Sunday Riley : A Texan Businesswoman Overtakes The Beauty industry

As one of the beauty industries fastest growing brands thanks to her social media cult following, Sunday Riley is today a must-have product. A simple search on any social media platform can attest to her popularity, however, how many truly know the woman behind the Brand? Introducing Sunday Riley, founder of the company that bears her name and one of the most revered entrepreneurs. We recently sat down with Sunday Riley to get to know this Texan businesswoman and her thoughts about the rise of her brand and the products that got her there.

When you created Sunday Riley, what were your intentions?

Sunday comments that in 2009 when her company launched, her focus was on introducing to the beauty industry products that contained botanical ingredients. The usual blend of science-based ingredients left a hole in the industry for people that rather have natural ingredients on their face rather than a product that was manufactured in a lab. She often says that she wants to live to 120 without looking 90 and you cannot accomplish that without natural ingredients.

How do you feel that you are apart of many women’s lives?

I don’t confuse the brand with myself, says Sunday Riley. This means that her outlook is never a “look how great I am” but rather a sense of personal responsibility to continue providing high-quality products for women across the globe.

Do you ever look yourself up on Reddit?

Sunday Riley states that she never goes on Reddit or attempts to read anything about herself online, however, she does instruct her team to inform her about any concerns that customers have with the product, that she wants to know immediately.

Would you ever create a hair product?

Absolutely, says Sunday Riley. Her interest in the hair genre is something that she would like to explore further down the road in the form of a Sunday Riley product.