GoBuyside – Utilizing Technology for Quality Recruitment

GoBuyside is a recruitment platform for the twenty-first century that closely collaborates with private equity companies, Fortune 500 companies, advisory platforms, other investment managers, and hedge fund firms covering a wide expanse of mandates as well as geographies.


By utilizing a meticulous process and an exclusive method of technology, the team at GoBuyside possesses unequal proficiency in screening out top of the line candidates for employment as well as finding new sources of suitable applicants. Aside from these, the GoBuyside team’s educational qualifications and professional know-hows set the company apart from its competitors due to its implementation competences that qualifies the entire organization to forge better and meaningful relationships in the industry GoBuyside operates in. Learn more about GoBuyside’s founder at Interview.net.

More than 500 clienteles consigns their workforce requirements with GoBuyside, and its network stretches to more than 500 cities and 10,000 companies internationally.


GoBuyside is a worldwide recruitment organization established by Arjun Kapur, who has a wide knowledge and experience in being employed as an executive in various locations around the world. Kapur is an alumnus of the prestigious John Hopkins University where he completed earned his degree in Economics. During his university days, he was a Phi Beta Kappa fraternity member. After graduating for the John Hopkins University, he entered the Stanford Graduate School of Business where he eventually finished his Master’s in Business Administration Degree.


Arjun Kapur established GoBuyside to provide manpower placement for managers, investment bankers, private equity firms, advisory platforms, and hedge fund firms. To date his company provides excellent job placement services, where applicants or candidates for employment are meticulously scrutinized and screened to maintain a high standard of quality. Follow GoBuyside on Facebook.


Companies often take a proactive approach in their recruitment procedures to constantly find top-tier applicants for their vacant positions. But since the employment circumstances and environment continue to change, the strategies used to link a company with prospective employees should be adjusted in the same manner. And GoBuyside, a prominent platform for worldwide talent staffing, states that the collective function technology performs in the hiring procedures ensures that it can adjust to come up with the evolving needs as they are required and simultaneously guaranteeing optimum outcomes along with productivity improvement on both sides.


Previous to the current hiring innovations like artificial intelligence mainstreaming (AI), online job boards, and the applicant tracking system (ATS) – the conventional hiring methods were generally disorganized and slow. Recruiting or hiring in the past would mean advertising in local newspapers where application letters at a later time are delivered via the company’s mailbox. The arrival of the internet in the 1990s brought accelerated changes that outdated the precious ways of hiring processes.


Ever since, the process of recruitment and hiring were never the same since the new technology provided a convenient means for employment candidates and hiring managers to have a two-way communication. Modern day recruiters have easy entry to software and programs that contains a database of information on available applications all over the social media and internet to be able to compile the needed information. This system is a better and more reliable way for a company to seek and hire potential employees for their respective requirements.

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