Riverdale Actress Shines in Lime Crime Cosmetics

Even though we may not have noticed this previously, it’s pretty obvious now that not many women can pull off a chic festive look the way Cheryl Blossom can. Blossom is also wearing red, and looks great with her bouncy curls and form-fitting red clothing. Of course, she’s also got a precise red manicure to match the rest of her look. The “cherry on top” for Cheryl Blossom’s look is her eye-catching red lipstick.

Since everyone in Riverdale does a pretty terrible job at keeping secrets, we’ve learned the go-to makeup product that makeup artists use on actress Madelaine Petsch to help her signature look. Cheryl Blossom is all about luxury, but the signature red pout she uses to make her character come alive is from a brand that is actually pretty affordable. The lipstick is Red Velvet from Lime Crime.

The bold lipstick is from the Matte Velvetine line and has a vivid pigment. The lipstick is also scented with vanilla and the color is inspired by roses. The lipstick is smudge-proof and doesn’t even come off when you greet someone with a kiss, which is why it’s perfect for Blossom’s character.

Madelaine told Teen Vogue that she’s obsessed with Lime Crime because it stays in place all day and has a liquid matte formula that moisturizes the lips without looking too greasy. When she’s in a scene that calls for kisses that leave lipstick stains, she tops her pout with Nivea chapstick so that the lipstick is glossier and will leave the desired effect.

Lime Crime is continuing to gain fame, and the brand, which was started by Doe Deere, encourages women to be bold and outgoing. In addition to red lipstick, Lime Crime also comes in vivid purple, green and yellow shades for a look that is sure to get attention. Lime Crime products are also cruelty free. Find out more at www.limecrime.com.

Investment Partnership Program To Launch More Projects In Brazil According to Felipe Montoro Jens

Since August 31, 2016, when Michel Temer took over the office of the President, the Investment Partnership Program (PPI) has had a year full of events. In the first year of office, PPI executed 44 auctions in the infrastructure sector. According to infrastructure projects expert Felipe Montoro Jens, the better part of 2017 will also be full of activities with PPI planning to carry out 18 more auctions before the end of the year. The projects will be rolled out despite the current political talks going on in the Brazilian government.

However, like any other successful projects, the auctions are likely to face some challenges. Felipe Montoro Jens has invited new players from the private sector to be part of the projects even as Lava Jato seeks to shut down major projects. The projects also face the challenge of economic recession especially when investors opt to invest in other countries and not in Brazil, leaving many Brazilians unemployed. According to PPI project coordinator Tarcisio Gomes de Freitas, one of the ways to promoting growth and development of infrastructure is to exercise governance on projects as a way of ending the vicious cycle that drives away potential investors. This will lure more foreign investors to invest more in the country. PPI is also handing over some of its projects to the private sector. For example, the project on transmission lines which was carried out by the private sector is so far the largest in the history of Brazil.

The primary goal of this initiative by the PPI is to build strong relationships between the public and the private sector without government interference. In the past, the government used to take control of projects carried out by the private sector, and this led to the fall out with foreign investors who felt left out in the major decisions.

Drew Madden Is A Success In Today’s World Of Healthcare

Life expectancy is a reliable measure of how developed regions or countries are. Lower life expectancies suggest countries with such characteristics have insufficient healthcare, bad infrastructure, and failing economies, among other things that spell b-a-d n-e-w-s for those nations.

Slightly more than one hundred years ago, the average expected length of life in the United States was just 47 years. Smallpox and polio were two of the most deadly disease – two ailments we rarely hear of today, except in history lessons and undeveloped areas of the world.

During this time period, some thirty years prior to the Great Depression, a large portion of US-based hospitals were nonprofits organized by religious organizations. Today, most healthcare facilities are owned by private parties, or even publicly traded on stock exchanges. These facilities’ goals are to make as much money as possible, while still meeting the needs of all patients.

Also significant of today’s times is the dollar value of what the United States spends in healthcare – $3.2 trillion, as of 2015, throughout the entirety of America. This sum works out to about $9,237 per capita throughout the United States, the largest such amount, by far, in modern-day society.

With so much money soaring around the realm of healthcare, businesses recognize a potential opportunity in the field. However, because there are boatloads of regulations in healthcare, many organizations are wary of entering.

