Igor Cornelsen’s Career Growth and His Gained Experience in the World of Investment

The success story of Igor Cornelsen is not just a product of brains and talent, but also of having the passion and confidence to believe in one’s vision, purpose, and creation. Without such qualities, Mr. Cornelsen may not be able to reach the successful life he has right now. He wouldn’t have been able to be the best investment banker in his class. He would not have been promoted to be a board of directors member. If he doubted himself, he would probably not be the CEO of Multibanco.

Business Mindset

The business mindset of Igor Cornelsen might have been the secret ingredient of his extreme success. He graduated with an engineering degree from the Federal University of Parana, but when he realized that business was in his blood, he shifted his studies in economics at the same university. It was probably there that Mr. Cornelsen realized the importance of business in generating more prosperous success not just for oneself, but also for the society in general through job creation. Such mindset is what drove him eventually to form his investment firm in 1995, after gaining incredible experience in investment banking from Multibanco as well as Bank of America.

Career History

The first job in the career of Igor Cornelsen was in an investment bank, which is a typical career path for those who recently graduated an engineering course. It was in this first job that he showed remarkable promise and talent for calculating compounded interest rates with just sliding rules. Recall, this was a time when complicated machines, calculators and applications were not as widely used. Mr. Cornelsen then went to Rio for an investment bank job, until he received a promotion to be a Board of Directors member at Multibanco in 1974. Two years later, he became the company’s CEO. He then also worked for Libra Bank PLC and Standard Chartered Merchant Bank, before finally deciding to start his investment firm that provides the same kind of services he was offering while working for the London merchant banks. Indeed, Mr. Cornelson’s gradual progress to his ultimate career of owning his own company is an inspiration to many. According to Ideamensch, this current venture of managing his investment firm is definitely what excites him the most today. Find out more about Igor Cornelsen: http://reporterexpert.com/brazilian-investment-star-igor-cornelsen-three-tips-help-retire-florida-just-like/