Wireless Containment Systems Work To Keep Securus Technologies At The Top Of The Inmates List Of Companies Preventing Contraband

When inmates are in jail, they are allowed to speak to members of the society on the outside but under observation and with their calls being recorded. The problem is that there are some inmates who do not follow the rules and will receive contraband inside of the jail. When these inmates have access to contraband, the safety of others is compromised.


One person who knows this all too well is Robert Johnson. He served as a contraband inspector for more than 15 years when he prevented a gang leader in jail from getting the contraband. When he prevented this from happening, two weeks later he was shot and left for dead. Robert however had another plan and knew that he still had more to do and made it through the shooting and many surgeries later. To date, Robert Johnson has undergone 23 surgeries and is now working for Securus Technologies.


When Robert was shot, the doctors told his family that there was no way that he would make it out of surgery or even through the trauma to his body, which took 6 shots at close range. He died on the operating table a number of times and still returned back.


Since this time, Robert knows that preventing contraband from inmates is still as important as it was then, in 2010. He now works for Securus Technologies as a contributor for finding ways to prevent contraband from being inside of the prisons and jails.


One thing that he has helped aid with is the prevention of phone calls being made from within the jails with cell phone contraband. The cell phones who access the network on the inside of the jail which comes from an inmate is allowed onto the network but the minute it connects, the phone number is logged and can be done with as they find fit.


The phone calls are then dropped from the network and the calls will continue to fail. This method is used as the wireless containment systems that helps to prevent calls from being made. With Roberts help, many inmates have been unable to reach others on the outside while behind bars, which helps to keep others safe on the outside.


Robert learned how important it is to keep inmates out of reach of contraband and unfortunately he had to learn what happens when you intercept an important package. Luckily he has lived through the experience and instead will work to keep others safe from harm with contraband.


Securus Technologies, Fighting Crime One Call At A Time

Proper investigative tools and software are essential to crime prevention. With the increased use of technology, corrections institutions, law enforcement, and public safety agencies are now relying heavily on the use of data and technology to fight crime. In a recent press release, Securus Technologies, a leader in criminal justice technology solutions released several customer comments detailing their experience and success with Securus Technologies investigative software.


Through thousands of letters and emails, the company received praise from facility customers with several of them willing to share their story. Correctional facility officials told of their success in riding their facilities of corrupt employees, gaining vital information regarding inmate drug trades, contraband, and possible threats to other inmates and staff. The use of Securus Technologies investigative software has helped significantly decrease the amount of inmate on inmate crime and increased the rate of crime solving both in and out of prison walls. CEO and Chairman, Richard A. Smith says that the company currently develops one new product each week to help law enforcement and corrections officials stay on top of crime.


Since 1986, Securus Technologies has been one of the most respected providers of investigative tools and inmate technology. Currently, Securus serves more than 2,600 correctional facilities and over 1,200,000 inmates in the United Staes. Aside from their commitment to reliable crime monitoring software, they are committed to keeping families together through phone calls, email, and video chat services.


Securus Saved Our Thanksgiving With Video Visitation

Securus Technologies really brought my family together this Thanksgiving. My brother was thrown into federal prison because of marijuana charges a couple of years ago. And it’s totally crazy because marijuana is now becoming legal in many states across the country. We are hoping to get his conviction vacated in light of all of this.


That’s all beside the point. The point is that my children miss my brother and so do I. It is always hard around the holidays because we know that he is locked behind bars. He is housed all the way across the state and it makes it very difficult for us to visit him. That’s when Securus saved the day for us.


This benevolent company runs this incredibly genius technology. All I do is log into their website, request a video visitation time, and then log back in when it’s time. My brother pops up on the other side with his face filling the screen.


We video chatting with him on a tablet this year. It’s about as close is he will get to a family gathering for quite some time, and I am grateful for this technology.


I just want to start to spread the word. Securus has been nothing but good to us. They are always interested in whether we are happy with our services or not. And if there are any technical issues, calling into their customer service center is lightning quick. I’ve read bad reviews of other prison telecommunications companies. I’m hoping Securus becomes the country’s leading provider very soon.


Securus Starts to Highlight Global Tel Link (GTL) – What’s The Deal?

Securus Technologies is a company that found its way to my radar recently with what I was reading about them seeming a little too unclear. There have been various claims made and that means it is time to make some clarifications.

Read more about Securus on Linkedin.

There was a recent allegation that Secures in a pending breach lawsuits that is now in the Texas federal court system under review. Even though the accusation seems damning, the truth is that GTL is now moving on in order to pursue, with the local District Court, to have a rehearing on whether the patent was PTAB – validated. It has never formally been validated.

The GTL’s technology regarding video monitoring, during visitation is a mechanism to provide a safe environment. It ultimately allows corrections officers the ability to supervise an inmate and their visitor. It is a common factor in almost all jails and correctional facilities. The belief is that the company practices are true and fair in every way but it is under ongoing investigation.

The PTAB wholly decided that our innovations are patentable, which is what gave use the right and the privilege to go back to court to protect the company’s intellectual rights and technology. The PTAB has not said that the named innovations were patentable. What they did say was that they would refuse to review the claims at this time.

If the company is found to have any fault in the scenario, then there will be a ruling that will require Securus to discontinue the use of GTL’s patented technologies regarding its video inspection mechanisms that are located within all of the facilities where there is alleged infringement happening.

Please see the attached link below for additional information:

Securus Starts to Highlight Global Tel Link (GTL) Wrongdoings/Integrity Breaches