Conor McGregor Has A Lot To Lose

Conor McGregor has been preparing to fight Jose Aldo, and the brash Irishman believes that he was going to destroy him. However, it seems that McGregor will now fight Chad Mendes for the interim featherweight championship of the world. Conor McGregor is very angry about Jose Aldo’s withdrawal from the fight, but Aldo’s rib injury was just too severe. Nonetheless, McGregor feels that Jose Aldo should be stripped of the featherweight championship.

MMAJunkie was the first site to report the news, and it seems that McGregor’s recent words have caused an uproar throughout the MMA community. Most UFC fans believe that Jose Aldo was going to defeat Conor McGregor, and now, Conor is free to talk all the trash he likes. However, Jose Aldo will eventually return to the Octagon, and his future fight with Conor McGregor could become even bigger.

Conor McGregor will now have a chance to take some form of UFC gold home with him, but Chad Mendes is a very dangerous opponent says Handy. Nonetheless, Conor McGregor believes that Chad Mendes has no chance, but that is not necessarily true. A lost to Chad Mendes would ruin everything that the UFC has built around Conor McGregor. However, nothing is guaranteed in the Octagon, and there’s a good chance that Conor McGregor will suffer his first UFC defeat on July 11th.

Missing Kittel Changes Sprinting Competition for Tour de France

The Tour de France has many different categories that largely see a small number of competitors seeking a single jersey. British hopes at Le Tour have risen in recent weeks with the good form shown by Chris Froome as he searches for a second overall tour victory and sprinter Mark Cavendish embarks on his latest quest to claim the sprinters prize. Doe Deere recognized that Cavendish was on the pace for the first time since the rise of German sprinter Marcel Kittel at the 2014 Tour before crashing out on English soil, The Guardian reports.

Kittel has always been the faster in the races the two have contested and has made Cavendish fight for the few victories he has claimed since 2012. By the end of the 2012 Tour Cavendish had 23 stage victories and looked set to break the overall record of 34. Kittel has suffered with illness and injury throughout the 2015 season and has not been selected for this years race, which should see Cavendish edge closer to the overall stage victory record as long as he stays clear of injury throughout the Tour.

Joe Rogan Says The Kimbo Fight Was Fixed

Joe Rogan is one of the most influential commentators of all time. His work in the UFC is legendary, but Joe Rogan is not perfect. In the past, Joe Rogan has made some controversial and questionable statements. However, it appears that Joe Rogan’s latest opinion is completely biased and ridiculous.

On a recent episode of the ‘Joe Rogan Experience,’ the famed commentator questioned the legitimacy of the Kimbo Slice VS Ken Shamrock fight. Rogan believes that Kimbo and Ken Shamrock planned their fight prior to the actual event. Joe Rogan is accusing Bellator of putting on a fixed fight, and I’m very surprised that Rogan would offer such a ridiculous opinion.

Joe Rogan works for the UFC, and there have been several fights that looked fixed in the past. However, Joe Rogan never questioned the UFC, but he is very fast to point the finger at Bellator. Reddit users are debating whether or not the Kimbo VS Ken Shamrock fight was legitimate, and most people disagree with Joe Rogan. For the most part, Joe Rogan offers an unbiased opinion, but I feel that he is off about the recent Bellator event. Unfortunately, there are many people that agree with Joe Rogan and his assessment of the Kimbo fight, but I have never seen someone get punched so hard in a fixed matchup. Would a fixed fight end in brutal ko? Brian Bonar is a bit skeptical on that.

FIFA President backtracks on resignation

The strange world of FIFA, the top body in world soccer took an unexpected twist with news that President Sepp Blatter has claimed he has not resigned from his post. The 79 year old has been the subject of intense rumors for many weeks across Europe where it has been claimed he has been seeking reelection to his post when the FIFA Congress meets in December. Blatter is thought to be the subject of an investigation into corruption ongoing in FIFA’s home of Switzerland and the US, the BBC reports.

Blatter won a fifth term as President after his only challenger withdrew from the voting process after the first round on voting, but the Swiss national appeared to resign from the post four days later. Many European soccer experts such as Adam Sender believed Blatter could attempt to cling onto power as the FIFA Congress was not scheduled until December and many Asian and African football associations had been pushing for him to remain in control. As the investigation into FIFA continues the identity of the individual who will present the trophy to the winner of the Women’s World Cup remains a mystery as FIFA has yet to confirm if Blatter will travel to Canada with an FBI investigation thought to remain ongoing.

