Marcelo Melo, Tennis Player Is Sponsored By Banco BMG – Ricardo Guimarães of Banco BM


The BMG declared its newest news to have sponsored the tennis player Marcelo Melo. According to the article published on, the organization said it had consented to a business arrangement with the competitor, who occupies the number 1 position within the globe ranking of Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) in the kind of dual sport. As indicated by Ricardo Guimarães, the Minas Gerais Bank logo will be shown on the sleeves of the uniform game, training, and other Marcelo materials. On the setup contract, Melo said that their backing will help you in planning to contend at the Olympic Games Rio de Janeiro, one year from now.
The President and CEO of the BMG Bank added that the partnership with the company will be critical for the competitor. BMG bank under the administration of Ricardo Guimarães will reinforce Marcelo; we need to improve further their activities with a specific end goal to accomplish new titles and, in addition, a superior planning for the following world sporting occasion. The competitor said this significant offer of sponsorship will be of great help being the pairs champion in Master 1000 Paris; a trophy won with accomplice Ivan Dodig. The partnership marked dated on November brings an abundance of subtlety in regards to that; something that comes to pass for any financial specialist, cites the president of Banco BMG Ricardo Guimarães, as Marcelo Melo landed in Brazil with the festival of another victory.
This week acquires the trophy within their baggage, as the doubles victor triumphs in 1000 Master of Paris, got with the court accomplice Ivan Dodig. This was the 4th consecutive win for the Brazilian. Aside from the achievement of the current year alone, the tennis player also shined in ATP’s 500 Acapulco, the Tokyo and Vienna, notwithstanding the Master 1000 Shanghai and Roland Garros. BMG bank holds the custom in esteeming the abilities of the sports circumstances in Minas Gerais and Brazil advancing sponsorships in different classes, particularly prominence and competitors’ visibility on the worldwide scene.
As indicated by Ricardo Guimarães, it is additionally critical to bolstering professional athletes more so who are devoted, trained and focused on your objectives, values and that is the great esteem for BMG. Ricardo Guimarães also insisted the situation was similar to that of Melo. Ricardo Guimarães emphasizes that the partnership intends to exhibit again in sport the name of this essential organization and full acknowledgment of the athletics champions.

Treat Your Dog Right With Any Of Beneful’s Healthy Products

Beneful’s products are healthy and nutritious for your pet, but it can be hard to choose which ones to use because they make a nice selection of products. Below you will find a selection of some of their products for dogs that you might want to consider feeding your best friend. Healthy Smile Dental Twists First, lets start off with a healthy snack for your dog.

Beneful’s Healthy Smile Dental Twists are the perfect snack for your dog. Not only are they really delicious, but they also help reduce tarter and plaque and freshen up that stinky dog breath! All dogs are sure to love the peanut butter flavor. Healthy Puppy When you first bring a puppy into your household, you want to feed her the best food that you can. She will be growing, running and playing and will need all the energy she can get.

Beneful’s Healthy Puppy food is created on twitter just for the playful puppy. This product is made with real chicken. Your puppy is sure to love it and she will get all the nutrients she needs to grow.

Chopped Blends Though dry dog food is sufficient for your pet’s growth and health, Beneful’s Chopped Blends is sure to satisfy your pet’s taste buds. Any pet owner knows that dogs love wet food. You can actually see the whole foods put into Beneful’s Chopped Blends wet dog food so you know that you are feeding a high quality meal to your pet.

Healthy Weight If you have fed your dog too many Dental Twists and your dog needs to go on a diet, consider Purina Beneful’s Healthy Weight dry food. Your dog will still get all of the nutrients she needs, but with less calories than some of the other options that Beneful offers. Beneful offer’s many healthy choices for your dog whether a puppy, an adult or a senior. These are just a few of the great items they provide and a reasonable cost. Their ingredients are wholesome and filling. No matter which of the products you choose, your dog will love them!


Citadel has a saying, “Things come to those who wait, but only those left by those who hustle”. And the founder CEO of this giant Hedge fund is the man behind this empire. His name is Ken Griffin, a beach boy from Daytona Florida who conquered Chicago. He has been sitting at the helm of Citadel since 1990.He briefly worked for Glenwood in 1989.

