How Approach Financial Planning with the of Richard Dwayne Blair

Richard Dwayne Blair advises people not to be too harsh on themselves about their retirement plans. No one is born a financial guru. Wealth management and retirement planning takes understanding of goals, investment opportunities and knowledge about the subject. Richard Dwayne Blair, founder of Wealth Solutions, knows that everyone should have three pillars to their financial planning.

A three-pillar approach for financial planning is a way for him to look at a client’s current financial situation and make it more holistic.

  1. Your Financial Road Map Revealed.

The first Pillar in financial planning is designed to give you a financial roadmap. This road map includes determining which financial route to take by determining your:

  1. Risk tolerance
  2. Goals
  3. Strength
  4. Additional opportunities for growth
  5. Your Long-term, Effective Investment Strategy Revealed.

The second Pillar focuses on an effective and long-term investment strategy tailored to your liquidity needs and specific goals. Richard Dwayne Blair typically reallocates and manages assets to assist in capturing the maximum of performance when the market is trending upward. He also minimizes any decreases that a negative market trend has.

3.Your Insurance Needs Met.

In the third Pillar, insurance needs are reviewed. Insurance is vital because no one knows when a storm or other natural disaster will occur and how it will impact you. Richard Dwayne Blair will use work to keep you financially insulated from a negative impact a disaster can bring. He plans for these with long-term care insurance, life insurance.

Learning More about Investments will Help You Enjoy Life Later.

Richard Dwayne Blair has been providing solid investment advice for more than 25 years. He founded Wealth Solutions, a Registered Investment Advisory firm, located in Texas.

He loves helping people with their financial planning and investments. After graduating from college, Richard Dwayne Blair began in the financial services industry. He has steady acquired information to assist him in helping others. He developed the three pillars to assist clients in developing a three-prong approach to retirement planning and investing.



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