The same can’t be said for Amazon, earlier this month securing licensure for the distribution of assets used in healthcare. CVS Pharmacy recognizes the potential for being knocked off by Amazon, or, at the very least, having their share of the market cut into.

CVS Pharmacy realizes that it’s crucial for healthcare companies of the future to offer just about everything a patient could need in one location, rather than jumping around here, there, and everywhere.

The Managing Partner of Evergreen Healthcare Partners is Drew Madden, who also recently worked at Nordic Consulting Partners. At the latter agency, Mr. Drew Madden grew the organization leaps and bounds – literally exponentially. Revenue shot up from a grim $1,000,000 to an astounding $130,000,000


Highland Capital Partners With South Korea NPS To Launch Healthcare Fund

The South Korean National Pension Service and Highland Capital are partnering up to offer a healthcare fund for investors. This is a bold move that could prove to be highly profitable both for investors into the fund as well as for Highland Capital and the South Korean NPS.

This announcement is considered a very big deal as it is the first healthcare-based fund that Highland Capital has participated in on the Asian continent. They feel confident that their partners at the South Korean NPS are great backers that they like to have along with them for this ride. Read this article at investopedia.com.

Those who invest in this new fund are looking to meet certain goals for their investments in the healthcare sector. They are not pleased with just throwing some money at healthcare stocks and seeing what sticks. Highland and the NPS know this. They have crafted a fund that enables investors to enjoy cross country opportunities that may exist between South Korea, China, and the United States.

Highland Capital has a long history in the healthcare industry in terms of its investments. In fact, more than half of the fund’s performance for the last fifteen years has been directly attributed to the healthcare sector.

Read: https://www.indeed.com/q-Highland-Capital-Management-jobs.html

Those who invest in this fund are looking to capitalize on mid-cap type healthcare companies that may exposure to both the US and Asian markets. They want to gain from the potential for companies to expand into both of those particular markets. In other words, the investments in this fund are a bit more sophisticated than what one might find in a standard investment fund offered in their domestic markets.

Highland sees a lot of value in still remaining in these markets. They point to the aging population in the United States as well as greater access to healthcare services in Asia making for a profitable run coming up for a variety of healthcare industry companies. They also say that the relative under performance of stocks in this industry compared to the rest of the market make them a great value for the future. It is really high-time that this type of fund was made available, and now it is finally here. Visit hcp.com to know more.

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund and Other Organizations That Advocate For Civil Rights and Human Rights

Several organizations in the USA have come up in the fight for civil and human rights across the country. The groups advocate for these rights especially for immigrants and groups that face discrimination and that are vulnerable in the society.

These groups have gone over and above to curb the social injustices and the oppression of immigrants, women and children and even people with the different orientation. The organizations are working around the clock to ensure these people receive equal treatment from the government and local citizens at large.

Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund

The Larkin and lacey Frontera Fund has been on the forefront of advocating for human and civil rights in the country. The group is mainly focused in Arizona and Mexico but also has contributed significantly to other groups advocating for civil and human rights across the country.

The Larking and Lacey Frontera Fund has continued to expand its support around the globe in the last few years.

Jim Larkin and Michel Lacey formed the organization after they were illegally arrested and consequently imprisoned for exposing the Grand Jury that targeted all editors and reporters who were writing on the Arpaio issue.

However, they were an appeal from the two journalists that led to them winning the case and it was settled by a compensation amount of $3.75 million. It was the compensation that Jim and Mike started the Larking and Lacey Frontera Fund organization. The organization has extended its support to many different groups in favor of the same agenda across the globe.

Other organizations that are in the fight for Human, civil and Migrants Rights include:

The coalition for humane immigrant rights (CHIRLA)

The group mainly operates from California. It focuses on the rights of freedom of movement of all the immigrants. Their main aim is to create a society that is a free avenue for both social and democratic expression. They are also aiming for a society where all immigrants are treated as equal members of the organization.

ACLU Immigrants’ Rights Project

This group is mainly concern with litigation programs that protect the civil rights. The group has pushed for the implementation of the constitution to help in the realization of equal human rights.

This group ensures that the immigrants get proper and fair treatment by challenging the laws that violate the civil and human rights of migrants.

