Betsy DeVos: the Politician and the Woman

Betsy DeVos has been leading the way for education reform for the past two years. Since taking office, she has polarized the educational community with her unconventional ideas for educational choice. While many teachers are against it, parents and students have supported these changes, as it gives them the opportunity to choose where they go to school. These choices have been criticized by educators as many say it will lead to public funding for private schools.


In a recent interview with “60 Minutes” and Lesley Stahl, DeVos talked about the success of these new programs and whether she thought that they would out-perform previous administration policies, such as standardized testing, Common Core method, and No Child Left Behind.


DeVos has said that it’s been difficult to get states on board with educational choice. Many who criticize the program don’t realize how much philanthropy has paved the way for these options. Students are able to pick where they go to school in certain states because of these reforms. DeVos says that Louisiana and Florida are two of her biggest successful states. She hopes that many others will join the cause before her term is up in 2020.


As the 11th US Secretary of Education, DeVos has received a lot of slack for her policies since she has never been a teacher. However, that doesn’t really have a whole lot to do with educational reform. DeVos is concerned with putting students first, she said in the interview with Stahl. She wants parents and students to have a way out of the system that has been failing them for many decades.


These options have grown in recent years as online courses have become available as well. Students no longer have to go to school in order to learn. They can choose to attend virtual courses if their state allows educational choice options. Florida is one of the best options because it has the most educational opportunities out of any state.


Florida can provide magnet programs, virtual courses, homeschooling programs, and private school options to those who apply. In addition, students can go to a charter school. If they need help paying for those courses, they can apply to a tuition-based scholarship program. How are these programs being paid for? DeVos has some serious backers, including donors like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Sam Walton.


In addition, DeVos has donated over $35 million of her own through the DeVos Family Foundation. She has also co-founded a school in West Michigan, and she continues to work hard to see students every day. In fact, she has been touring the south with First Lady Trump, visiting schools throughout Miami.


In addition to education reform, DeVos has been working on school campus safety and reforming gun laws for school campuses. While she doesn’t want to allow more guns on campuses, she has beefed up policies at schools around the country. So far there has not been a school shooting since these new policies were in place.


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Jeunesse Global Helps You Become Instantly Ageless

Jeunesse Global is on a mission to change the lives of people around the world by helping them look and feel young. They are also passionate about empowering you to achieve your maximum potential. Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis founded Jeunesse in 2009 after experiencing remarkable success in other enterprises. They wanted to share their youth enhancement products with people around the globe. Jeunesse offers a cutting-edge, global platform that allows you to share a variety of innovative products.

Jeunesse’s Instantly Ageless product helps you put your best face forward. One reason why this product is so popular is because it addresses a variety of issues related to forehead wrinkles, eyebrows, hooded eyes, under-eye bags, crow’s feet and facial pores. This product is a velvety cream that contains high-tech ingredients. It doesn’t take long to notice a difference when you’re using Instantly Ageless. As a matter of fact, you’ll notice that your skin is visibly toned in as little as two minutes.

Distributors of Jeunesse can generate income in six different ways. They can also earn travel rewards and achieve 15 prestigious ranks. In addition to having access to youth-enhancement products that are exclusive, Jeunesse distributors have the benefit of offering products that people love and rave about. You will have your own personal website, 24/7 access to business tools and training, as well as your own business app and social media resources.

Becoming a Jeunesse distributor offers a rewarding lifestyle that includes time, freedom and financial security. It’s been said that if you enjoy what you do you’ll never work again in your life. You’ll have an opportunity to build enduring relationships with people around the globe and participate in a variety of celebrations. Many Jeunesse distributors have proven that if you put forth the effort and remain dedicated, the possibilities for how much you can achieve are endless.

The founders of Jeunesse Global also established Jeunesse Kids, a nonprofit charitable 501(c)(3) foundation that was developed to positively impact the lives of children around the world, especially as it relates education and healthcare. Jeunesse Kids is committed to ending childhood exploitation and poverty.

Feel Inspired Through Guilherme Paulus’ Road to International Recognition

Guilherme Paulus is the chairman of the board of directors and co-founder of CVC Tours, undeniably one of the largest operating tour companies in Brazil. He is a Business Administration graduate but has had extensive experience in the tourism industry for more than three decades.

Paulus co-founded CVC Tours with his partner Carlos Vicente in 1972. The duo began employing innovation into their business strategies to beat other players in the industry. Two years later after founding the tourism company, Vicente sold his shares in the company to focus on other interests. In Paulus Guilherme’s hands, CVC continued to expand territories and attract a vast number of clients. In their packages, they went out of the ordinary to provide fun-engaging activities. This would see CVC gather even more international clients seeking their touring services. Today, CVC is widely recognized as one of the largest tour operators in Latin America.

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Over the years as an entrepreneur, Guilherme Paulus borrowed sharp business skills that would help him spot opportunities. In 2006, he went ahead to purchase Webjet, which was then a one charter airplane. Guilherme Paulus secured financing to grow the airline from a one airplane holder to twenty within five years. He later sold it to Gol Linhas Aereas Inteligentes SA after building it into being ranked third largest airline in Brazil.

