Feel Inspired Through Guilherme Paulus’ Road to International Recognition

Guilherme Paulus is the chairman of the board of directors and co-founder of CVC Tours, undeniably one of the largest operating tour companies in Brazil. He is a Business Administration graduate but has had extensive experience in the tourism industry for more than three decades.

Paulus co-founded CVC Tours with his partner Carlos Vicente in 1972. The duo began employing innovation into their business strategies to beat other players in the industry. Two years later after founding the tourism company, Vicente sold his shares in the company to focus on other interests. In Paulus Guilherme’s hands, CVC continued to expand territories and attract a vast number of clients. In their packages, they went out of the ordinary to provide fun-engaging activities. This would see CVC gather even more international clients seeking their touring services. Today, CVC is widely recognized as one of the largest tour operators in Latin America.

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Over the years as an entrepreneur, Guilherme Paulus borrowed sharp business skills that would help him spot opportunities. In 2006, he went ahead to purchase Webjet, which was then a one charter airplane. Guilherme Paulus secured financing to grow the airline from a one airplane holder to twenty within five years. He later sold it to Gol Linhas Aereas Inteligentes SA after building it into being ranked third largest airline in Brazil.

Guilherme’s business success doesn’t stop there. In 2005, he realized that his company, CVC had been conducting virtual duties by referring clients to hotels and resorts for destination spots. He figured this loophole would be another revenue maker. From his accounts, Guilherme Paulus fetched an investment amount that would see the launch of GJP Hotel and Resorts. This chain of hotels and resorts would channel in more revenue asides from CVC by providing destination heavens for tourists. The company has since grown into what Guilherme envisioned by creating employment and bringing in more revenue.

Guilherme Paulus is well renowned in Brazil for investing heavily in his mother country. Through his works, he has contributed immensely to raising Brazil’s status on a global scale. He continues to inspire other entrepreneurs from across the globe through his accolades and ever-growing status.

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