Cassio Audi’s Success As A Finance Extraordinaire

An inspired businessman of sought after insight, Cassio Audi is an aficionado of finance. Though currently a prominent name in Brazil’s financial industry, Audi had to earn his stripes before propelling to the highest ranks of the financial sector. Read this article at


During his collegiate years, Audi was keen to learn the inner workings of business. Given his innate business savvy, this tasked proved exceedingly simple. After graduating from the University of Sao Paulo, Audi felt confident in his ability to thrive as a financial advisor and analyst. He was presented with an opportunity to do so while working for JPMorgan Chase. Watch this video on Youtube.


As one of the largest financial institutions in the United States, Audi knew that if he played his cards right, he could make a splash in his domain. He did just that when he landed an executive role after two shorts years at the company. Upon graduating from an entry-level position to an administrative role, Audi’s aplomb was definitely in tow. After bidding JPMorgan Chase a fond farewell, Cassio Audi found himself at Procter & Gamble. It was at this consumer goods corporation where Audi discovered his prowess as a leader. Before too long, Audi was appointed CFO of the company, a title he holds to this day.


Fortress Investment Group Executive Peter Briger

Peter Briger is one of the executives who manages Fortress Investment Group. He currently serves as its co chief executive officer and principal. Briger currently oversees the firm’s office in San Francisco, California. Peter has had a long career working in the financial services field. During his career, he has been a member of top financial services firms such as Goldman Sachs. With his experience, Peter has always been able to bring solid leadership skills and expertise to all of the firms that he has been a part of. Peter Briger is also very active in the community as he looks to help make a difference on a regular basis. Along with being active in the community, Briger has been recognized by Forbes as one of the wealthiest individuals in the world.

The experience of Peter Briger spans over two decades. One of the most recent experiences he has had in the financial sector is as a member of Goldman Sachs. When he worked at this firm, he was responsible for managing its credit asset department. He spent time managing professionals and also finding ways to improve the services to clients. While he was part of Goldman Sachs, Peter would also help serve on various Asian committees. This helped the firm establish a presence in Asia. He would eventually become one of the firm’s partners by the year 1996. View his website at to learn more.

In 2002, Peter Briger looked to move on from Goldman Sachs and pursue another opportunity. This opportunity came when he was hired by the young investment firm Fortress Investment Group. Briger would immediately be named as a member of its management committee. Peter would also be named as one of its top executives as well. As a top executive of the firm, Peter was in charge of managing the credit asset departments.

Before beginning his career, Peter attended Princeton University where he completed a bachelor’s degree. He would later attend the University of Pennsylvania and complete a master’s degree in business administration. Peter was a member of the Princeton University Investment Club while attending Princeton. Briger has also helped his community by participating in park development and housing.

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Robert Deignan The Era of Automation

Currently, Robert Deignan plays the role óf co-founder ánd CEO (CEO) of ATS Digital Services, LLC. His prior experiences as the vicé leader óf iS3 and có-founder of FanIink possess produced him well- outfitted just for his most recent role. His decades of knowledge have all ended tó the role that Deignan serves now.

ATS Digital Solutions was founded in August 2011. ATS can resolve almost every technological issué that a client can havé. At ATS, Robért Deignan developed an environment where customer support is of the utmost importance. The workers that work at ATS are very skilled and knowledgeable regarding a number of topics.

To be clear right away, you will find more queries than answers about the rise of automation and its potential effects ón various industries, even amongst experts like Robert Déignan. But that doesn’t mean téch specialists and artificial intelligence researchers aren’t producing predictions about how exactly automation can changé our economy.

In fact, the College or university óf Oxford’s Future of Humanity Institute has put together answers from 352 leading scientists about how long this may be prior to humans are outpérformed simply by machines ón a number of tasks.

