Cassio Audi’s Success As A Finance Extraordinaire

An inspired businessman of sought after insight, Cassio Audi is an aficionado of finance. Though currently a prominent name in Brazil’s financial industry, Audi had to earn his stripes before propelling to the highest ranks of the financial sector. Read this article at


During his collegiate years, Audi was keen to learn the inner workings of business. Given his innate business savvy, this tasked proved exceedingly simple. After graduating from the University of Sao Paulo, Audi felt confident in his ability to thrive as a financial advisor and analyst. He was presented with an opportunity to do so while working for JPMorgan Chase. Watch this video on Youtube.


As one of the largest financial institutions in the United States, Audi knew that if he played his cards right, he could make a splash in his domain. He did just that when he landed an executive role after two shorts years at the company. Upon graduating from an entry-level position to an administrative role, Audi’s aplomb was definitely in tow. After bidding JPMorgan Chase a fond farewell, Cassio Audi found himself at Procter & Gamble. It was at this consumer goods corporation where Audi discovered his prowess as a leader. Before too long, Audi was appointed CFO of the company, a title he holds to this day.


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