Doing The Right Thing The First Time: Perry Mandera’s Custom Companies Inc.

Perry Mandera’s motto for life is to do the right thing the first time. It isn’t always easy. Mandera’s experience with the transportation industry provides many instances where obstacles have stood in the way. The variables in shipping and delivery can be challenging ( Mandera also deals with unreasonable customer requests. It is important to him that needs are addressed effectively. This means having a listening ear and an understanding of what can be done. It also means that you have to be willing to go the extra mile for your fellow man.

His company, Custom Companies Inc. follows the lead that Perry Mandera set for himself. Customer service is very important, so his employees also follow the motto, “Do it right the first time.” For his employees the fact that they need to be meticulous in handling projects helps them develop into better employees. The hands-on touch when providing for customers’ needs is one of the many ways Custom Companies implement this motto. The combination of talent and technology allows Custom Companies Inc. to provide superior service in the logistics and transportation industry. It has also garnered the company numerous awards for customer satisfaction.

Perry Mandera does set the bar high for himself. He believes that by providing a good example for his employees that he encourages them to do better. Mandera encourages his employees to look beyond themselves to their community. The Custom Cares program is a perfect example of doing the right thing the first time. The program provides needed items and support to families in need in the Chicago area. He also encourages his employees to contribute to their favorite charity.

This drive to satisfy customers is an integral part of Perry Mandera’s personality. Mandera realized early on that he needed to ensure that his employees felt committed to the company and to their community. By encouraging his employees to utilize the newest technology and pushing high standards, Mandera knows that his company will realize many repeat customers that utilize his company’s services again and again.

Perry Mandera has a heart for children and the less fortunate.


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