No More Blind Dates for Charlie

Have you ever had a friend who just stays unlucky in love? Everyone is trying to fix him up on blind dates with friends of a friend and nothing seems to happen. That would be our Charlie. I have known Charlie since the fifth grade, and he is a great guy. We had the same friends and tried out for the same sports teams. We stayed friends all through high school and into adulthood.

I have been married now for five years and still keep in touch with my old buddy. He is a great friend of the family. As a matter of fact, our little three-year-old calls him Uncle Charlie. He has a great job as a corporate consultant and never has a lot of time for socialization. Maybe that is one of the reasons that his marriage failed. My wife cannot stand the thoughts of poor Charlie being alone, so she sets him up on blind dates.

Charlie is usually a good sport about it and at least tries. My wife is sure that she is going to find the perfect woman for him. Well, it has not happened yet. She hooked him up with her second cousin, Maria. Maria is a nice girl; however, any prospective date has to be interested in her Guinea pigs. You have heard of the crazy cat woman? Maria is the crazy Guinea pig lady. Charlie met her at the local pub for dinner and drinks and a whole evening of looking at her pet selfies on her iPhone. Sorry, no love connection there.

He has made some good friends with my wife’s dating scheme; however, none of them have been that match that Charlie is really wanting. Since Charlie is so technologically savvy, my wife suggested that he try social media to meet some new people locally and across the world. Then he may have a chance of meeting someone other than one of my wife’s family or friends.

Charlie tried a new iPhone application from skoutorganic’s Skout called Fuse. This social media app reaches nearly two hundred countries and is joined by people in fourteen different languages. It is especially for busy people like Charlie. He can post a message or pictures on the go that will only last about fifteen minutes. Then, it will disappear from the posting board.

Skout lets him join groups and talk to interesting people. If he wants, he can share his identity. If not, he can just post ghost notes. It is all clean and is good way of networking, and it is all free. Charlie says that he has talked to a lot of nice ladies who share some of his same interests. Fuse was a great place to start. Good luck, my friend!

From Cat Person to Dog Person Thanks to Purina Brand Dog Foods

Up until a year ago I would have considered myself a cat person but that all changed dramatically when I met KiKi, the pit bull/labrador mix that my friend had for a few years. When I met her, I fell in love with her, and it was just a few weeks before my friend was going off to college and was getting ready to start looking for a home for her baby. Unfortunately, she had not taken very good care of KiKi and had mostly fed her table food. Since I had raised many cats, I always had entrusted in Purina brand cat food, so I thought why not also trust their brand dog food as well. I learned quickly that I had made the right decision. After just a few weeks of feeding my new canine friend the healthy blend of Purina brand dog food, she was much healthier than ever before. She had more energy, was more playful and looked much healthier. I also learned that the right balance of food throughout the day for dogs was just as important as it is for cats.

The line of dog food that I chose for KiKi was the Purina Beneful Original line of dry dog food. The Beneful brand of dog food offered by Purina has been on the market since 2001. They currently offer eight different types of dry dog food in addition to 20 different types of wet dog food. They also offer dog treats in 11 different varieties. All varieties of wet and dry Beneful dog foods offer a balanced diet for your canine friend. All of their products are made with real meats and real vegetables that offer all the nutrients and vitamins to keep your dog healthy and happy. The employees at Purina are dedicated to offering the best products for your pets. They are all pet owners themselves and know that having a healthy happy dog can be very rewarding. Beneful also added the Healthy Harvest line of dog foods to their brand offerings in 2005. This line of dog food was a healthy alternative that featured soy as the main protein source rather than all natural meats. They also added a line of dog food in 2006 that was called Packaged Meals that featured resealable packages that doubled as a dog dish for the food as well. This was a great line for anyone who travels a lot with their canine friend.

I am so excited to have KiKi as part of my life and would definitely consider myself a dog person now that I have enjoyed her for so many years. I am thankful for Purina and the Beneful dog food line. I know as long as I continue to care for KiKi and feed her only the best, she will bring me years of happiness and companionship.

Atlanta Hawks Soar in First Place

The Atlanta Hawks are the NBA team based in Atlanta, Georgia and housed in Philips Arena. They originally were called the Milwaukee Hawks and were one of the first 17 teams of the National Basketball Association, which began in 1949, and they moved to Atlanta in 1968. This team has experienced many good years as well as bad ones throughout their history, but recently the Hawks have soared to the top of the Southeast Division.

