Nick Vertucci on the power of industry knowledge.

There is a lot of value in actively pursuing knowledge in any industry that an investor decides to go into. This is the form of thinking that Nick Vertucci brought in after attending a seminar at the behest of a friend and deciding that real estate is what he would do for the rest of his life. Nick Vertucci actively started pursuing knowledge by reading articles magazines and books that would inform him of what was expected in the industry. For him having been an investor before in technology companies before the dot-com bubble understood that every industry has its good side and its bad side and all depended on the side that you went into or it caught you in during a downturn.

Having experienced a crash, he was experienced on what the signs were, and with this, he had developed a strategy that would see him anticipate the 2008 mortgage crisis that hit the real estate sector hard. This was what saw him sail through the period and still be in a position to turn a profit when even the big players were panicking and some even getting bankrupted. He had known the strengths of real estate and the power of long-term investing when it came to an industry that had shown the signs of an anticipated crash.

This would see Nick Vertucci make very smart moves before and during the crash and would result in good payouts years later when the crisis was done. He would continue drawing from this knowledge, and in 2013 he would use it to open the Nick Vertucci Real estate academy that today teaches in conjunction with other experts the power of flipping houses and how to turn a profit from the same. He continues to actively engage in the market in order to understand the underlying conditions and improve his teaching programs accordingly.

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