Griffin was born 47 years ago in Florida. A maths maverick as a young person, Ken Griffin won several awards. This geeky side saw him called up to join Harvard University to study economics. But the geek had a creative and entrepreneur side Boston awakened. He read an article in Forbes on shares and betting. This trade immediately hooked him. He did his research on how the business ran and went ahead to look for a satellite dish that he installed on the roof of his dorm room. Armed with a fax machine, a telephone, and a personal computer, the ambitious young man started his first trading floor on He specialized in convertible bond trading. A fact that allowed to him to thrive when others were closing shop in 1987.By the time he finished his university education, he had $ 1 million in investment funds under him.

He graduated from Harvard with a degree in economics and took the first flight out of Boston to Chicago. Here he met the legendary Frank Meyer, who already had a plan for him. He was given $ 1 million to invest. True to his character, he made 70% returns on the money. That was an excellent performance by all standards.

Ken Griffin on valuewalk with financial assistance from Frank started Citadel in 1990.He had $ 4.6 million in funds and big dreams. By 1997, his asset base had hit $ 1 billion with 100 employees. Today the company has $ 26 billion in assets and over 1000 employees around the world. Mr. Griffin has managed to build one of the largest financial conglomerates in the world. He is also paid an annual salary of $ 1.3 billion annually and has accumulated a wealth exceeding $ 7 billion.Personally, Mr. Griffin is a world-renowned art collector. He has used his financial muscle to buy exquisite pieces of art including one that cost $ 80 millions of dollars. His collection is estimated at hundreds of dollars. Mr. Griffin is also active in the real estate sector. He in 2007 bought beach properties valued at $ 130 million in Florida. He is also the reported owner of a $ 200 million penthouse development in Manhattan New York. Politically, he identifies as a Reagan Republican. He prefers small lean governments. He has contributed financially for many politicians in Illinois and nationally for Republicans. In 2007, he also contributed to Obamas cause.

Griffin continues to lead his company to greater heights. He is planning on his first I.P.O next year.It is a remarkable feat given the firm nearly collapsed in 2008.In the last one year, he has gained $ 10 billion in assets. He is on a roll.

Bernardo Chua’s Success in Business

Barnardo Chua has gained a reputation as one of the top names in direct sales. Originally born in the Philippines, Chua has built a career from the ground up. He got his start in multilevel marketing, a field where one is paid not only for the sales they make but the sales of the recruits they have hired. This field of sales is hard and doesn’t always lead to a lucrative career, but Chua knew how to build on it.

After years in multilevel marketing, Chua was hired by Gano Excel, a company that marketed products with ganoderma in them, in the Philippines as an executive. Within three years he was able to grow Gano Excel to Canada and Hong Kong then finally the United States. He followed the company he had built and relocated to California to take on the role of President of Gano Excel USA.

Chua credits his Asian heritage for his knowledge of ganoderma, a type of mushroom that Asian cultures hold in high regard. He credits this knowledge with his ability to successfully market the herb in teas and coffees outside of Asian countries.

Chua knew that a proper business model was imperative in growing the business and chose direct sales due to the success he witnessed during his working years in the Philippines and in his current company’s expansion into Turkey. To this day, he continues to believe that direct sales are the best way to go when building a business.

Chua currently is the founder of Organo Gold, a global marketing company that spreads information about Ganoderma to the world. The company has done well, employing over one million distributors around the world. Chua now spends his time focusing on refining the company and has the honor of working closely with some of the worlds best organic ganoderma producers.  He’s also public speaker, and in his own time he does like to send the odd tweet here and there.

Through his successful career, Chua has had the honor of being recognized for many different things. He is often referred to as the most successful businessman in the Pacific Rim. He has also been the recipient of the Dengal ng Bayan Award, and received recognition from the National Shoppers Choice as a top direct selling company. He has also been recognized five separate times with the Direct Sales Company of the Year award.