The tasks studiéd range between writing a New York Times bestseller to totally automating labor. As you may imagine, the timelines and forecasts differ greatly depending on the job. For instance, driving a truck may be automated within thé following decade while automating artificial intelligence research might take an additional hundred yéars.

Obviously, people have anxiousness about how exactly software and technology may get rid of thousands upon thousands of careers. But Robert Deignan, who also has generated a profession away of developing himself together with technology, offers hopeful information. You may make your self indispensable, even while technology developments at a frightening speed.

All of that sáid, a lot of the nervousness linked to the perceived risk of automation might be misplaced. Experts agree that it will require an additional 120 years for devices to have got a good 50 % chance of overtaking all individual careers.

Richard Liu Qiangdong Raising the Standard of E-commerce Industry around the World

Richard Liu Qiangdong has achieved great success in the field of e-commerce and has helped the industry transform through his innovative ideas and marketing concepts. Richard Liu Qiangdong has been enterprising from the very young age and started a restaurant right after he graduated, but it didn’t work out the way he expected. Richard Liu Qiangdong is an educated businessman and has studied sociology from the famous People’s University of China and then did a Masters in Business Administration from the China Europe International Business School. He always wanted to do some business and take it to another level; it is why he started a retail business of selling of magneto-optical products.

Richard Liu Qiangdong was quick to expand retail business and made it into a chain of stores, which were located across the country. Even though his chain of stores gained considerable success, he had to close the offline retail business at the time when the country was suffering from one of the worst SARS epidemics of all time. The employees were not coming to the store, and neither were the customers, and it made it difficult for the business to continue functioning. Richard Liu Qiangdong said in a recent interview that it is necessary that the technology is given due importance in today’s date. It would help the companies to function efficiently and improve its performance as well. With time, he ensures to adopt the latest technology to provide the best service to their customers.

Times have changed now, and people are looking for the best service when it comes to online shopping. They are not afraid to switch their loyalty if they are not getting excellent service. Richard Liu Qiangdong knows that their company has to be always on their toes so that they can keep their customers loyal to them. It also includes providing them with the widest range of products and that too at the best price. They also have the shortest delivery time compared to other e-commerce companies. Also, the company delivers to many different countries outside of China and want to expand to many more countries in the coming days.

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Steve Richie and Papa John’s Pizza

Steve Ritchie is the proud CEO of the famous American pizza company known as Papa John’s Pizza. The company was founded in about 34 years ago and developed to become a big pizza company. it has its headquarters located in Jeffersontown in Kentucky. It gained popularity due to the wonderful pizza the company makes with their special ingredients. The company has also excellent delivery services and because of this, it has received a lot of public appreciation from the public. Due to its success, it was ranked as the fourth largest pizza delivery company in the world.

Papa John’s has been to put many restaurants around the world and has gained popularity globally. The company has been able to increase its net income and assets and has also created a lot of job opportunities for many jobless people. Steve Ritchie began his successful career at Papa John’s. This was after he became interested in pizza when he tasted one of Papa John’s pizzas from one of the company’s outlets. This aroused his interest to work at the company. Instead of going back to school, he went and got employed as an hourly worker at the company where he earned a salary of $6 an hour.

He was very dedicated in his work and also put a lot of effort into it. Because of this, he was promoted to become the manager and then became a supervisor where he was responsible for the company’s franchise. Steve Ritchie continued to work hard and always made sure that he met the company’s goals. With the excellent leadership skills that Steve Ritchie possesses, he was able to work with his team of employees to achieve great results in the company. He was soon promoted to be director of global operations and afterward, was made the Chief Operating Officer of the company. His ability to make sound decisions proved him to be a capable leader and this among many other qualities made him be promoted to become Papa John’s CEO. The company has complete faith in Steve Ritchie and believes that he is the person that will be capable of driving the company to the next level.