These and other unmentioned groups fight tirelessly to see to it that the rights of these vulnerable groups are upheld.

Read more: Michael Lacey | Facebook and Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

Coffee Products from Organo Gold and the health benefits

There are many advantages that come with drinking coffee especially when people drink the beverage on a daily basis. They can drastically minimize diseases which affect the heart. Stroke is a sudden ailment that can be caused by stress and with using coffee, it eliminates the attacks. Research done and published by Annals of Internal Medicine came up with these findings.

Past findings came out with conclusions that said people who often drink the beverage have a long life especially when they consume it in the morning and evening. Apart from preventing the heart diseases, they also reduce probability of getting diseases like cancer, stroke, diabetes and the common kidney conditions in the people of color including Japanese, Whites, Latino, and African Americans. Visit crunchbase.com to know more about Organo Gold.

Consuming coffee more than three times in a day, reduces risk of early death by 18%. The study that showed this was done in a span of 16 years. The people who were involved in the research were consulted for coffee habits after every five years. It will be good when people routinely drink the coffee because it is associated with a long and healthy life.

Organo Gold is a large company that provides various coffee products, personal care products and also comes up with nutraceuticals. They have independent distributors all over the world. With the independent distributors, they provide samples of the things that they sell. When selling them there are generous discounts that will keep customers coming.

Read: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/organogold

Organo is in the forefront in providing opportunities for people who would want to establish marketing companies. There are compensation options for individuals that want to get money when trading with their products.

With generosity in mind, they are involved in charities and foundations like The Napoleon Hill. With publishing “Think and Grow Rich.” Many people have used the information in it and grew rich and successful financially. Read more at PRNewswire about Organo Gold.

Highland Capital Management Launches $147 M Healthcare Fund with South Korea NPS

The Highland Capital Management Korea branch has closed one of their largest business deals in the country. The $147 million health care plan was closed to focus Highland Capital Management’s commitment to the industry. The National Pension Service in South Korea is the main investment platform that gave the special business opportunity to the Highland Capital Management South Korea branch. Incepted in 1988, the National Pension Service is valued at more than $498 billion. The sovereign Wealth institute reports their net worth at more than $465 billion. Read this article at investopedia.com.

Investors, along with the South Korea-based Highland Capital Management, have their independent objectives working with the NPS in this matter. This is because they deem this investment viable for future profit generation capabilities. This also has the inclusion of access to opportunities for their co-investment procedures in countries like China, South Korea, and the United States. In Asia, Highland Capital Management has decided to work with the Stonebridge Capital Company. This is one of the largest privately-held companies in the region. According to a recent statement made by the CEO of the company, this was one of the most sophisticated privately-held companies in the region. While many investors based in Asia are showing their interest in this sector, most of them are seeking their way into the multi-purpose funds.

The Highland Capital core capability is well aligned with the fund’s strategy. This action draws the deepest action for the fund in a manner that depicts their true business identities. The healthcare industry has exposed the company to the greatest forms of business proliferation strategies. According to the CEO of Highland Capital Management, healthcare is one of the few capabilities that are set to grow in future investment strategies.

Read: https://affiliatedork.com/highland-capital-management-adds-co-cio-to-enhance-client-outcomes

The middle market is the primary target for this investment strategies. In May 2017, Highland Capital Management reported more than $15 billion profit for all their investment plans in the healthcare industry. According to Matt Johnson, the United States healthcare industry is facing many disruptive forces that will affect most of the middle-market facilities. He also said that the increased access to the healthcare providence in Asia would make it grow further in the coming years. Visit hcp.com to know more.

Talkspace: This Will Change Therapy Forever

The therapy that we have known for the longest time is changing and it is changing for the better. For years upon years, the therapists had the upper hand and they used that power for evil. They would take advantage of their clients and they would charge these crazy prices. They would also have hours that did not work for the clients. With Talkspace out there, clients are finally back in the driver’s seat of the situation. They don’t have to take it anymore, and they can reclaim their lives and also their treatment. Talkspace is an app that allows a client to talk to a therapist over the phone, through text, or one-on-one through video. It is all up to the client.