Handy Has Changed The Face Of The Home Cleaning Industry

I recently made the switch over to Handy from my usual cleaning service job, and have to say it was the best decision I could’ve made for myself and my family. Most freelance cleaning gigs are a bit hit or miss it seems, given my past track record with them. Having customers go through then Handy allows for consistent work weekly that I can depend on. I am grateful to the experience I gained before working with them, but wouldn’t go back to the old ways of home cleaning for anything in the world. It has taken a lot to get to where I can sustain myself and my family, but I am very happy to have finally found the balance of work versus home life. Mobile cleaning as a career does take a bit of dedication, and not everyone has what it takes to succeed to levels where you can be your own boss. Handy has taken away much of the trouble of making yourself your own boss it seems, finding the work for you. It has been compared to a pocket ATM by other employees, since all you really have to do is check in, take a call, and get paid instantly. This is really awesome for those that are not dead set on making it a full time gig. Many people according to Fortune Magazine that are into the mobile cleaning industry have school and other jobs to think about, and Handy really allows for fitting it all together nicely into a well-organized schedule. I just read too that Handy is bringing in one million dollars a week in revenue. That is of no surprise to me, since the number of clients I deal with weekly is pretty steep. They say there are thousands of Handy employees so far taking home cleaning calls in 25 different cities. A friend told me that she was even able to take order calls in various cities she traveled to through Handy, which is really neat when you think about it. There is nothing that compares to seeing the world while doing something that you love. Interacting with all types of people and seeing into their personal lives is a guilty pleasure of mine for sure. I often ask myself why people make certain home decoration choices, why they pick certain items for their home, and so on. The fact that I get paid about $18 an hour is also pretty nice as well. I’ve even turned my boyfriend onto Handy, given that he is a phenomenal handyman and they also provide those types of services to their clients. All in all, I can’t think of any reasons not to work for a mobile cleaning service loosely modeled after freelance taxi companies. They all seem to be working out fine for all involved. Once I got through the rigorous employment testing and interviews, the rest was really a piece of cake.

About Lime Crime And The Products Lime Crime Carries

For those who do not know about the company Lime Crime, they can continue to read this article, as it will explain a little about the company, as well as the various products it sells and provide other useful information.

About Lime Crime
The company sells various types of makeup products, and the company is a unique makeup company. Lime Crime produces cosmetics that are considered cruelty-free, and it is based in Los Angeles. As for who started Lime Crime, the person’s name is Doe Deere, who is currently the CEO of Lime Crime. Deere started the company on a tight budget and launched it with just a few hundred dollars. Today, Lime Crime is one of the most popular makeup companies around and people from all over the world enjoy using its products.

Products For Lips
Lime Crime has an extensive selection of products for lips. This includes lip gloss and lipstick. Some of the company’s lip products include lipsticks such as Babette, My Beautiful Rocket and No She Didn’t to name just a few. There are various colors of lipsticks to choose from, as well as five different types of lip gloss.

Products For Eyes And Nails
Liquid eyeliners are also sold by Lime Crime, and they offer eight types of eyeliners, as well as more than eight eye glitter products. As for nails, Lime Crime sells five types of nail polish.

Other Products
There are other products the company sells, including Venus makeup, as well as velvetines’ products. Asides from that, the company does plan on selling hair dye in the future. As of right now, it is not known when Lime Crime will start selling hair dye, but the company will notify their customers when they start selling it to the public.

It is important to note that Lime Crime offers many products on its site, and the ones discussed above are just a few of the many. Lime Crime is known for it’s high quality products, and this is why people should consider purchasing makeup products from them. Deere has done a great job running Lime Crime and it is no secret why it is one of the best makeup brands out there today. Also, Lime Crime accepts orders online, which means all consumers have to do is visit the company’s site and choose the products they want and wait for them to arrive to their doorstep.

Choose U.S. Money Reserve For The Best Option In SafeGuarding Wealth


The U.S. Money Reserve is a leading distributor of silver, gold and platinum coins and bullion. The coins are the very highest grade available that are minted in the United States. For the past decade, many of the U.S. Money Reserves clients have placed their trust and money in the capable hands of the advisors of the commodity distributor, and most of of the several hundred thousand investors have seen a return on their investment. The coins and bullion getting distributed by the U.S. Money Reserve are of the highest value due to the best grade being bought by the firm, and the best grade and value is why there is such a high-rate of return on clients’ investments.

U.S. Money Reserve was formed by precious metal market experts. Those experts saw the need to provide excellent customer service, veteran market knowledge and trustworthy advice and empathy required for advising people who are concerned about hedging their investments against a shaky economy with precious metals. These core values and practices have made the U.S. Money Reserve into one of the nations leading sellers of silver, gold and platinum coins and bullion. Many people have taken advantage of the excellent service provided by the company, and most of the precious metal investors have seen an upturn on their initial investments.

