Betsy DeVos Heralded as a Resilient Politician by The New York Times

U.S. Education Secretary Betsy Devos was recently featured in an article by The New York Times that profiled her apparent defeat in not convincing President Trump to maintain a federal policy that allows transgender students to select the school bathrooms that coincide with their gender identities. The article noted that DeVos has not publicly criticized the president for his stance on the issue or his affirmative actions to reverse President Obama’s policies on transgender bathrooms in public schools. However, it warns that DeVos should not be underestimated in remaining true to her convictions and has developed a strong reputation for being a political fighter when it comes to issues that she is passionate about.


DeVos has roots in the Michigan Republican Party and is widely recognized in that circle as a political leader who is not to be trifled with. She exerts considerable political influence over public education issues and is a strong supporter of legislators and other government officials who share her views on school choice and necessary reforms to the public education system. Although she always exudes grace and dignity when things do not necessarily go her way at first, DeVos should not be confused with a meek politician who merely goes along to get along. She simply prefers not to air all of her grievances in public and commits her time and energy to building lasting bridges on issues that matter most to her.


Her perseverance is evident from the massive growth of public charter schools in Michigan. The largest concentration of charter schools in the U.S. is now in Detroit. DeVos believes firmly in the potential of the free market and parents’ choice to seek out the best educational opportunities for their children as the most effective way to raise the overall performance of the nation’s schools. DeVos points to test scores from other schools around the world to bolster her argument that the public education system is failing students in the U.S. and needs a major overhaul.


One of the major things that sets DeVos apart from other political leaders is that she never feels the need to reduce herself to respond to criticism from the media or her opponents. She prefers to forge ahead and never shies away from political opposition. Her time in Washington has been marked so far by bold moves to cross the aisle and tackle issues with cooperation from potential opponents.


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Talos Energy, Through a Merger with Stone Energy, Will be Able to Pursue more Goals

Talos Energy is an oil drilling company that recently merged with Stone Energy. The result was increased, growth, production, and synergy. The merger has been in the works for months, and as of May 10, the deal is official.

“This is a transformational combination,” said Timothy Duncan, the CEO of Talos Energy. “Shareholders will greatly beenfit from out increased scale and liquidity.”

Talos Energy has an expansive portfolio, and with the merger of Stone Energy, they have enabled themselves to further pursue these ventures. Talos Enegy is still focusing on the Gulf of Mexico; however, the increased capital will enable them to seek other opportunities without sacrificing production value in Mexico’s Gulf.

“We deeply appreciate the efforts of everyone involved in getting us to this point,” said Duncan.

Talos Energy has set themselves up to be one of the premier E&Ps in the entire Gulf. They already have a portfolio worth nearly $2.5 billion dollars, and the deal with Stone Energy will only enable them to grow further. Now, including the land owned by Stone Energy, Talos energy has a total of 1.2 million combined acres.

 About Talos Energy

Founded in 2012 by Timothy Duncan, Talos Energy has grown to become on of the most prominent oil drillers in the Gulf of Mexico. Specializing in purchasing unexplored areas of the Gulf, Talos was able to benefit from a formation which is believed to house 1.4 billion to 2 billion barrels of crude oil. It is estimated that 425 million barrels of this oil will be able to be extracted from the sea.

Along with Timothy Duncan, Gregory A. Beard, Neal P. Goldman, Charles M. Sledge and many other well-educated businessmen make up the Board of Directors at Talos Energy.

After the merger, the investors of Talos Energy remained in majority control of the company; however, the people over at Stone Energy are benefiting from the merger as well.

ClassDojo is a Great EdTech App because it Fulfills a Need for Teachers and Students

There are many different types of educational apps that are available for teachers, students, parents and administrators. Nearly all of the apps are focused on teachers and students. They provide them with some type of practical assistance or aid in the classroom or with their studies. This is the benchmark of a good EdTech app – it must have the ability to fulfill a need for teachers or their students.

Teachers are the primary instructors in the field of education. Their job is to provide learning and knowledge to children. Classroom educators are also responsible for paperwork and keeping track of student’s progress. They have to be organized and attentive to properly report how students are doing in class. Apps that can help them to perform these functions are a great benefit for them.

Keep in mind that teacher also need a way to communicate with parents. They might have their home or work numbers but that does not mean that they will always be able to get in touch with them. Sometimes, having an instant messaging communication system at their disposal will make this process easier. Once again, if an app can do all of these things then it will be beneficial to teachers.

ClassDojo is an app that offers these functions for teachers and much more. This app was created in 2011 by Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary. Liam Don is a web developer who understands how to create an app from scratch. Sam Chaudhary is a former teacher who provides the basic knowledge to Don about what instructors need to do a good job in class. When these leading CEOs combine their knowledge together; they created ClassDojo and an amazing application that helps teachers, parents and students.

The key to a good educational app is to make sure that it serves a purpose. ClassDojo serves many purposes. It helps teachers and parents to communicate about a student’s progress in class, it can be used to communicate homework assignments and special projects and educators can use it to track how well a student is doing academically. ClassDojo is a great EdTech app because it pays attention to what teachers need and it helps to fulfill their needs.