Bruce Levenson is responsible for many recent years of basketball, both bad and good. He bought the team from Ted Turner in 2004 and his first season as an owner landed the Hawks in last place. With good draft picks, a successful owner and proper planning, the team was able to turn their worst year into a division title in only a decade, when they won their division in the 2015 season.

Levenson is a successful businessman, and this definitely contributed to his smart business decisions for the team. In 2012, he hired Danny Ferry, who is a retired Cleveland Cavaliers player, to be the general manager of the team as well as the President of Basketball Operations. Ferry’s multifaceted experience within the NBA helped to bring the team to the top of the ranks. The combination of good ownership and management allowed the franchise to build a team of powerful draft picks including Mike Scott and John Jenkins. They also traded Joe Jackson for five good players from the Brooklyn Nets.

Since 2012, the Hawks have been a team to watch. Although they had a losing season in 2013, which was the first since 2008, they bounced back with a vengeance. Currently, head coach Mike Budenholzer has a great team that should prove to be a contender this season as well. This has revived the once annoyed fans who now pile into Philips Arena to cheer for their hometown professional basketball team.

Earlier this year, Levenson sold the team to a group of investors led by Antony Ressler for around 850 million dollars, which will prove to be very profitable for Bruce Levenson. Others in the group of new owners include former NBA great Grant Hill, Rick Schnall, Sara Blakely and Jesse Itzler. The new owners will continue to keep Budenholzer as head coach at this time.

The future of the team is very bright. This can be attributed to good business decisions, upgrades to the Atlanta Hawks logo and promotions to get more fans into Philips Arena to watch games. The current season will continue to bring excitement from a championship caliber team to this diverse and inviting capital city.

Invest In Beauty – Invest In Brazil

The beautiful country of Brazil is only enhanced by its abundance of natural resources. Brazil being a natural resource for infrastructure development has tremendous growth potential as a producer and the ability to keep up with the demand.

Brazil has the inherent allure attracting people to start businesses in the country, and investors all over the world are beginning to notice the potential markets for investment. A few things you should know before you leap into investing in this resourceful country is you must do your due diligence. Igor Cornelsen a well-known investor in Brazil has some advice for “new Brazilian investors.” This advice actually applies to investments in any country if you want to become an informed successful investor.

Rules Of Investing In Foreign Businesses

  • Make a connection with the natives of the country. Brazilian culture is friendly and it is easy to build friendships and relationships. Get to know the culture and habits of the people.
  • Cornelsen advises potential investors to learn the habits of the Brazilian market. The market is still growing and regulations have been set to protect its fragility. Learn the financial guidelines and regulations. Learning is not difficult, just good business practice.
  • Also learn the “foreign currency” restrictions. Every country has controls on “foreign currency” transactions, and specific financial institutions authorized to handle those transactions.
  • Just as there is “no free lunch”, Cornelsen points out the same is true with money. “There Is No Free Money.”

Brazil’s natural resources are many. Their main resources are Iron Ore, gas and oil, coffee beans, sugar cane and soybean. Not to mention their untapped natural rainforest, minerals, precious metals, gemstones, and they are extremely big in the export of steel.

With the government changes that have taken place over the last couple of decades, living in Brazil has improved considerably. They now enjoy a very low rate of unemployment and the living style of the Brazilian people has increased while the government enjoys very little turbulence in the political arena.

Another lucrative area for investment if real estate. The purchase of property in Brazil has become easier with many restrictions removed and programs established for the purchase of properties eased considerably. Although the price of property fluctuates, as does properties in every country, the time for investing in property in Brazil could not be more advantageous than now.

Care For Your Pets With Beneful Dog Food

Only a pet owner will understand the sheer anxiety of their pet feeling unwell. Dogs and cats that we adopt and bring into our family become a part of us in much the same way as a newborn child does. Good pet parents care for their pets’ needs like they would do for their own child’s. However, children grow up and learn to speak. They start voicing what’s wrong with them, what they like and what they don’t. Pets never do that.