The U.S. Money Reserve strongly encourages independent research before investing in anything, especially before buying gold. The firm has a strong belief in education when it comes to long-term financial security and preserving individual wealth. It is a common belief that gold should be at least 10% of everyone’s investment portfolio, but people need to do their homework before making the decision to spend vast amounts of money on precious metals. Fortunately, the expert advisors and veterans of the gold market at U.S. Money Reserve can help counsel prospective investors who are interested in safeguarding their wealth by using gold as a shield.

Precious metal investment is well-known for being a safeguard against weak or unstable economies, and it has a long history of being successful at safeguarding too. It is important to realize this isn’t a theory but a fact. The experts at U.S. Money Reserve know this fact very well, and they are there to advise and guide new and experienced investors into purchasing only the best coins and bullion for physical ownership of the metals. Visit for more information.

Chelsea Boots: Versatile, Comfortable and Stylish

Whether you’re expanding your already comprehensive wardrobe of footwear or trying to branch out from one pair of athletic shoes, Chelsea boots or italian shoes on can offer you an ideal solution. This sleek yet masculine style of boot offers incredible versatility and comfort without sacrificing anything to style. Here’s why Chelsea boots should be part of your wardrobe no matter what you wear.

What are Chelsea boots?

Chelsea boots evolved during the Victorian era, when at the same time, the process of vulcanizing rubber was developed, which made it possible to add rubber to footwear. Chelsea boots are ankle-height leather boots with a strip of rubber on each side of the ankle that makes them easy to put on and remove. They acquired their name from the “Chelsea set” in London that made them ultra popular in the 1960s, and they were often photographed on style icons like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. Chelsea boots haven’t lost any of their appeal today, and they are a favorite with fashion-forward celebrities like David Beckham.

Why should a Chelsea boot be a staple of your wardrobe?

One of the key aspects of the Chelsea boot is its versatility. If you’re not sure about the dress code for a semi-casual event, Chelsea boots are always a perfect option. You can pair them with jeans and a sweater or a pair of flannel trousers and a sport coat or hacking jacket.

In basic black, they make an easy transition from day wear to evening, which makes them the right choice for carry-on only airline trips. If, on your travels, you want to hop on the back of a horse and then head to a Napa wine tasting, Chelsea boots are the way to go. They’re equally at home on a Vespa tooling around Rome or walking the streets of Manhattan

Warm and comfy, Chelsea boots also solve the dilemma of what to wear during transitional weather in spring and fall. They can handle a bit of snow on the ground, but they don’t scream “Galoshes!” if the mercury climbs.

Chelsea boots don’t have to break the bank either. While you can easily spend thousands on a bespoke pair, you can also find beautifully cut, very reasonably priced models at places like Paul Evans. They use full-grain calfskin from Italy and give you the small details that, with proper upkeep, will make your boots last for years like leather soles, leather lining and classic Italian Blake construction for lightweight flexibility.

How can you infuse your personal style in selecting a Chelsea boot?

Classic Chelsea boots in black, brown, chestnut or oxblood certainly give a nod to history and this boot’s early equestrian roots. However, there are plenty of less conservative designs if you want a second pair for a different feel. You can vary the color of the leather, or even choose a different fabric like suede or patent for more dressed-down or dressed-up looks, respectively. You can also find Chelsea boots today with colorful elastic side panels for a more avant garde appearance.

As you broaden your shoe wardrobe to include all the styles your lifestyle requires, such as loafers, brogues and Oxfords, you may come across the Chelsea boot’s more rough-and-tumble cousins, Jodhpur and chukka boots. While these are also good additions to your closet, the Chelsea boot still reigns supreme as the best alternative to athletic shoes or work boots. You’ll never worry about having the wrong thing on your feet, and your feet will be so comfortable, you’ll make Chelsea boots your go-to footwear choice in fall, winter and spring.

An Example Of Hard Work; James Dondero

Getting ahead in business demands having specific knowledge and the ability of putting that knowledge to work in a real world setting. This does not mean that an individual must spend decades in college. Rather it means that what one does know must be used in a prudent fashion to get results that pay off in the long term.

