How Rebel Wilson Started Her Career

 Rebel Wilson has come a long way from her role as Fat Amy in Pitch Perfect.

This is evident by how the 39 year old is now able to pick her own projects, only going with ones where her creative talents are explored to the hilt.

From taking her lead role in Isn’t It Romantic to being of the cats in Broadway’s Cats’ Hollywood adaptation, Wilson has been using this newfound power to her advantage.

It seems long overdue, too; since the Bridesmaids star has been working towards this goal ever since she was in high school.

As a shy child who did not speak much even after realizing her comedic talents, Wilson had been quite reserved in sharing her views with the world. That was when her parents, who had been professional Beagle-breeders living in Sydney Australia – decided to take her to a community acting class when she was young. Read more: Isn’t Romantic Trailer – Hollywoodreporter and Isn’t Romantic Review

From there, Wilson started to come out of her shell slowly. She enrolled into debate clubs to form her personality on her own. With the help of her teacher, she also got into a creative competition called the Tournament of Minds, which focused on talents such as improvisation.

Due to this reason, Wilson highly attributes her confidence to the very same teacher, Mrs. Bowmaker.

But even as she had developed her confidence, it wasn’t until later that the Pitch Perfect star caught the acting bug – which actually stemmed out of a literal fever dream when she was battling malaria at the age of 17.

Through the dream, where she had won an Oscar, Wilson couldn’t help but find her true calling. From there, she got into the Australian Theater for Young People, and obtained a few roles that could explore her creative side.

At first, Wilson had to see the side effects of looking different than others. Even she was aiming to play a serious role, people laughed at her appearance. After some initial frustration, the star decided to turn this to her favor, and took in the persona of being fat as being comedic.

One thing led to another, and Rebel landed her role in Bridesmaids. From there, she went on to become the Fat Amy in Pitch Perfect and landed into everyone’s hearts.

The rest is history, and simply a demonstration of the stardom that Rebel Wilson has achieved through her tireless efforts. She no longer has to put up with people laughing at her appearance, and has simply emerged as one of the brightest stars of our generation.

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