Background information

New Residential Investment Corp is a public real estate investment trust (REIT) that was founded on 26th September 2011. The company was initially a wholly owned subsidiary of Newcastle Investment Corp, and only later in May 2013 did they become an individual publicly traded entity.

Objectives of New Residential Investment Corp

As a company that focuses on investing and actively managing residential mortgage-related assets, New Residential Investment Corp aims at driving risk-adjusted returns in all their investments hence delivering attractive returns for the growth of strong divided for their shareholders.

Targeted assets

For higher and stable returns, New Residential Investment Corp focuses on properties that assure long term cash flow and that which is not exposed to fluctuations.

Their primary investments are in Excess mortgage servicing rights(MSRs), residential mortgage loans, real estate securities and servicer advances which include the basic fee for related MSRs.

Additionally, New Residential Investment Corp interests itself in a portfolio for consumer loans that include unsecured loans and others to homeowners.

Federal income taxes

New Residential Investment Corp has qualified as real estate investment trust for federal income tax purposes and would not have been so if it distributed at least 90% of its taxable income to the shareholders.

Immense success

With confidence that New Residential Investment Corp has all the required investment expertise and capital experience, the company now aims at leveraging business opportunities left by the major unfolding developments in the residential housing markets.

Following the U.S. financial crisis, the mortgage sector has resulted in changes in the way mortgages are originated, obtained and secured.

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