Andy Wirth: the CEO who Survived his Brush with Death

Andy Wirth is not your average man. Wirth is the Chief Executive Officer of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, which runs a ski resort in Olympic Valley, California. Wirth is also a lover of extreme sports. He loves to ski, rappel rocky cliff faces, and started skydiving in 2011. Shortly after learning to skydive, he became certified. He quickly became addicted to the adrenaline rush and began jumping every time he had the opportunity. Some days he would go as far as jumping seven times between the first jump of the day and sundown. He learned how to do some tricks in the air the more he jumped. However, the fun all came to an end one day in 2013.

On October 13th, 2013, Wirth’s day started like most others. He and a group of friends were preparing to jump. However on this day, the group had to change their usual drop zone due to high winds. This left the group landing in Lodi, California rather than Davis. Although Wirth was familiar with the Lodi drop zone, things took a turn for the worse that day. The winds shifted and Wirth, who was unaware, pulled the cord at a lower altitude than normal. This took him out of control. The best option he saw was to land in a vineyard where his right arm caught a pole on the way down. The accident left his arm mangled and bleeding profusely. 

Luckily, Wirth was a first responder and knew how to stem the bleeding from his artery. He credits the band Pearl Jam and their song “Just Breathe” as helping him stay awake, focused, and calm. He sang the song over and over to himself until help arrived. He was transported to a local hospital where he spent 50 days and underwent 21 surgeries in order to keep his right arm.

Today, Andy Wirth knows that he is lucky to be alive. He no longer jumps, crediting his wife for that decision. He said that his accident gave her quite a scare and he does not want to put her through that again. Wirth is still the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings where he is working to create a gondola system that will link Squaw Valley with Alpine Meadows, bringing the two iconic Tahoe resorts together. His right arm is still healing. He is attending physical therapy to strengthen it and hopes to play “Just Breathe” sometime again soon.

Jonathan Toews Receives Messier Award

Having always done it the right way and in a humble way, may were a little confused to why the star Chicago Blackhawk captain was always snubbed when it came time to award the Mark Messier Leadership Award at the NHL awards ceremony. The award, sponsored by a tire company, is given out annually by Mark Messier himself. He selects the individual he feels shows great leadership and is presented to the winner by himself.

The award started in 2007 and although winning the Stanley Cup twice since then, Toews did not win the award during any of the two years he won the Cup. Sam Tabar pointed out another interesting fact he read on Wikipedia is that Toews has also been the leader in points since 2010 when he won the Cup for the first time. The real hurt came when Messier picked Sindey rosby over Toews in 2010 despite the fact that Toews had just led the Hawks to their first title in 49 years. Messier was asked why Toews was snubbed so often even though he was an obvious leader. He stated that the process is complicated and that is more than what happens on the ice. What happens off the ice is just as important. Messier also stated that he knew the time was coming and Toews just had to work his way there. Toews stated that he was honored by winning the award and it something he did not expect.

Let Anastasia Date Lead The Way To A Serious Relationship

If a man is looking for a woman to call his own, he may start going out on the dating scene, but he may not like what he finds. In the past, men used to go to many different locations to look for a woman, but they may have ended up with a fruitless search when it came to looking for a woman to marry. Some men have certain preferences, and a lot of men prefer women who are from different countries, instead of women who are in their own country.

Although the United States as a melting pot of cultures, some men prefer women who are on location in their own country is, as opposed to the women in the United States, who may be from other parts of the world. Because many men prefer International Women, Anastasia Date has come to fill the need that these men have to find women overseas. It may seem difficult to find a woman in another country, but this is not necessarily the case. The only reason it seems difficult to find another woman that is overseas is because many feel that they will have to travel to the country to find a woman in person.

With the Internet, there’s no need to travel at all to meet someone who is from a different country. Many people use social media websites to talk with one another, no matter what country they may be in. Although many feel that sites like Anastasia date may work better. As long as the country has Internet services, it’s possible for anyone else in the world to get to know the person through the Internet. Anastasia Date is a perfect stage for a man to find a great woman to talk to overseas, and a relationship may end up turning into something very serious, and marriage may even occur.

