Rebel Wilson’s making waves in Hollywood

 Romantic comedies sometimes have to go for or against some of their rules. Everyone knows that the lead character has to be irresistibly attractive and people will notice the attraction to each other even before the characters do.

The scenes have to be bright even if they are set in a city that is not interesting at all. The leads also must have a sexless of an oversexed best friend who has no personal story, even though the woman is clumsy and adorable at the same time.

Isn’t It Romantic is an anti-rom-com out on Netflix and starts Rebel Wilson as Natalie. Her mother, played by Jenner Saunders tells her that girls like her do not have a chance in marriage unless someone who wants a visa comes along and marries them.

Natalie carries this skepticism for lacking self-confidence and romance as an adult even when she relocates to New York working as an architect. All the men here treat her as a coffee girl instead of the qualified professional who designs a new hotel.

Natalie is mugged in the subway, violently hits her head only to wake up in the hospital. However, instead of waking up in an emergency room filled with overworked physicians, she is greeted by a seemingly hot doctor in a private wind with flowers and flattering lighting. She has woken up in her worst nightmare.

Natalie’s life morphs into a romantic comedy replete with rom-com tropes that she mocked a few minutes earlier.

She is surrounded by different people who include style guru and crampy gay neighbor, a female work rival, Betty Gilpin who always rocks impossibly high heels. A smoldering stranger who knocks her down with his car (Liam Hemsworth), her kind best friend (Devine) who’s the right match for her but she does not see it. The soundtrack is replete with all the radio hits one would expect to hear on a valentine’s day CD.

After throwing Natalie into her parallel universe, Inst it Romantic makes fun of very rom-com clichés because it is satirical and entertaining even for those misanthropic non-rom-comers.

Wilson can portray awkward Natalie especially due to her self-deprecating and over the edge sense of humor that resembles the character who is at times disconcerting. Wilson’s ability to lean on gawky, floundering and somewhat caustic archetype is somehow endearing to her fans. However, if the movie went beyond 90 minutes, things would have changed, maybe for bad.

On the other hand, Isn’t it Romantic falls short when it fails to subvert the same rules it set out and doesn’t help itself but goes close to the genre I which exists. Even as such, it is absorbing and lively.

About Rebel Wilson

She may be the scene-stealing Fat Amy in Pitch Perfect, but Rebel Wilson is a uniquely infectious confident, funny, daring and down to earth. The Australian-born actress’s journey to success has not been easy.

Born on March 2nd, 1980 in Sydney, Rebel term herself as a shy little girl, but developed her confidence from an early age. He continues to dominate Hollywood with her immense talent.

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Clay Hutson Knows the Value of Working in the Music Industry

Working in the music and entertainment industry isn’t always easy, but Clay Hutson knows how to do it the right way. He spent a lot of time learning about what people need and how the industry works. For Clay Hutson, the point of making sure he could help the industry progress is so he can make a difference for it. Clay Hutson focuses on giving people positive experiences, making the industry better than it was and always looking three steps ahead of where he was before. He also knows there’s a lot of value that comes from the industry. It’s important for Clay Hutson to always do things the right way while he’s working on different parts.

While Clay Hutson knew what he wanted to do from the beginning, he also knew things would change if he could make sure people understood what he was doing. As long as he knew how to run a stage and work on different shows, he’d be making more opportunities for people who needed his help. It doing all of this led to Clay Hutson making more options for the artists he worked with. It paid off because he felt good about what he was doing and how he was putting positive options out for the artists he worked with.

When Clay Hutson has an idea for a show, he starts putting it together right away. He always pushes to make sure he can bring his ideas to life. By starting out with an image, he knows there are goals he can put into place. Doing this helps him show the artists what they can get from each of his stages.

Clay Hutson likes to make sure he’s doing the best thing possible. He knows how to work ahead of what he’s doing so he can make sure everything is under control. By always being three steps ahead of where he needs to be, Clay Hutson makes it easier to focus on how he can help people. He also tries doing things differently by being three steps ahead so he can make things better for his clients.

Music is Just More Than a Job for Alex Pall

Alex Pall, one half of The Chainsmokers duo, says he does not just do music to earn a living but also to express his views on different things and share his personal life with fans. The duo has produced several songs since 2012 which include Closer, Don’t Let me Down, Everybody Hates Me, Roses, among others. Videos have millions and even billions of views. Alex was a night-working DJ while growing up. This was actually his hobby and he majorly did it for fun. He eventually quit his art job in New York when he realized his deep passion for dance music.

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Pall’s Journey in music

His former manager introduced him to Drew, whom they started working immediately. For Alex, the musical journey has been more of self-discovery and learning. Paired up with Andrew Taggart, the two formed the Chainsmokers duo with Andrew working as the producer. The job has been more of fun as much as it pays their bills. According to Alex, it is senseless to produce an album with ten or twelve songs that have no relationship to each other. He prefers just producing a few dance records suitable for a DJ album.

Pall’s experience with Halsey

Having worked with her in the ‘Closer’ song, Alex describes Halsey as incredible, cool, unique, real, and one with a strong voice. He would choose her over and over again for the job.

The Reception of Chainsmokers music by different ages

What amazes Alex Pall is the way people of different ages receive their music. He just noted that very little children love the music as well as aged people. The youths are however the biggest fans and he has a huge following of them on his insta page.

Future plans

Alex Pall states that the ever-changing audience is the reason they plan to do things differently in the future. Holding big tours and mixing videos of the live shows and their DJ shows will definitely create hype.

Who is Alex Pall?

Apart from being a member of the Chainsmokers duo, Alex once worked at an art gallery in Manhattan. He is both a songwriter and a pianist. He was born in 1985 in Westchester County, New York, but currently lives in Los Angeles. Alex is the DJ of the Chainsmokers duo.