Best Friends With Wengie


Wengie gives a look at her best friend. As she starts her day by making breakfast, she starts to talk about her best friend. He comes over to show Wengie his new hair cut and to share a home-cooked lunch. Her friend is supposed to be in a desert, but he came back to see Wengie.


Later in the day, Wengie and her friend enjoy dinner together. She is sure to give viewers of her vlog an idea of what her and her friend are eating and what they are talking about through the meal. Wengie proceeds to talk about the days in the city with the air being a bit smoggy. While she’s walking through the city, she wears a mask so that she doesn’t have to breathe in the dust. Wengie and her friend go to see a movie while he’s in town. They also get a little shopping done in the city before he has to head back out of town.


The relationship that Wengie has with her best friend is one that she cherishes. You can see the light in her eyes when he’s around, and she describes him as someone she couldn’t live without. They enjoy a lot of meals together along with a lot of shopping, especially at large malls.

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