Sergey Petrossov: Innovative Developer of JetSmarter

Sergey Petrossov is a young man who came to live a life far above the average rate of success for men his age simply because he forever remained steadfast in the application of his ingenuity to resolve encountered problems. Upon emigrating from Russia to the U.S. with his family many years ago, Petrossov adopted a business-minded mentality that inevitably propelled him to endeavor within several entrepreneurial business projects. Nonetheless, over time Petrossov’s success as a businessman went from launching his own import and export tire rims small business as a teenager in high school to becoming the Co-Founder of Federal System of Distance Education and the CEO/Founder of JetSmarter—the app that allows people around the world to reserve private flights.

As previously mentioned, Sergey Petrossov came up with the idea for JetSmarter after encountering the difficulty of trying to book a private jet for the first time. According to Petrossov, with mobile marketplaces being on the rise at the same time of having to deal with the slow and difficult process of flight booking, he immediately sought to resolve the issue by translating the reservation process over to the modern, yet faster applicable use of mobile technology and thus founded JetSmarter. After gathering a team of some of the best developers in the tech industry (NASA, BMW, Nokia, Uber, etc.), Sergey Petrossov was able to successfully launch the beta version of the JetSmarter app in August 2012. Nevertheless, after receiving numerous positive reviews, Petrossov officially released the app in March 2013 to the global market.

Since debuting, JetSmarter has grown exponentially in size to acquire a net worth of $1.5 billion and to successfully have over 14,000 paid subscribers. Moreover, as part of the perks of the app, JetSmarter members have the privilege of paying to fly on flights that are prescheduled to travel to popular locations, reserving their own individual aircraft, and having access to last-minute bookings.

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