The Story Of End Citizens United

In 2010 the US Supreme Court made a ruling that drastically altered how elections operate in the United States. In their ruling, a majority of the judges determined that corporations are people with all the rights that entails, including free speech on Election laws in place at the time limited how much corporations and people could give to political candidates. The Supreme Court decision was that this was an unconstitutional restriction on their free speech and struck those laws down. Today corporations and wealthy people can give as much as they want to political candidates and causes on which means they now have an overwhelming influence on politics throughout the country.

In March 2015 a Political Action Committee (PAC), End Citizens United, was formed in order to fight back against this ruling. The PAC is supported by grassroots donations and seeks to put the political process back into the hands of regular citizens and limiting the corrupting influence of billionaire individuals and corporation. End Citizens United has a three-fold mission; elect pro-reform candidates, raise the issue of money buying politics into a national discussion, and using their grassroots donors as a means of demonstrating political power against the Supreme Court ruling.

The PAC plan is to use millions of dollars it as collected from grassroots supporters and give it to Democratic candidates in competitive House and Senate races across the nation. Hundreds of thousands of citizens have signed the PAC’s online petition on and many have donated funds as well. The ultimate goal is to pass a constitutional amendment that will reverse the Supreme Court’s Citizen United ruling. This will be a challenging bar to clear as a constitutional amendment must pass both the House and Senate by a 2/3rd vote as well as have 3/4’s of the states ratify it.

End Citizens United is overseen by Executive Director Tiffany Muller. She has served on the Topeka City Council, worked with Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius, and has operated a politic research team that was based in Florida. The Political Director is Jody Murphy who has served on a number of state and local political campaigns. He has also worked on the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee as their Independent Expenditure Director and Political Director. Adam Bozzie is the PAC’s Communications director and has over 15 years experience in similar positions. Another top official with End Citizens United is Rajan Naran whol is the Director of State and Local Strategy.