Jeff Aronin Leads the Development of New Pharmaceutical and Medical Companies

Now the president and CEO of Paragon Biosciences, Jeff Aronin has spent much of his career looking to come to the aid of patients who often feel they are ignored by the medical research community because their condition may be rare or difficult to research. The desire to help others has always been strong in the physician who began to look at the options open to him in the medical research and biosciences field when he was faced with a choice between surgical assistance for a child affected by seizures or trying a new medication on the market; choosing the experimental pharmaceutical option proved a success for Jeff Aronin and prompted his decision to explore the biotech sector.

The major motivation for Jeff Aronin in the formation of his own company, Ovation Pharmaceuticals LLC in 2000 was the desire to help as many people affected by rare and untreated conditions as possible in the 21st-century. Jeff Aronin wished to create a pharmaceutical company focused not solely on profit but also seeking to ensure as many people with damaging medical issues left largely untreated were aided as possible.

By 2009, the success of Ovation Pharmaceuticals was at a level on a par with much larger companies and began to attract interest from some of the world’s leading medical drug producers. Aronin remained president and CEO of Ovation in 2009 when the Danish pharmaceutical giant, Lundbeck purchased the group for more than $900 million.

The ability to develop new pharmaceutical and medical equipment companies was obviously a major reason for the attraction of Paragon to Jeff Aronin who believes the establishment of new medical and healthcare-based companies is vital to pushing forward this industrial sector. Paragon Biopharmaceuticals acts as a bridge between its own companies and researchers, entrepreneurs, and healthcare experts who have the skills to create new medical equipment and medications in a fast and efficient manner.

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