Jojo Hedaya Hitting Back Against Junk Email

Everyone uses email. Whether it is for work, school, or even personal use we all use it from time to time. We all know how annoying it can be to go to your email and all that you see is junk mail. Jojo Hedaya wanted to do something about this. He wanted to solve the problem of losing important emails because of the massive amount of junk mail people receive. So, he started a program called Unroll.Me. Unroll.Me is an email organization tool that takes all of your junk mail and combines it into one email so that you can easily scroll through it later and unsubscribe from the emails you no longer want to see.

Jojo Hedaya started Unroll.Me with the help of his partner Josh Rosenwald. The idea came after Josh was not responding to Jojo’s emails. One cool thing about Unroll.Me is that you can set the time for it to scan your email. If you want it to scan in the morning you can do that, or you can choose the evening. They never thought that Unroll.Me would become such a hit, but it made them both very successful.

Unroll.Me has recently released a redesign of their of their email subscription. The old design would show clients all of the email subscriptions they were signed up for, and then users could simply click a button to unsubscribe to any email they did not want to see. The new version puts all of your junk mail into one, and then it is up to you whether you want to see the emails in your inbox or not.

Jojo Hedaya worked hard to develop a junk email subscription service that would work. He wanted to help people be able to find the emails they need without the irritation of junk emails being in the way. Jumping into Unroll.Me Hedaya was really just trying to create something to help himself and his friend, but he ended up creating something that went worldwide and helped a ton of people. Unroll.Me has made Jojo Hedaya very successful.

Clay Hutson Knows the Value of Working in the Music Industry

Working in the music and entertainment industry isn’t always easy, but Clay Hutson knows how to do it the right way. He spent a lot of time learning about what people need and how the industry works. For Clay Hutson, the point of making sure he could help the industry progress is so he can make a difference for it. Clay Hutson focuses on giving people positive experiences, making the industry better than it was and always looking three steps ahead of where he was before. He also knows there’s a lot of value that comes from the industry. It’s important for Clay Hutson to always do things the right way while he’s working on different parts.

While Clay Hutson knew what he wanted to do from the beginning, he also knew things would change if he could make sure people understood what he was doing. As long as he knew how to run a stage and work on different shows, he’d be making more opportunities for people who needed his help. It doing all of this led to Clay Hutson making more options for the artists he worked with. It paid off because he felt good about what he was doing and how he was putting positive options out for the artists he worked with.

When Clay Hutson has an idea for a show, he starts putting it together right away. He always pushes to make sure he can bring his ideas to life. By starting out with an image, he knows there are goals he can put into place. Doing this helps him show the artists what they can get from each of his stages.

Clay Hutson likes to make sure he’s doing the best thing possible. He knows how to work ahead of what he’s doing so he can make sure everything is under control. By always being three steps ahead of where he needs to be, Clay Hutson makes it easier to focus on how he can help people. He also tries doing things differently by being three steps ahead so he can make things better for his clients.

Fortress Investment Group Expansion Programs and its Acquisition

Fortress Investment Group which has been in existence for over two decades now has been coming up with as many ways to get revenue for itself as possible. To help in boosting the offerings made by investors, Fortress has come up with a direct lending fund alongside other expansion funding programs in areas such as debts in real estate and purchase of aircraft leasing businesses. Visit

The funding programs have been beneficial to the fortress as recent reports indicate that the company has raised an approximate of $400 million, with an increase in demand for the company’s open end asset fund which is basically a mutual fund that has no restrictions for the shares or bonds that are to be issued.

Fortress Investment Group has been a player in the private credit market for some time now and the benefits that the company realizes have been increasing by day especially because of the open end asset fund which has been convenient for most investors.

To help minimize risks, Fortress plans on giving new purchasers the primary credit opportunities as opposed to the past where the opportunities were only limited to the current investors of the company. By end of the year, Fortress Investment Group plans on raising an approximate of $1.5 billion through the real estate fund like had happened in Japan.