James Dondero has done just that. He has the college education and the ability to get that education to work for his best interests. He holds a degree in finance and accounting. He has used the tools learned in college to secure positions where he would be able to rise up in the business world.

Mr. Dondero started his career as a Corporate Bond Analyst and Portfolio Manager. These could have been the end of the story for him, but instead he chose to use these positions as the experience he would need to move up. These proved to be the ideal stepping stones for a grand leap.

This leap would be co-founding and becoming President of Highland Capital Management. His unique experience and education has aided him in turning this start up into an over $21 billion business. This is no wonder. Highland Capital Management specializes in finding the best credit strategies for their clients.

Highland Capital Management offers alternative ways to grow money. Their strategies include the investment in emerging markets, long and short term equities, as well as natural resources. They develop credit oriented solutions for both retail and institutional investors that aid in growing capital and revenue for growth and increased profits.

The scope of Highland Capital is also how it is best equipped to outperform others in capital management. They are global in scope. This means they have an innate knowledge of different markets and are able to offer insight that others may lack.Mr. Dondero has built a company that can offer the best solutions for a wide range of clients.

Perseverance is the key to reaching this level of success. Never giving up on attaining a better life and a means to increase earnings yearly. This type of attitude is how Insidermonkey fund manager James Dondero has stayed in the finance realm for more than 30 years and has showed a profit.

This does not mean that Highland Capital Management is only about the stable well off companies. They also aid companies that are considered distressed. These are companies that need quick answers to financial problems to remain in business. Highland Capital works to help distressed companies to turn their situation around. They do this through seeking out opportunities for exponential growth.

Mr. Dondero has worked hard to realize his goals and dreams. He has stayed the course, put in the extra hours and has built a company from nothing to multi billion dollar holdings. His team works just as hard finding the best ways to help their clients grow the funds hat they need to build their futures and financial security. Mr. Dondero is an example of how hard work does pay off.

Sergio Cortes Keeping The Spirit Of Michael Jackson Alive

Michael Jackson passed away 25 June 2009; however, for many fans of this great Pop music singer, it just feels like yesterday. Jackson had an amazing talent that he relentlessly used to entertain his fans. It is a great honor to give tribute to MJ because he touched lives of multitudes of people. Many tribute shows have been held in various continents all over the world to commemorate the dead of Jackson, but there is one more thing that is taking people by storm.
It’s not the cappella groups like Pentatonix or other performances by great musicians, but a unique form of tribute shows by Michael Jackson’s impersonators. Sergio Cortes has quickly been gaining fame— he is bringing the spirit and connection of MJ with people alive again. This man is just superb; he has the looks that Jackson had.
Cortes signs like Jackson and the vocal are wonderful. He dresses the same way as MJ and to crown it all, he dances like the King of Pop. Cortes is becoming an iconic reflection of the life of Jackson and creating even more fans. Cortes was born in Barcelona, Spain sometimes in 1971. He has been taking tribute shows by surprises.
Whenever he gets to the stage, people think that Jackson is resurrected and back to this world. He gives a moment of inner feeling and connection of Jackson’s fans to MJ. Everything just transforms, and it looks as though it is another MJ’s show. What a gifted impersonator, Sergio Cortes?
When he was young, Cortes developed a lot of interest in Jackson’s music. He could dance and practice singing. His mother too loved the music, and they danced and listened to it together with Cortes. This inspired Cortes to begin thinking of impersonating Jackson and the journey started.
At one time, he was identified by a reporter who promised to take him photos and call him Michael Jackson. It is from this exposure of Cortes to the public domain that he was noticed by a group, which nurtures talents of young people like musicians. The Destiny Projects discovered Cortes had a talent, and they decided to grow it. That is when Cortes started a professional life of being an impersonator.
Cortes has never looked back and today is giving very impressive shows and performances. In tribute shows of Jackson’s dead and his music or performance, Cortes has appeared severally. He has previously been to Madrid, Spain in 2012 where he rocked the crowd by performing on stage in a tribute show that left fans wondering; is Jackson really dead?
Jackson may have passed away, but he lives among his fans. Sergio Cortes has proven that by taking a lifestyle reflecting that of Jackson. In 2015, he was in Milan, Italy yet for another awesome show, which connected fans to the spirit Jackson.