Starting a Legal Business

Many people in Brazil want to start a company. In the past decade, the economy of Brazil has expanded. Numerous people now have the disposable income to invest in the future.

With all of the new business activity in Brazil, the legal industry is booming. Bruno Fagali is a lawyer who specializes in Brazilian compliance laws. Over the past few years, he has built a substantial legal firm that has dozens of clients. Not only does he enjoy practicing law, but he also invests money into the local community. Anyone who wants to become a successful lawyer should take time to learn from him. Know more about Fagali at


Early Career


When Bruno Fagali left home, he decided to go to college to earn a business degree. Once he started attending classes, he quickly realized he wanted to pursue another degree path. He chose to attend law school, and he interned at a local law firm. During his internship, he learned valuable lessons about interacting with clients.

Starting a Business


Bruno advanced quickly in the legal profession. He spent dozens of hours each week learning new aspects of the law. As he progressed in his career, his salary increased exponentially. He started saving money to start his own company.

Bruno Fagali started a company because he wanted to interact with clients each day. In the corporate world, he spent a small percentage of his time with clients. Some people thought he was crazy for starting a legal practice. However, he was confident in his decisions and worked hard to accomplish his goals.



Giving Back


Bruno Fagali spends a lot of time and money helping others. He speaks to legal students who attend local colleges. He also provides legal advice to new lawyers who are trying to get started in their career.

Although he could retire and relax, Bruno enjoys practicing law too much to quit. He is proud of his work and is optimistic about the future of Brazil. Visit Mundodo Marketing to know more about Fagali.

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