Talkspace is really going to give therapists a run for their money, literally. First and foremost, they are heck of a lot cheaper. Everyone is looking to save money these days, but in the process, they don’t want to suffer in terms of quantity. With Talkspace, they don’t have to worry about that. They get to choose from over 1,000 professionals that have their best interests in mind. They know them, inside and out, because they know the right questions to answer to get to the bottom of the situation.

They also enjoy doing this and it is their life’s work. It shows in the results they have had with clients. It is amazing how they are able to accomplish so much more over a phone than a therapist with an office and a face-to-face interaction. There might even be a day where there are no fancy offices for therapists to meet with clients. This might be the new way that people use therapy. If nothing else, it might force therapists to rethink how they treat their customers and the prices they charge them.

Talos Energy Continues Their Expansion With New Mexican Well

For the first time since 1938 Mexico has stepped away from its nationalized oil industry and allowed a private, foreign company to sink a well in its waters. Just off the coast of Tabasco, the Zama-1 well, a joint venture of Talos Energy of Houston, Premier Oil of London, and Sierra Oil & Gas of Mexico, holds somewhere between an estimated 100 million and 500 million barrels of crude oil.

The well will be operated by Talos Energy, a company with humble roots that is making a big splash in the energy field, who owns a 35% stake in the well. Talos began with $600 million in equity from private backers and 15 employees and quickly expanded buying up smaller gas and oil producing subsidiaries and expanding rapidly.

The company has found success by promoting a dynamic workplace that they have built by attracting and recruiting only the most qualified individuals, and has been named one of the top small business workplaces in the country. Talos encourages the best out of their employees and opens the doors for individuals from every level of the business to share their ideas about how to improve the company.

The well itself is revolutionary, it is the first of its kind not own by state run Petroleos Mexicanos and is being carefully monitored across the industry, though early indications are that the site was a good choice geologically and the chances for success are high. Depending on the outcome, Zama-1 could become the template for how Mexico’s energy industry will operate in the future.

Drilling for the well was done by Sierra Oil and Gas, who own a 40% stake in it, back in May, and was funded by Premier Oil at a cost of roughly $16 million. Premier owns a 25% stake in Zama-1.

Visit More : www.talosenergyllc.com/about-us/

Neurocore Progress in Treating Depression

Neurocore performance centers identify problems with brain waves and fix the problem where necessary. The organization carries out Brain diagnostics, brain performance training, and scheduled assessments. Once in the facility, the first stage is carrying out diagnostics. They attach sensors to the brain, therefore recording electrical responses. On acquiring data, it’s analyzed to identify the problematic symptoms and create a program that provides enough solutions. The program categorizes the data into Electroencephalogram (EEG), Heart Rate Variability (HRV), Integrated Virtue and Auditory Continuous Performance Test (IVA) and behavioral checklist. Read more at dialdish.com about Neurocore.

Neurocore takes advantage on the brains neuroplasticity, i.e., the ability to adapt to change. During brain training, neurofeedback gathering is through watching a movie.Through manipulating the movie speed; it becomes possible to ascertain the therapeutic range. While under the 30 session course, one is conditioned to remain on the field without spiking and thus improving the brains performance. The process enables one to breathe deeper, make out the most of the blood flow and therefore allowing sufficient blood and oxygen supply to the brain.

Various people have come out to give their testimony about the effectiveness of the process. Most of the people to have come through, explain how they have been able to cope with their breathing mechanisms, to deal with stress, and prioritizing on various tasks. Overall, the organization has helped improve the status of various people’s lives and helped improve their mental health.

Read: https://www.indeed.com/cmp/Neurocore

A group of scientists at Neurocore came up with an analysis that indicates that the combined heart rate and train have a positive effect in improving anxiety and depression. The study shows that the treatment provided may limit the use of pharmaceutical intake in children and adults in the fight against depression. The process known as Neurofeedback entails training the brain and later feeding the mind with the activities recorded. According to the study, brain patterns are due to physical, emotional and cognitive states. The research has shown that Neurocore unique training is effective in coping with depression and anxiety. The facility take pride in that more than 50% of the people who have come to the center with depression have found relief. The program runs on the principle of brains ability to learn, grow and heal itself. Mark Murrison is the current CEO of Neurocore center. Follow Neurocore on facebook.com.