Beneful on twitter Understands That Pet Parents Have Anxieties – It is said that pet parents develop a kind of radar after some time that helps them understand what their pet wants. If a happy dog is suddenly morose and quiet, the danger bells start ringing. If the dog stops eating a favorite food, it means that something is wrong. Beneful dog food is a pet food brand that understands these anxieties of people who have pets.

Beneful Has Different Types of Dog Food For Different Pet Breeds – Beneful dog food is there to take care of those needs of pets that cannot be voiced by the little creatures.

Some dogs don’t drink enough water. Lack of hydration can cause the dog to have a stroke. Poor hydration can lead to the hair falling off, skin issues like scaling, shortness of breath, et al. Wet dog food comes with extra water content for these dog breeds to ensure that the pet is always hydrated.

Dry dog food is for those pets who are not picky eaters. This is an affordable option for people who can’t afford maintaining wet dog food and don’t stay at home all day. They can just leave the dry dog food in the feeding bowl of their dogs and the dog will eat it all day, at its own leisure.

For these reasons, Beneful dog food has wet food and dry food for dogs for these different requirements.

Beneful Takes Care Of Pet Nutrition – A lot of people don’t know that the nutritional requirements of pets are different from humans. Pets need different vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients to stay healthy. This is why regular home food cannot meet those requirements completely unless a vet sets the dog’s diet and lists out all the necessary ingredients. Beneful, on the other hand, has dog food that meets all these nutritional requirements and more. It balances taste with nutrition and makes the meals delicious smelling because dogs respond more to smell than taste. As a result, all dogs love the dog food of Beneful and eat it up happily.

It is because of all these reasons that Beneful should be the choice brand of all people who have pets.

Doe Deere, A Visionary In The World Of Beauty, Business And Beyond.

There are many people who are considered visionaries. One of the most successful in the world of beauty and business is a lady by the name of Doe Deere. If you do not know who Doe is, you are in for a real great time getting to know her. Doe has had so many successful ventures over the years that we can’t talk about all of them. We will talk about her newest success, Lime Crime Makeup.

Lime Crime started with a dream that Doe had, plus a few hundred dollars to invest into that dream. Doe saw that there was a huge hole in the makeup and beauty market. She noticed that the colors of most of the makeup on the market were dry and boring. They had color but, not true to life color. Many of the makeup companies just didn’t produce vivid and exciting colors. They had the same old boring nudes, the same old greens, blues and browns. Doe didn’t understand why these makeup colors are not vibrant reds, blues, greens and beyond. So, she set out to start her own makeup company and provide these true to life colors. She knew that there was a market for them, she just wasn’t sure how huge this market was. After research, Doe realized that this market was huge and that people are willing to pay the price to obtain her high quality makeup and cosmetic line. Doe started to produce her makeup and Lime Crime was born.

Doe has been in business for many years and everything she touches seems to turn to gold and smell like success. This is because of her attitude involving business. Doe understands that customers must get to know you, like you and trust you. She also knows that you must have an amazing product that people know, like and trust. Once you take the needs and wants of the customer into consideration, they will do business with you again and again. This is called total life value or TLV. This simply means, they customer will do business with you until they fall off the face of the earth or until your product falls off the face of the earth. Doe Deere is a true visionary in the world of beauty and business. Doe’s success goes far beyond these things however and we see her respect for detail in her Lime Crime makeup line.

Doe has created a product using a whole in an already established market. There is nothing like the true to life colors of her makeup and the fact that she put it into lipsticks, eye shadows and cosmetic products that can be used daily or for a special event is even better. The Lime Crime cosmetic line allows for freedom of expression and that is what a true visionary like Doe Deere is all about.

Gaining Fan Support Like the Atlanta Hawks


There was a time when the Atlanta Hawks were one of the worst franchises in the NBA. However, a man by the name of Bruce Levenson purchases them around a decade ago and has worked ever since to turn them around. There are many business and leadership lessons for people to learn in how he was able to take the Hawks from one of the worst team in the NBA to one of the best. At the end of the day, Bruce Levenson is a great leader and business owner who understands how to get his customers excited about a product. Even though sports are entertaining, the end goal of an NBA team is to make money. Here are several business lessons that we can learn from Bruce Levenson on how to run a profitable business over time.