Guilherme’s business success doesn’t stop there. In 2005, he realized that his company, CVC had been conducting virtual duties by referring clients to hotels and resorts for destination spots. He figured this loophole would be another revenue maker. From his accounts, Guilherme Paulus fetched an investment amount that would see the launch of GJP Hotel and Resorts. This chain of hotels and resorts would channel in more revenue asides from CVC by providing destination heavens for tourists. The company has since grown into what Guilherme envisioned by creating employment and bringing in more revenue.

Guilherme Paulus is well renowned in Brazil for investing heavily in his mother country. Through his works, he has contributed immensely to raising Brazil’s status on a global scale. He continues to inspire other entrepreneurs from across the globe through his accolades and ever-growing status.

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Background information

New Residential Investment Corp is a public real estate investment trust (REIT) that was founded on 26th September 2011. The company was initially a wholly owned subsidiary of Newcastle Investment Corp, and only later in May 2013 did they become an individual publicly traded entity.

Objectives of New Residential Investment Corp

As a company that focuses on investing and actively managing residential mortgage-related assets, New Residential Investment Corp aims at driving risk-adjusted returns in all their investments hence delivering attractive returns for the growth of strong divided for their shareholders.

Targeted assets

For higher and stable returns, New Residential Investment Corp focuses on properties that assure long term cash flow and that which is not exposed to fluctuations.

Their primary investments are in Excess mortgage servicing rights(MSRs), residential mortgage loans, real estate securities and servicer advances which include the basic fee for related MSRs.

Additionally, New Residential Investment Corp interests itself in a portfolio for consumer loans that include unsecured loans and others to homeowners.

Federal income taxes

New Residential Investment Corp has qualified as real estate investment trust for federal income tax purposes and would not have been so if it distributed at least 90% of its taxable income to the shareholders.

Immense success

With confidence that New Residential Investment Corp has all the required investment expertise and capital experience, the company now aims at leveraging business opportunities left by the major unfolding developments in the residential housing markets.

Following the U.S. financial crisis, the mortgage sector has resulted in changes in the way mortgages are originated, obtained and secured.

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How Heather Parry And Live Nation Broke Into The Film & TV Business

Live Nation has been synonymous with live entertainment for decades and is world renowned for its concerts and festivals. However, it’s increasingly becoming known in the film and television business thanks to Heather Parry and Live Nation Productions. Through Ms. Parry’s experience and contacts, the production house has managed to become well known in the documentary and film business since it was founded in 2015. Naturally the company has focused on music-focused films and television programs over the past four years.

One of the most notable films that Heather Parry and Live Nation Productions had a hand in recently was A Star Is Born. The film stars Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga and quickly became one of the stand out hits of 2018. Ms. Parry first heard about the film when Bradley Cooper signed on to direct; she had known Mr. Cooper for years and quickly rang his agent so that she could get involved with producing the movie with Live Nation Productions. After a back and forth between Ms. Parry, Bradley Cooper and Mr. Cooper’s agent, the production company was brought on board.

Heather Parry then ended up at a party at Bill Gerber’s house in honor of celebrity chef Martha Stewart. Instead of speaking with Ms. Stewart about her recipes, Ms. Parry ended up pitching A Star Is Born to Mr. Gerber and he quickly came on board to help produce the film. A quickly led to more success, and Live Nation Productions is set to work on a variety of other music related films and television shows in the coming months.

Chief among the products that Heather Parry and Live Nation Productions are working on include pop singers Noah Cyrus, brother of Miley Cyrus and Kim Petras, a trans artist. A television project based on a book series by singer Dave Grohl’s mother is also in the works.

Sunday Riley : A Texan Businesswoman Overtakes The Beauty industry

As one of the beauty industries fastest growing brands thanks to her social media cult following, Sunday Riley is today a must-have product. A simple search on any social media platform can attest to her popularity, however, how many truly know the woman behind the Brand? Introducing Sunday Riley, founder of the company that bears her name and one of the most revered entrepreneurs. We recently sat down with Sunday Riley to get to know this Texan businesswoman and her thoughts about the rise of her brand and the products that got her there.

When you created Sunday Riley, what were your intentions?

Sunday comments that in 2009 when her company launched, her focus was on introducing to the beauty industry products that contained botanical ingredients. The usual blend of science-based ingredients left a hole in the industry for people that rather have natural ingredients on their face rather than a product that was manufactured in a lab. She often says that she wants to live to 120 without looking 90 and you cannot accomplish that without natural ingredients.

How do you feel that you are apart of many women’s lives?

I don’t confuse the brand with myself, says Sunday Riley. This means that her outlook is never a “look how great I am” but rather a sense of personal responsibility to continue providing high-quality products for women across the globe.

Do you ever look yourself up on Reddit?

