recognizes him as one of the best global business experts.

  1. FIG is the Investment Industry’s pacesetter

Fortress Investment Group is branded as the Investment Industry’s trendsetter. Why? In 2007, Fortress became the first investment management firm to offer its stocks with an IPO. A few years later, other hedge funds like Oak Tree Capital Group followed the trend.

In 2017, Fortress Investment Group was documented as the first investment management firm to be acquired. Softbank, a chief Japan-based investor, purchased it. FIG’s top principals claimed that the acquisition was made to improve the investment firm’s competence.

Despite the acquisition, Softbank allowed FIG to continue operating as a self-governing hedge fund. The firm retained its headquarters, as well as its management team. Moreover, it maintained its investment philosophy.

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Peter Briger Propels Fortress Investment Group to Higher Global Recognition

Since its establishment in 1998, Fortress Investment Group has been a pacesetter in the alternative asset management industry. In fact, it was the first private firm to trade publicly in New York Stock Exchange when it held its Initial Public Offer (IPO) in 2007.

Currently, Fortress Investment Group takes care of $43 billion worth of assets covering more than 1700 investors. The asset manager specializes in permanent capital vehicles, private equity, and hedge fund. Additionally, the New York-based company has employed close to 1000 staffs.

At the helm of leadership of the company are three principles, New York-based Wes Edens and Randal Nardone and Peter Briger who is based in San Francisco.

Visit Bloomberg to know more about Peter Briger.

Company History

Fortress Investment Group was founded by three principles: Randal Nardone, Wes Edens, and the retired Rob Kauffman. Together, the trio brought with them years of experience in the financial industry having held prestigious positions in Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brother, UBS, and BlackRock Financial Management.

The first decade of Fortress’s existence culminated into its IPO. By 2006, the company had experienced tremendous growth having launched the Fortress Investment Fund #1 with four versions of it. Digitally, online users had a chance to explore the Fortress Partner’s Fund, the Drawbridge Special Opportunities Fund, as well as Fortress Brookdale Investment Fund.

In 2002, the company added two new principles: Michael Novogratz and Peter Briger both from the Goldman Sachs. Peter Briger brought on board a deep understanding of the market and his Asian ties.

About Peter Briger

  1. Briger is a principle and co-Chair of the Board of Directors of Fortress Investment Group. He assumed membership in the board since 2006, but the appointment as the co-Chair came in 2009. The appointment comes after Briger had served in the company’s management committee since 2002.

At the company, Mr. Briger is responsible for the Credit and Real Estate division of the company. Prior to his affiliation to Fortress, Peter Briger had served in Goldman & Sachs Co. for 15 years, and within that period, he was able to become a partner in 1996.

Also, Briger holds membership in the Board of Governors of Tipping Point, a non-profit establishment caring for poor families in San Francisco. He also sits in the board of Caliber Schools and is the chair of the Investment Committee for US Soccer.

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Stream Energy’s Corporate Philanthropy

Stream Energy based in Dallas created a philanthropy foundation known as the Stream Care responsible in helping the vulnerable group in society. During the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, the stream care foundation was on the forefront in helping to rebuild home for the victims. They partnered with the Hope Supply Co. to ensure that those people who lost their homes, families, and pets have a place to call home. The company used revenue earned from energy sales to fund the recovery process. Corporate responsibility is the backbone of the company’s principle reason why the company launched its charity foundation. The philanthropic activities are conducted throughout Texas and the entire country.

The Hurricane Harvey efforts by the firm were one of their display that showed how the company is committed to leveraging charity and philanthropy around the country. They maintained that their essential brand is customer oriented and giving back to society. The Stream Care Foundation focuses on assisting the needy by supporting local charities as well as communities. The Stream Energy enjoys a double advantage by launching a separate philanthropy arm. The foundations enable the company to concentrate in giving back to the community and at the same time gaining the respect and loyalty of prospective customers and the public.

The company has continued to enhance and build a long-term relationship with employees, potential clients, corporate relationship, Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity. Workers at Stream Energy have been synchronized to help support the company’s philanthropic track records. Stream Energy business model aligns with corporate service delivery to its customers. They sell their energy and pay up to build a network of loyal customers by their associate. The organization work to deliver several products and services such as mobile phone plans and fixed-rate energy. Moreover, they provide telemedicine, clean energy and virtual doctors to society.


Associate enjoys working at organization because they earn a commission on sales of energy as they work as business owners and individual entrepreneur. The associate is also encouraged to support the charitable cause of the company passionately. Stream Energy focuses more on the homeless people as they keep the record of the number of homeless individuals in Dallas.

Jeff Yastine is advising investors about business and trends in the economy

Jeff Yastine is advising investors about business and trends in the economy.

Jeff Yastine has been at the center of the world’s financial occurrences for over two decades now. He has extensive expertise in the area of business journalist and abroad experience as an investor in stocks. Jeff Yastine has reported on various historical occurrences and has interviewed the most prolific people of the 21st century. He shed some light to investors about the crisis in the real estate industry in the mid-2000s and the rise of the volatile bubble for 2000 dot-com. Jeff Yastine also covered the occurrence of national historical events such as the oil spill in Deepwater Horizon that occurred in the year 2010. Jeff Yastine also witnessed and reported on the handing over of the Panama Canal in 1999. Jeff Yastine has also reported on the financial aftermath of Hurricane Katarina that hit in the year 2005. Learn more about Jeff Yastine at Release Fact. Currently, Jeff Yastine works with Total Wealth Insider as the editor. He also contributes on a weekly basis to Banyan Hill Sovereign Investor Daily and Winning Investor Daily. His primary focus has been to aid the investors to understand the trend of the economy and markets and also point out few promising opportunities that are likely to earn good profit. Jeff Yastine has had the pleasure of having a one on one with prominent figures in the world of business such as Warren Buffet, Sir Richard Branson, Michael Dell among others. Read more at Daily Forex Report about Ian King. Jeff Yastine has achieved tremendous success in the field of financial publishing and reporting and has several awards under his belt. He was nominated for the Business Emmy award in the year 2007 after reporting on the underfunded public infrastructure of America such as roads and bridges. In 2002, he was part of the NBR journalist team that won the New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants’ Award for Excellence in Financial Journalism. Jeff Yastine also publishes on giving insights to his readers about potential investment opportunities. Recently, he gave ideas about stocks one should consider buying in the emerging retail market of America. He advised that it is highly likely that mergers and acquisitions would occur among the competitors of Amazon and it would be a smart move to invest in the stocks of such companies. He vehemently argued that M&A increased the sales values of companies and Jeff Yastine was confident investors were bound to make profits.