Alex Hern and Tsunami VR Specialists


Alex Hern has had extensive involvement with all sorts of diverse companies throughout the years. His name at birth was Alexander F. Hern. He calls San Diego, California his place of residence at the moment. “America’s Finest City” also happens to be where he manages his career. Running things isn’t at all something that’s unfamiliar or strange to Hern. That’s because he’s managed all sorts of essential executive jobs with many different companies throughout his in-depth career. He’s been the Chairman for numerous companies. He’s been the Chief Executive Officer for others. He’s also someone who has excitedly assumed the position of Co-Founder. Starting companies has practically become a way of life for the seasoned technology authority. Read more about Alex Hern at

Alex Hern is among the individuals who is in charge at Tsunami VR, Inc. Tsunami VR, as its name communicates, is a company that concentrates on all things that involve VR or “Virtual Reality.” It’s a company that concentrates on communications avenues that can boost ease for many people all over the place. Tsunami VR accommodates the varied requirements of companies that are situated in all kinds of international locales. It’s composed of two distinctive entities. These entities are both Tsunami Studio and Tsunami Workspaces. Hern oversees both of these sectors with great regularity. These divisions aim to influence the manners in which businesses operate as teams. Tsunami VR’s specialists employ technological approaches that can aid them with all of their objectives. Learn more about Alex at

Hern looks after all sorts of professionals who are part of the illustrious Tsunami VR team. He looks after people who function as transcoding and video processing engineers. He mentors people who function as tools administrators, product managers, web developers, art directors, 3D artists and even graphic programmers. Tsunami VR has team members in all parts of warm and enticing Southern California.


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