How Michel Terpins Is Finding Success As A Rally Driver

Michel Terpins is an entrepreneur and rally driver. He lives in Sao Paulo, Brazile, and is 40 years old. He comes from a family of rally drivers. When he was growing up his father, Jack Terpins, drove a rally car. His brother, Rodrigo Terpins, also professionally races.

As a member of the Bull Sertoes rally team, Michel Terpins has found a high level of success in the rally driving sport. He first started racing in 2002, although for the first few years it was motorcycles he raced rather than cars. In 2004 he made the switch to rally cars and this move paid off as he has become not just one of the best rally drivers in Brazil but in the world as he is now internationally recognized.

Michel Terpins is in the same rally team as his brother. They are in the category of Prototypes T1. He calls his rally car the T-Rex and in it he has won a place on the podium many times. One of his wins was the Sertoes Rally of 2017 which was held in the city of Bonito-Mato Grosso do Sul.

In order to support the Bull Sertoes Rally Team, Michel Terpins and his brother maintain an active social media presence. This includes Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Michel Terpins keeps fans of the team on the Facebook page by making frequent posts about what they are up to. For example, he updates the Facebook page when his team closed out the racing season. They won the gold key in the last cross country rally of the season, he posted. This is one the two titles that he has been wanting to get for a number of years now. After the win he thanked his navigator, Mayke Justo, who is just 25 years old. He said that he had a spine problem but his doctor was able to discharge him from the hospital just in time to compete for this race.

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