Coffee Products from Organo Gold and the health benefits

There are many advantages that come with drinking coffee especially when people drink the beverage on a daily basis. They can drastically minimize diseases which affect the heart. Stroke is a sudden ailment that can be caused by stress and with using coffee, it eliminates the attacks. Research done and published by Annals of Internal Medicine came up with these findings.


Past findings came out with conclusions that said people who often drink the beverage have a long life especially when they consume it in the morning and evening. Apart from preventing the heart diseases, they also reduce probability of getting diseases like cancer, stroke, diabetes and the common kidney conditions in the people of color including Japanese, Whites, Latino, and African Americans. Visit to know more about Organo Gold.

Consuming coffee more than three times in a day, reduces risk of early death by 18%. The study that showed this was done in a span of 16 years. The people who were involved in the research were consulted for coffee habits after every five years. It will be good when people routinely drink the coffee because it is associated with a long and healthy life.

Organo Gold is a large company that provides various coffee products, personal care products and also comes up with nutraceuticals. They have independent distributors all over the world. With the independent distributors, they provide samples of the things that they sell. When selling them there are generous discounts that will keep customers coming.


Organo is in the forefront in providing opportunities for people who would want to establish marketing companies. There are compensation options for individuals that want to get money when trading with their products.

With generosity in mind, they are involved in charities and foundations like The Napoleon Hill. With publishing “Think and Grow Rich.” Many people have used the information in it and grew rich and successful financially. Read more at PRNewswire about Organo Gold.

Highland Capital Management Launches $147 M Healthcare Fund with South Korea NPS

The Highland Capital Management Korea branch has closed one of their largest business deals in the country. The $147 million health care plan was closed to focus Highland Capital Management’s commitment to the industry. The National Pension Service in South Korea is the main investment platform that gave the special business opportunity to the Highland Capital Management South Korea branch. Incepted in 1988, the National Pension Service is valued at more than $498 billion. The sovereign Wealth institute reports their net worth at more than $465 billion. Read this article at

Investors, along with the South Korea-based Highland Capital Management, have their independent objectives working with the NPS in this matter. This is because they deem this investment viable for future profit generation capabilities. This also has the inclusion of access to opportunities for their co-investment procedures in countries like China, South Korea, and the United States. In Asia, Highland Capital Management has decided to work with the Stonebridge Capital Company. This is one of the largest privately-held companies in the region. According to a recent statement made by the CEO of the company, this was one of the most sophisticated privately-held companies in the region. While many investors based in Asia are showing their interest in this sector, most of them are seeking their way into the multi-purpose funds.

The Highland Capital core capability is well aligned with the fund’s strategy. This action draws the deepest action for the fund in a manner that depicts their true business identities. The healthcare industry has exposed the company to the greatest forms of business proliferation strategies. According to the CEO of Highland Capital Management, healthcare is one of the few capabilities that are set to grow in future investment strategies.


The middle market is the primary target for this investment strategies. In May 2017, Highland Capital Management reported more than $15 billion profit for all their investment plans in the healthcare industry. According to Matt Johnson, the United States healthcare industry is facing many disruptive forces that will affect most of the middle-market facilities. He also said that the increased access to the healthcare providence in Asia would make it grow further in the coming years. Visit to know more.

Talkspace: This Will Change Therapy Forever

The therapy that we have known for the longest time is changing and it is changing for the better. For years upon years, the therapists had the upper hand and they used that power for evil. They would take advantage of their clients and they would charge these crazy prices. They would also have hours that did not work for the clients. With Talkspace out there, clients are finally back in the driver’s seat of the situation. They don’t have to take it anymore, and they can reclaim their lives and also their treatment. Talkspace is an app that allows a client to talk to a therapist over the phone, through text, or one-on-one through video. It is all up to the client.

Talkspace is really going to give therapists a run for their money, literally. First and foremost, they are heck of a lot cheaper. Everyone is looking to save money these days, but in the process, they don’t want to suffer in terms of quantity. With Talkspace, they don’t have to worry about that. They get to choose from over 1,000 professionals that have their best interests in mind. They know them, inside and out, because they know the right questions to answer to get to the bottom of the situation.

They also enjoy doing this and it is their life’s work. It shows in the results they have had with clients. It is amazing how they are able to accomplish so much more over a phone than a therapist with an office and a face-to-face interaction. There might even be a day where there are no fancy offices for therapists to meet with clients. This might be the new way that people use therapy. If nothing else, it might force therapists to rethink how they treat their customers and the prices they charge them.