Harry Harrison and His Reflection On His Role at Barclay’s Non-Core

Harry Harrison is an individual who has always been on a mission. Whether he was working in investment and trading at Barclays or finishing up his final position in the Non-Core department of Barclays, he has always desired to do nothing but his best work. Although he was only involved in Non-Core from 2014 to 2017 before he retired, he was proud of the fact he was responsible for winding down $110 billion worth of businesses his bank no longer wanted to be involved in. Even though now he is retired and is enjoying his time off, he still endeavors to make his day as productive as possible.

First of all, Harry Harrison has loved being a stay-at-home dad. Although it’s a far cry from his early days of being responsible for securities that were worth billions of dollars, Harry Harrison has found that he garners just as much enjoyment from arranging playdates for his 5 and 8 year-old children as he did manning the phones for Barclays Bank. As a stay-at-home dad, if there is one thing he can count on it would be the immense variety of his life. He realizes that he will be responsible for field trips, helping with homework assignments, helping with upset stomachs and just generally being there for his children on a daily basis. Of course, he does other things to stay active as well.

These would include trying new things, such as yoga and pilates. He also is proud of the fact he is trying to get better at golf and French, albeit he feels he hasn’t necessarily been that successful at either of these endeavors. However, he also has done his share of consulting work with entrepreneurs, including his wife. At the present time, his spouse has regularly held retreats at a mountain villa in France. Moreover, he knows that many individuals can glean from his early experiences.

Naturally, Harry Harrison stays busy educating younger individuals in the financial world about bringing ideas to life. One of the things he continually preaches in this vein would be to always have the right combination. He feels that diversity, collaboration and humility can go a long way in marketing a new idea. Mr. Harrison also believes that the best way to be successful and organized as an entrepreneur would be to tackle things as they come. Unfortunately, a lot of individuals will comprise long to-do lists and then invariably never get down the list. Thus, this is one way that Harrison combats this problem. Even though he is retired now, he would also advise his younger self to not only set goals, but to enjoy the journey as well. The fact that he continues to encourage everyone about the potential of fintech adjacency was also enlightening as well. All in all, it was a very productive interview with Harry Harrison.

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