End Citizens United Helping Create Awareness About The Influence Of Corporate Companies In US Politics

The political system of the United States has been flooded with the corporate money in the last few years, and it is due to the decision made by the Supreme Court to allow individuals as well as the business entities to fund the political candidates and election campaigns. It is recognizing the influence of the corporate world on the political system that is compromising the interest of the everyday people. Even though many of the honest politicians want to act for the benefit of the people, they are not coming to power due to the lack of funding that mostly the corporate-backed political candidates have. The election campaigns of the corporate-funded politicians are glittery and attractive and help in reaching out to more and more people. The PR campaigns of the corporate-backed political candidates are too glittery to be not noticed, and it is why it becomes easier for them to win in the elections.

End Citizens United is a PAC that is fully funded by the common people and has their accounts available for the public to review. As the name suggests was created by its ECU President Tiffany Mueller to end the rule of the corporate money in the country’s political system. The use of unaccountable money by the corporate companies and high net worth individuals to fund the elections have been going on for far too long, and it is making the government nothing but the front for the corporate companies. End Citizens United wants that the politicians who are fully funded by the people are elected in the Senate so that the Supreme Court’s decision can be overturned. Over the past few years, the End Citizens United has helped a lot in creating awareness among the people about the misuse of the legislature by the companies to turn the political system in their favor.

It is helping more and more people to support End Citizens United, and it is also helping the organization to gather more funds, which is useful to encourage more honest politicians who are in support of overturning the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision. It would make the government in power more accountable as well.

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  1. On a long run I’m of the opinion that they are going to rid the systems of those group of persons that uses their wealth and influence to affect polls. Its not something that ukbestessay smiles about because of the numerous irregularities that comes along with what they do. It is really good seeing a political pressure group coming out strongly to resist this ill practice.

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