Sunday Riley states that she never goes on Reddit or attempts to read anything about herself online, however, she does instruct her team to inform her about any concerns that customers have with the product, that she wants to know immediately.

Would you ever create a hair product?

Absolutely, says Sunday Riley. Her interest in the hair genre is something that she would like to explore further down the road in the form of a Sunday Riley product.


Fortress Investment Group will operate within SoftBank as an independent business headquarters in New York. Its principals Pete Briger, Wes Edens and Randy Nardone, will continue to lead Fortress Investment Group. SoftBank is committed to maintaining the business model, brand, processes, and culture that will help in making Fortress Group successful.

In one of the most compelling incidents, FIG brought the 2010 Winter Olympics to a halt that was to be held in Canada. They demanded payments owed by the Canadian authorities that are important for allowing the games to proceed further. They were in the new media for a while prior to the games. It was a shock to most Canadian people who did not even understand how an American Company could be so deeply involved that it threatened to stop the games. The story is that the Fortress Investment Group owned the British Columbia Ski resort that the Olympics organizers were supposed to use it for the Alpine events. Fortress Group demanded that the Canadian authorities were responsible for the games and should pay over $90 million; otherwise, they would sue them and discontinue the games from being held at all.

Fortress Investment Group is a private, highly diversified global investment firm specializing in buyouts, recapitalization, and turnaround situations. Fortress group leadership is devoted to maintaining strong governance policies and regulations. The Board of Directors has set the procedures as well as a framework for establishing business integrity and accountability. It is about investing in financial services, particularly loan servicing and consumer financing. They also invest in real estate, transportation, and energy, as well as infrastructure, gaming, leisure, healthcare, and senior living. Not only that, their investments reach as far as the media, and telecommunications. Fortress Group mostly invests in North America, Caribbean, and Western Europe for private equity. Apart from that, it brings the experience of investing broadly and profoundly in a diverse set of asset types. Fortress Investment Group expertise in pricing, owning, financing and overseeing the management of physical and financial assets that are ranging from real estate and capital assets to financial assets secured by diversified long-term cash flows.

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The Successful Career of Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson has thrived in her career over the years through the commitment she has put in it. She is well known for her comics and her ability to bring joy to the lives of many people. The duo started her career as an actress at a young age, and she has continued to impress many people through the art.

Many people have always admired her fine character, and they believe that she uses her special talent to ease their pain and shine a light in their lives. The appraisals that she has received from many people have served as a guiding principle towards her career besides motivating her to keep working harder to achieve her targets.

The career of Rebel Wilson is a demanding one, and it has seen her put a lot of effort to ensure that she stands out among other individuals in the industry. Besides, she has also worked closely with many known individuals in the industry, and she recently came to a deal with Miley Cyrus and her husband, Liam.

The invitation by Miley Cyrus to the duo to be trouble on Valentine’s day came after she confessed that she had never had a date on valentines day. Miley Cyrus was glad to invite her to be part of her and husband Liam on the big day and she believes that it will be a special day for her.

The invitation has attracted a lot of views and admiration form many people. A significant number of them believe that it is a sign of kindness from the singer. Rebel Wilson is also happy about it and she believes that Miley Cyrus will bring change to her former days of valentines when she never had a date.

Additionally, Rebel Wilson has continued to gain admiration from many people due to the positive vibes that she brings in their lives. Her ability to consequently engage with her fans has ensured that she maintains stable relationships with them.

The continuous effort that she has shown towards helping her fans overcome their life problems by offering them the best movies and acts has brought happiness to their lives. The duo has continued to encourage her clients to give their views on her productions as it enables her to make changes when necessary. Her charming nature has also seen a vast number of people rely on her movies to gain happiness in their lives.

Besides, Rebel Wilson has also relied on research and modern technology to ensure that she perfects in her acting career. Hr ability to learn quickly from others has also enabled her to avoid unnecessary mistakes that could see her fail in her career.

The continuous effort that she has put in her career has seen her make a big name for herself. Besides, she also seeks to educate people through her comedies, and she has continued to focus on issues that affect people in their daily lives. Rebel believes that she will change the world through her teachings and movies.

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Rebel Wilson To Play Jennyanydots In Universal-Working Title’s ‘Cats’

A Quick Update on Richard Liu

Richard Liu got his start in 1998; it was at that time that he created his first business, Jingdong. His business sold magneto-optical items. At this time, e-commerce was really thriving online, which excited the new entrepreneur. So, in 2004, Liu developed an online business which he named He became CEO and chairman of his new company and is to the present day.

Richard discovered a need in the market for a more convenient way for Chinese customers to buy and receive appliances, so his new business developed 3,210 delivery and pickup locations throughout most of went on to become China’s first e-commerce business to make the Fortune 500 Companies List. It has, since then, grown into a billion dollar company internationally. It’s creator, Richard Liu, achieved a degree in Sociology at a college in Bejing, and a EMBA from China’s Europe International Business School. He began his career as a businessman shortly thereafter and continues to guide into the future and into the global success it enjoys today,