Securus Technologies to Raise Public Awareness of Frauds Committed in the Inmate Communications Industry

In an effort to build trust in the communications industry related to U.S. prisons, the premier provider of public safety tools, Securus Technologies, has vowed to publicize incidents of gross violations in the sector. The man behind the decision is CEO of Securus Technologies, Richard A. Rick, who insists that the current debate of high call charges faced by families of inmates is primarily the result of massive corruption of individuals who are eager to exploit struggling families.

Therefore, Richard has found an innovative method to raise awareness among the public by publishing a series of reports by officials investigating matters of gross violations. The 17-page Order No. U-20784-B report of Louisiana Public Service Commission is among the first reports that will be published on Securus website in the next six months. According to the summary of report, another significant provider in the inmate communications industry, GTL, Global Tel Link, was found cheating families by implanting devices in the hardware and deliberately charging telephone bills.

When working with Louisiana Department of Corrections, GTL put electronic devices that would automatically increase call charges of each call by 15 seconds or 36 seconds. Because callers do not calculate timings, they are unaware of the fraud even when such charges were added in the final telephone bills. However, it is also true that GTL was not even afraid of overcharging publicly because its rates were much higher than the limits set by PSC.


Beside such violations, the report also found massive rigging on several other instances. Overall, it is estimated that tax payers in Louisiana had to pay $1,243,000 more than the actual charges. Hopefully, steps taken by Securus Technologies will raise public awareness when the company publishes more such report in the coming months.

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

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  1. Again, GTL kept on repeating such violations because the public is mostly not aware of rate caps set by regulatory authorities. It includes what some writers essay do have in common and it’s definitely helping matters too.

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