Clay Hutson’s Life and Career

Clay Hutson, a business owner and a resident in Nashville is an icon I the music industry. He has done exploits in the industry. He considers the thoughts and feelings of his artists and uses that to work with them productively. Clayton works from dusk to dawn to ensure perfect results. He makes sure the audiences experience a unique and beautiful experience in every performance.

Before he commenced his company he has had massive experience working on different sets of tour production and live entertainment. He has been behind the scenes working with big leagues like Pink, Kelly Clarkson, Guns N’ Roses, to mention a few. Clayton Hutson started out as a sound engineer and worked on his repertoire by giving his best in every show. He spent quite some time in the music industry before he decided to start his own business. Through all the shows and performances, Clayton has learned valuable lessons from each position and responsibility he held. These skills have sharpened him and perfected him just enough to give him the confidence to be active and involved in every bit of live entertainment. The company Hutson was working for begun experiencing difficulties and this pushed him, he thought why not go on his own. This Big step in his career to him appeared to be the right decision.

Clay Hutson spends most of his days managing various events. He makes sure he goes through his schedule for the day. He organizes his day such that he creates a plan and scribbles down a to-do list that guides him through his long day. He also makes sure his crew has a list of guidelines of the tasks they should complete that day. All this is done to ensure his and his crews’ productivity. Clay pays attention to details, the way things are done before and during performances. During a performance, he constructs each action and breaks down everything in order to give his stuff directions on what to do after the show.

Mr. Clayton Hutson is also learned. He graduated from Michigan University with a degree in Fine Arts, Theater design and Technical production. He also attended Michigan University’s Stephen M. Ross School of Business where he gained a Master of Business Administration. He has been in the game as a production manager since 1999 where he worked with Getagrip Touring. In 2001 he worked for Ronin Event Creative as the Vice Chair of production. He also worked for Prince and Jennifer Nettles as their production manager and was also Kanye’s stage manager. These and much more are his achievements over the years. Learn more:


OSI Group has been Expanding

People enjoy having good food. There are many companies that have been funded by investors from all over the world so that consumer can enjoy the meal they have always deserved. The competition that has been taking place in the food department is out of this world. There are millions of investors and thousands of companies, and they all want to serve the customers from different parts of the world. The tough competition has been discouraging new investors who are thinking about venturing into the department. One of the most successful areas to invest in the market is the food department. When you visit any store in the world, you will be shocked by the wide range of services the consumer have to choose for their needs.

One of the brands found in most stores is known as OSI Group. This is actually an international company that is respected because of the excellence it has been showing in the production of food products for consumers in many parts of the world. it enjoys a very rare reputation in the international market. This company is proud because it has been serving its customers for the last one hundred years, and it has always left a legacy that is difficult to come by. OSI Group milestones have always been described in many media platforms over the years.

OSI Group has several food plants and company equipment under its management. The company has always enjoyed great leaders who never miss an opportunity to purchase any available food plants. With the modern equipment, the company has made the lives of its customers better, and it has also made an impact that will never be forgotten. OSI Group has even gone a step further to double the production of the company in many parts of the world. This was evident in Spain this year. The company management realized that most of its customers needed to eat chicken compared to all the other products from the firm. This management felt that the amount of chicken being produced was not enough, and they worked together to make the products more. OSI Group acquires Baho Food

OSI Group increased its chicken products so that customers in Portugal, Spain and other neighboring countries could enjoy the food they always craved. The increased chicken production came with so many other changes. The company increased its working space and several employees who are highly experienced to make things easy for the company customers. OSI Group Buys Former Tyson Foods Plant in Chicago

Music is Just More Than a Job for Alex Pall

Alex Pall, one half of The Chainsmokers duo, says he does not just do music to earn a living but also to express his views on different things and share his personal life with fans. The duo has produced several songs since 2012 which include Closer, Don’t Let me Down, Everybody Hates Me, Roses, among others. Videos have millions and even billions of views. Alex was a night-working DJ while growing up. This was actually his hobby and he majorly did it for fun. He eventually quit his art job in New York when he realized his deep passion for dance music.

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Pall’s Journey in music

His former manager introduced him to Drew, whom they started working immediately. For Alex, the musical journey has been more of self-discovery and learning. Paired up with Andrew Taggart, the two formed the Chainsmokers duo with Andrew working as the producer. The job has been more of fun as much as it pays their bills. According to Alex, it is senseless to produce an album with ten or twelve songs that have no relationship to each other. He prefers just producing a few dance records suitable for a DJ album.

Pall’s experience with Halsey

Having worked with her in the ‘Closer’ song, Alex describes Halsey as incredible, cool, unique, real, and one with a strong voice. He would choose her over and over again for the job.

The Reception of Chainsmokers music by different ages

What amazes Alex Pall is the way people of different ages receive their music. He just noted that very little children love the music as well as aged people. The youths are however the biggest fans and he has a huge following of them on his insta page.

Future plans

Alex Pall states that the ever-changing audience is the reason they plan to do things differently in the future. Holding big tours and mixing videos of the live shows and their DJ shows will definitely create hype.

Who is Alex Pall?

