Riverdale Actress Shines in Lime Crime Cosmetics

Even though we may not have noticed this previously, it’s pretty obvious now that not many women can pull off a chic festive look the way Cheryl Blossom can. Blossom is also wearing red, and looks great with her bouncy curls and form-fitting red clothing. Of course, she’s also got a precise red manicure to match the rest of her look. The “cherry on top” for Cheryl Blossom’s look is her eye-catching red lipstick.

Since everyone in Riverdale does a pretty terrible job at keeping secrets, we’ve learned the go-to makeup product that makeup artists use on actress Madelaine Petsch to help her signature look. Cheryl Blossom is all about luxury, but the signature red pout she uses to make her character come alive is from a brand that is actually pretty affordable. The lipstick is Red Velvet from Lime Crime.

The bold lipstick is from the Matte Velvetine line and has a vivid pigment. The lipstick is also scented with vanilla and the color is inspired by roses. The lipstick is smudge-proof and doesn’t even come off when you greet someone with a kiss, which is why it’s perfect for Blossom’s character.

Madelaine told Teen Vogue that she’s obsessed with Lime Crime because it stays in place all day and has a liquid matte formula that moisturizes the lips without looking too greasy. When she’s in a scene that calls for kisses that leave lipstick stains, she tops her pout with Nivea chapstick so that the lipstick is glossier and will leave the desired effect.

Lime Crime is continuing to gain fame, and the brand, which was started by Doe Deere, encourages women to be bold and outgoing. In addition to red lipstick, Lime Crime also comes in vivid purple, green and yellow shades for a look that is sure to get attention. Lime Crime products are also cruelty free. Find out more at www.limecrime.com.

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