Greg Secker entrepreneurial Empire

Greg Secker has lately been into his new entrepreneur venture the Greg Foundation. He is aiming at improving the lifestyles and conditions of people in the whole world. To meet the goal of the foundation, he is imparting knowledge and life skills to people.

Since the foundation establishment in 2010, it has made some substantial strides. For instance, the incidence of the catastrophic typhoon in the Philippines made Greg Secker realize the opportunity and came up with the house building project. His foundation is funding the rebuild of 100 homes which can overcome the typhoon in case of another incidence.

Greg Secker financial journey commenced at Thomas Cook Financial Services. He then saw the opportunities in foreign exchange business and embraced it. He left to start a trading company where he could teach people how to trade forex. Virtual Trading Company became his breakthrough in forex trade. His firm provides real-time facts and figure regarding the forex trade of which Greg became the first person ever to develop such a platform.

He became the VP of Mellon Financial Corporation, an investment bank where he had the opportunity to serve amongst the world-class traders. He gained a substantial profit margin from trading while at Mellon and decided to start his trading firm in his living room. Secker launched Learn to Trade and began by training family members and friends before welcoming the interested people from the public. Currently, it has grown to be the largest trading company in the world with over 200, 000 persons taking advantage of Greg`s trading brains.

The educational strategy is through seminars and workshops. Learn to Trade has been awarded severally for the valuable education. In 2012 and 2013 it was named the Best Educator by the World Finance Magazine. Moreover, in 2015 it was recognized as the Best Trader Forex Trader Training UK as well as Best Trading Education Product by Wealth and Finance Magazine. Through his education and expertise, many people have transformed their lives.

Greg holds B.Sc from the University of Nottingham. His venture into The Knowledge to Action Group after being in Mellon Financial Corporation opened ways for various companies including, Smart Chart Software, Capital Index, Learn to Trade, and the Greg Secker Foundation.

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