Know the Customers

For any business, it is important to know the customers and what they want out of the product. The product you are selling could be a physical one. However, in the economy of the United States often times businesses are selling a service to customers. These services could be in the form of tax preparation or plumbing. Always understand what they customers are looking for when they come to you with a need. A business that is able to go above and beyond to meet the needs of the customer will make a lot of money in the long run. When Bruce Levenson took over the Hawks, the fan support was at an all time low. With a lot of different options living in Atlanta, many people simply decided that going to an Atlanta Hawks game was not worth their time or energy. Bruce Levenson knew that in order to turn the team around, he was going to have to give the fans something to get excited about. This is a great lesson in business to always make the customers a priority.

Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson is one of the best business leaders and owners in the NBA. Many people say that his work in turning around the Atlanta Hawks was one of the best turnaround jobs in all of sports. There are few people that know how hard he had to work in order to make that happen. With his great leadership skills, he has been able to take his team to the next level. Anyone in business must realize that if they own the business, it is their responsibility to turn things around if they are needed. There are few people that are able to do it on the scale of Bruce Levenson.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Bruce Levenson is a great example of how to succeed in business. There are few people that have been able to participate in a turn around of that scale. However, there are several important business lessons that anyone can learn in looking at the situation from the outside. Bruce Levenson is a great example to many in business.

Levenson, Atlanta Hawk-Eyed $1B, Settles For Less

Bruce Levenson on, a banker hired by the Atlanta Hawks to sell the NBA team, has sold the Atlanta Hawks for 15 percent less than the $1 billion Levenson said he would could get for the team. Levenson, who is the Co-Founder and Partner at United Communications Group (UGC) and Owner of Atlanta Spirit, LLC, sold the team for $850 million to Tony Ressler. A billionaire and co-founder of Ares Management LP, Ressler bought the team with winning bid at an auction. There was much speculation as to how much the current division-leading team would bring in with some experts going on CNBC saying the team could fetch figures upwards of ten digits.

Bruce Levenson, prior to founding UCG, wrote for Washington Star and Observer Publishing; as well as served on the Board of Directors of the Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association. His avid philanthropic activities cannot be greater exemplified then by his time as the President of the “I Have a Dream Foundation”. His loyalty is clear as founder of his company, UCG, with Mr. Ed Peskowitz for over 27 years and Levenson continues to manage it. Levenson earned Bachelor of Arts from Washington University in St. Louis and received his law degree from American University located in Washington D.C.

“We are honored and thrilled to have been chosen to become the new stewards of the Hawks,” Ressler said in a statement regarding the recent winning bid. “We respect the NBA’s approval process and, accordingly, can say no more other than we are incredibly excited by the Hawks’ success and wish them luck in the playoffs.”

Ressler’s group consists of former NBA player Grant Hill and the co-founder of the Marquis Jet, Jesse Itzler and they will be buying the team from Levenson and other investors. Ressler was a minority owner of the Milwaukee Brewers and wanted to buy the Los Angeles Clippers one year ago but was outbid by Steve Ballmer’s offer of $2 billion for the NBA team.

Many were happy to see the bidding war finally come to an end after months of the grueling process. Bankers from all over were bidding on the chance to own the team after the Hawks hired Goldman Sachs and Inner Circle Sports to manage the sale. One person in the inner circle of the deal said “It’s amazing how long this has taken.” The deal finally began coming to an end after Levenson’s group said it would sell its stake that consists of over fifty percent of the company. The entire ownership eventually agreed to sell their shares of the team after months of negotiations. Michael Gearon Jr. and Michael Gearon Sr., Rutherford Seydel and Beau Turner will sell their 32.3 percent of the stakes in the franchise that their Atlanta-based group owns and a New York-based group, headed by Steven Price, will sell their 17.6 percent stake.

Bruce Levenson Sells His Share To Antony Ressler

Strategic businessman, Bruce Levenson, is in the game to generate
profits that sustain a lifetime. Throughout the years, he has
successfully operated several companies such as United Communications
Group and as well as serving on the Board of Directors
of the Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association. He is also
heavily involved in the Washington DC area as he is the President of
the “I Have a Dream Foundation,” and the Community Foundation.
Notably, he also cofounded the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit
Leadership at the University of Maryland and he frequently donates
money to United States Holocaust Museum , Hoops Dream Foundation, and
the SEED Foundation. Moreover his many leadership positions and
community service involvement have greatly contributed to his success
as an owner of the Atlanta Spirit, LLC. Furthermore, with over twenty
years of business experience, his professional expertise has helped
guide the selling of the Hawk’s franchise.