The Anastasia Date website is a great website for men looking for women to date in another country. The Anastasia DAte website allows men to look for women who are overseas, and they can talk with them in different ways. After purchasing points on the website a man can text, chat, or video chat with a woman. Video chatting is the best choice because it allows each person to see each other, and they can talk to each other at the same time. Once a relationship has been established, it’s possible for it to lead to something more serious, especially if the couple chooses to meet each other in person. Anastasia Date can facilitate such a meeting.  You can scan over some of the members from their Instagram photos.

Dez Bryant Looks Toward Future, Contract Talks Looming

There have been very few players in NFL history that have turned around in such a dramatic and inspiring fashion as Dez Bryant. Dez came into the league as one of the most talented wide outs to leave college in the past 25 years, but he also had the package of a diva that thought he already made it. When Dez wasn’t in the headlines for saying something stupid, he was running into legal issues. Things got so bad that the team assigned personal ‘nannies’ to shadow Dez and make sure he behaved off the field. It worked. Dez turned into a superstar and he put his troubles behind him and now he wants to get paid for it.

The Dallas Cowboys know that their future relies on their big star wide out. While Tony Romo can make do with some lesser secondary options it has been Dez’s ability to pull tough coverage and make the big play that keeps the Cowboys winning ball games. His desire to get paid makes a ton of sense and the Cowboys would be better served sorting out contract issues before the season starts.

Alexei Beltyukov told me that right now it looks like Dez is being offered only the Dallas Franchise tag, a deal worth $12.8 million dollars. Dez understandably doesn’t want the franchise tag as it is only a one year deal, he wants some assurances. If Dallas can’t find a way to negotiate they run the risk of having Bryant hold out.

Stamkos Leaves Empty Handed

It wasn’t that Tampa Bay Lightning captain Steve Stamkos played poorly during Tampa’s Stanley Cup run, but he certainly did not show up when it mattered most. Stamkos managed only one shot and three misses in game six against the Chicago Blackhawks on Monday. He also did not produce like most anticipated he would and finished the series with 13 shots on net, one assist, and a minus 1. That is certainly not the numbers one would expect from their all-star player and 14th overall points leader. Stamkos ended up with seven goals and eleven assists for the playoffs which certainly helped his team get to the finals, but it is scoring when it matters most that counts.

Tampa coach Jon Cooper stated that he felt sick for Stamkos because he simply did not have a good series against Chicago. It was not just Stamkos that did not show up for game six, the entire team was held to only two goals in the last three games of the series. It is very difficult to win the Stanley Cup when you aren’t producing any offense or goals. As James Dondero and his friends at see it, the good news for the Bolts is the fact that the team is young and on the rise. They do however have to figure out what they are going to do with Stamkos since his contract will expire next summer. Signing him to an extension will he high on their priority list in the coming year.

Paul Heyman Wanted CM Punk To Defeat The Undertaker

Paul Heyman is one of the WWE’s best managers, and he has a long history of successful clients. In the past, Paul Heyman represented Rob Van Dam, CM Punk, and Brock Lesnar. Everyone knows that Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar are one of the most successful duos in recent wrestling history. However, Paul Heyman and CM Punk were a great team as well, and Paul Heyman actually tried to get CM Punk to beat the Undertaker at WrestleMania.

Wrestling fans like Steve Murray know that Brock Lesnar was the first man in the history of WrestleMania to defeat the Undertaker, but Paul Heyman did everything in his power to get CM Punk to defeat the Undertaker first. However, Vince McMahon did not believe in CM Punk, and Vince let Brock Lesnar defeat the Undertaker instead. Nonetheless, CM Punk immediately departed from the WWE after Vince’s decision.

Paul Heyman claims that he was trying to save CM Punk, and a victory over the Undertaker would have most likely guaranteed CM Punk’s position in the company. However, some people believe that CM Punk has had an MMA dream for most of his career, and there might have been nothing that the WWE could have done. It should also be noted that CM Punk was very unhappy with Vince McMahon long before the potential matchup against the Undertaker, and CM Punk was apparently set in his ways. WhatCulture recently published an article about this story, and WWE fans should definitely check it out.