Softbank Group recently acquired Fortress Investment Group and at the time, Fortress had an approximate of 900 employees in asset management which is quite beneficial for Softbank Group. According to Softbank Group, Fortress is not like other companies because it shows a lot of potential especially in the way it conducts business, and especially the great skill of analyzing potential business opportunities and working on them.

Another benefit that Softbank Group got from the acquisition is that of balance sheet monitoring which is Fortress has specialized in. Fortress has been known to be a maker of strategic choices even with the help of its partners which has been the secret behind the company’s financial success over the years. The financial strength, alongside the company’s innovative spirit, are some of the benefits that Softbank anticipates to realize with time.



These Freedom Checks have the Potential for an Unprecedented ROI

Have you ever heard of an investment where you can earn more than five thousand times your initial investment? What about over eight thousand times? What about over thirty nine thousand times? It sounds impossible, does it not? However, the reality is that by investing in the Freedom Checks that Matt Badiali is constantly talking about, you can possibly achieve these kinds of ROIs.

Matt Badiali is a well known geologist who has long been respected for being an expert on investing in metals, natural oil, and other natural resources. His voice is well respected, especially by the many who heeded his advice and earned a lot of money as a result of doing so.

Recently, Matt Badiali has been spreading awareness about a particular investment which he calls Freedom Checks. The authenticity of these Freedom Checks have been doubted by some who are simply unaware of what exactly they are all about. Once people learn what these Freedom Checks are all about and how you can actually make money with them, they realize that it is indeed possible to make money by investing in this opportunity.

Basically, the gist behind all of this is that there are certain companies that are helping produce oil in the United States. The United States has not always been known as a world producer of natural oil. Instead, countries in the Middle East, such as Saudi Arabia, have taken that role. However, there are plenty of natural oil resources in the United States, and there is no reason why we should not take advantage of these resources to produce our own oil and be more self-sufficient.

That is why the government set up tax incentives for companies who work in this industry. One of the requirements that companies have to follow in order to be eligible for these incentives is that they must offer around ninety percent of their profits to investors and shareholders. That means that if you become an investor or a shareholder in the company, you will get regular dividends as a result of your investments. This is a great opportunity for those who are looking to build a better portfolio.

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Jason Hope supports rejuvenation technologies

One of the innovations going on in the healthcare industry is the coming up of rejuvenation biotechnologies. These technologies are promising humanity one thing they have always hoped for, and that is- eternal youth. A foundation known as SENS is behind research that is working on an anti-aging drug. The researchers behind this foundation believe that they are close to coming up with a drug that will slow down or stop the aging process in human beings.

Jason Hope is a philanthropist and an entrepreneur who has been working with this foundation in its quest to come up with an anti-aging drug. While sharing his thoughts about this rejuvenation technologies, Hope indicated that in anti-aging research is not interested mainly in wanting human beings to live forever but it’s about creating a better quality life of for all human beings. Jason Hope has been working with this foundation since 2010 when he donated half a million dollars for the development of a laboratory that would aid in the invention of an anti-aging drug.

Jason Hope is a tech enthusiast. He has supported many technological innovations especially those that are most likely to find the success in the market. He is recognized for his ability to pick on technological trends that are most likely to succeed in the future. Currently, he is among the most renowned futurists in the United States.

The anti-aging research has been carried with the assistance of the founder and chief science officer of the SENS Foundation Dr. Aubrey de Grey. Both of them believe that rejuvenation technology will bring to an end the challenges of old age diseases. If people stop getting weak as they get old, chances are that sickness such as cancer and Parkinson’s disease.

Jason Hope has also shown significant interests in the internet of things. This is a new technological trend that will change the meaning of technology as we know it today. Jason Hope was born in Tempa, Arizona. He attended W.P Carey School of Business where he graduated with a masters in business administration. Due to his abilities to predict technological trends, he has attracted international reputation in a very short time. He is today considered a prominent business adviser based on his ability to tell business owners what they should expect from the technological trends.