In 2014, NBA commissioner, Adam Silver, announced Levenson’s plans to
sell his share of the Atlanta Spirit, LLC. Essentially, Levenson’s
former background and education from Washington University and
American University assisted him in truly understanding the challenges
involved in owning a franchise and hopes to impart his wisdom to
Antony Ressler who is the next Hawk’s owner. His aspiring rise to
success is imitable, but with great power there is also enormous
responsibility. Remarkably, Levenson outlines a foundation on which
the subsequent shareholder can build the team’s future accomplishments.

Levenson and his team of strategic owners, Ed Peskowitz and Todd Foreman, are
most recognized for leading the Hawks to seven consecutive playoff
seasons. Still, despite their admirable leadership expertise, the
group hired Goldman Sachs and Inner Circle Sports to assist in the
sales process. After several months of negotiations, Levenson and his
strategic business partners and advisors finally sold the team to
Anthony Ressler for approximately $850 million.
Ressler, who is the owner of a prominent private equity and investment
firm known as Ares, agreed to purchase the Atlanta Hawks with presumed
cash and some debt. According to Forbes, this renowned businessman has
a net worth of almost $1.4 billion. With an extensive portfolio of exceptional
management experience including cofounding many successful companies
like Apollo Global and Ares Management, Ressler is well qualified to
oversee the Hawks.

Along with leading business owner, Mark Attanasio, Ressler was also a
member of the well-known investment group that purchased the Milwaukee Brewers in
2005. Therefore, Ressler’s former sports management knowledge will
help him tackle challenges during his ownership. According to an
Atlanta Hawks spokesperson, some of the prospective investment groups
believed the Philips Arena and the practice and weight-room facilities
did not adhere to NBA standards. Therefore, Ressler’s first project as
a Hawks majority shareowner is to renovate the team’s exercises and
performance spaces. In addition, the prominent group has also
expressed concerns with the arena luxury boxes. Ressler also plans to
improve the current sitting areas which will ultimately increase ticket
sales to Philips Arena.

Atlanta Hawks Looking to Prosperous Future after Team Acquisition

Bruce Levenson pioneered his ownership of the Atlanta Hawks since 2004 and his work turned them into one of the more legitimate teams in the Eastern Conference. Now stepping down, Levenson offloaded the team to a Grant Hill – Antony Resller group for a stunning $850 million dollars. Going forward the Atlanta Hawks hope to have this sort of value with their on the court team, and right now things are looking up in the air.

Last year the Atlanta Hawks went a long way toward cementing themselves as a contender as they led the league in offensive efficiency while racking up a 60 – 22 record. The Hawks had one of the most ball movement based offenses in the entire league thanks to unselfish players like Kyle Korver, Al Horford, and Jeff Teague playing instrumental parts of the team’s rotation. But it was Demarre Carrol who stepped up to lead the team and really make things work, and now he has left the roster in free agency.

Not only did Atlanta fall apart in the playoffs but offloading Demarre Carrol in the offseason might turn into one of their biggest team regrets years down the road. The Hawks relied on Carrol to provide both scoring punch and defensive prowess and the young forward responded in kind, turning into one of the hottest playoff performers on the team. So Atlanta will fill his gap with guys like Justin Holiday and Tim Hardaway Jr — players who aren’t exactly renown for their on the ball prowess.

To further expound on issues we’ll have to look at Kyle Korver and the expectation that he will slide backward as well. Korver had a record setting season for efficiency from 3 point range and he was making them all season long, even into the playoffs. Without Carrol to help spread the floor it is likely that Korver doesn’t get the same kind of looks that he is used to getting. Still, Korver is an elite option so we shouldn’t expect him to backslide into oblivion just yet.

On the whole the Hawks had an embarrassing end to their playoff run lats season when they were swept 4 – 0 in the playoffs by the injured Cleveland Cavaliers. Atlanta will be hard pressed to earn the trust of their fans after such a disastrous showing, struggling in every round of the postseason. After winning 60 games we fully expect the team to backslide back into the 45 – 50 win mark while struggling to remain atop their suddenly much more competitive division. New players will struggle to fit in and Al Horford will feel the pressure to produce another elite season for his teammates and fans.