Apart from being a member of the Chainsmokers duo, Alex once worked at an art gallery in Manhattan. He is both a songwriter and a pianist. He was born in 1985 in Westchester County, New York, but currently lives in Los Angeles. Alex is the DJ of the Chainsmokers duo.

Sahm Adrangi on GreenSky: Magical Touch

Living in a good home is every person’s dream. However, there are many factors that come in between this possibility with many individuals. Given the growing trend in terms of good housing, improvements need to be done to either lay on the market’s competitive edge in case they are rental or fit an awesome décor in the case that they are personal. Finance is the main factor in achieving these desires. However, the income of many people may make it hard to meet these needs and financial assistance is required.

Founded in 2006, GreenSky Credit is a financial technology company. With its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, the company plays a major role in providing an online platform for loans to people in need of home development schemes. The company has gone beyond what many people and investors believe to be the sound operational technique. For years since it was founded as a technology financial company, it has prided itself with this service category. Despite the fact that many investors believe in railing against banks for survival of financial businesses, Zalik has been working with banks instead.

Many financial institutions are always at the risk of carrying the burden of loans on their balance sheets. However, GreenSky Credit has been playing safe in this financial business where it transfers much of the risk on loans to the involved banks. In as much as the company is never on the risk for defaults, payment from these banks does vary depending on the mortgage performance. Actually, the banks make a provision of 1% annually to the company for the purpose loan generation and service. Hence GreenSky Credit benefits from its affiliation with the banks.

The company relationship survival techniques put it in a competitive edge in the market. While transacting, GreenSky Credit involves its contractors to doing much of the work in home development projects. They pitch home expansion loans of up to $65,000 to landlords. From this business deal, GreenSky Credit benefits with a 6% loan amount on the opportunity created for their provision. These services are available to their clients through their Smartphones with quick and reliable help.

Upwork Helping You Fulfil Your Financial Goals as a Freelancer

If you are looking to become a professional freelancer, then you have to join a freelancer platform where businesses are looking to hire self-employed professionals for their jobs and projects. The freelancing business has been growing at a steady pace in the past few years, and it is expected that in the next few years it would reach $5 billion in the next few years. Upwork is one of the largest platforms online that connects businesses with the freelancers, and at present, there are more than five million clients and twelve million freelancers registered at Upwork.

If you are a freelancer, you need to embed discipline in your work cycle to achieve your financial goals. As there is no boss that you need to report on a daily basis and you would be working from home, the chances are that you would tend to take things for granted. It is this attitude that mostly leads to the downfall of most of the freelancers, no matter how intelligent or talented they are. Make sure that you can follow a to-do list on a daily basis to get all the pending tasks done on time and have a schedule that you need to follow at all times. First of all, make sure that you write every pending task done so that you don’t miss out on anything. Try to make your to-do list for the next day night before only, so that you don’t end up wasting your valuable time.

There are many to-do list apps out there that would help maintain your schedule as well as allow you to track the tasks done and the ones that are pending. Using such an app would help you stay updated with your day’s routine and to-do list and make sure that you don’t forget anything. Add deadlines to your tasks, and stick to it, so that the delay doesn’t trickle down on other works. Arrange your to-do list in order of priorities, so that you know which one to do first. At Upwork, deadlines are important and more professional you are with your work, more are the chances of getting a better review and more works. So, follow this routine, and you would be able to achieve your goals as a freelancer at Upwork.


Igor Cornelsen’s Career Growth and His Gained Experience in the World of Investment

The success story of Igor Cornelsen is not just a product of brains and talent, but also of having the passion and confidence to believe in one’s vision, purpose, and creation. Without such qualities, Mr. Cornelsen may not be able to reach the successful life he has right now. He wouldn’t have been able to be the best investment banker in his class. He would not have been promoted to be a board of directors member. If he doubted himself, he would probably not be the CEO of Multibanco.

Business Mindset

The business mindset of Igor Cornelsen might have been the secret ingredient of his extreme success. He graduated with an engineering degree from the Federal University of Parana, but when he realized that business was in his blood, he shifted his studies in economics at the same university. It was probably there that Mr. Cornelsen realized the importance of business in generating more prosperous success not just for oneself, but also for the society in general through job creation. Such mindset is what drove him eventually to form his investment firm in 1995, after gaining incredible experience in investment banking from Multibanco as well as Bank of America.

Career History

The first job in the career of Igor Cornelsen was in an investment bank, which is a typical career path for those who recently graduated an engineering course. It was in this first job that he showed remarkable promise and talent for calculating compounded interest rates with just sliding rules. Recall, this was a time when complicated machines, calculators and applications were not as widely used. Mr. Cornelsen then went to Rio for an investment bank job, until he received a promotion to be a Board of Directors member at Multibanco in 1974. Two years later, he became the company’s CEO. He then also worked for Libra Bank PLC and Standard Chartered Merchant Bank, before finally deciding to start his investment firm that provides the same kind of services he was offering while working for the London merchant banks. Indeed, Mr. Cornelson’s gradual progress to his ultimate career of owning his own company is an inspiration to many. According to Ideamensch, this current venture of managing his investment firm is definitely what excites him the most today. Find out more about Igor Cornelsen: