Billy McFarland and how he created Magnises

If you are a Millennial, then you understand that the need to know where the action is taking place at all times is one of the most important of them all. Well, there is one Millennial who thought of this and decided to come up with a viable solution to the problem.

Billy McFarland created an online community known as Magnises and through the forum; people get connected with the events that are happening in the cities that are close to them especially on the west coast.

To become a part of this program, you start by subscribing to Magnises website. There are some details that you will give such as your name address and such basic information. The site administrators will look at the information you offer them and decide whether to approve your request to join the community or not.

When they approve your request, you get a black card that identifies you as a member of Magnises. It is possible to link a credit or debit card to this card and access financial services through it.

The events that are open to people that have this card include exclusive shows with music stars, food tastings with the best chefs and premium seats in games. There is also the possibility of meeting and mingling with the other members of the Magnises community.

The interesting thing about the card is that it costs about $250 annual fees as subscription. You are able to access limited opportunities with it, including rental office space that you can get for as little as $50 for a month in a place like New York.

About Billy McFarland

Billy is an American Tech entrepreneur. He founded Spling and more recently the Magnises App and black card. He was born in New York City but was raised and schooled in New Jersey.

According to Bloomberg, Billy McFarland created his very first company when he was just 13 years old. Then, he attended Bucknell University where he studied computer engineering.