Many Charities Stay Open Because of Assistance from Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson has long been active in a number of different philanthropic organizations. The Community Foundation of Washington has certainly benefited from his involvement, and he’s worked to ensure that low-income children are able to pursue their dreams of getting a higher education. He’s originally from the Washington DC area, which might help to explain his interest in that general region.

When the Holocaust Museum needed funds to finish constructing their main facility, Levenson was able to provide some of the initial capital. He also helps to finance the Bringing the Lessons Home program project, which operates in connection with the museum foundation.

The program is designed to teach students from big city areas lessons from the Holocaust. It also trains some of them to act as museum tour guides. Many of the program’s graduate’s go on to be major peacemakers in their communities. Students are selected from areas troubled by crime and high rates of unemployment.

Levenson has long been connected to the SEED Foundation. It provides boarding school opportunities to students from communities that wouldn’t otherwise be able to provide for these students. The school in Washington DC has an exceptionally good graduation rate. Over 91 percent of students graduate, and the vast majority of them are then accepted to four-year colleges. Foundation planners operate schools in Maryland and Miami as well as in the nation’s capital. SEED recently announced that they have plans to open schools up in several other cities in a couple of years.

The Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Maryland wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for Levenson’s activism. His family pushed for the development of that charity, and they continue to provide seed funding to the institution. It educates students on how nonprofit organizations work, and that helps to provide additional personnel to various other charities.

He may be most famous for working with the Hoop Dreams Foundation. Hoop Dreams is an organization that encourages young people from impoverished backgrounds to achieve academic excellence in spite of their challenges. The Hoop Dreams Scholarship Fund provides students opportunities to develop relationships with local professionals who can help them to gain marketable skills.

Hoop Dreams also helps these students to improve their basketball skills, which helps to ensure that they remain active and fit. Levenson has made sure that this fund has the money to operate even in times of economic hardship.

Chris Borland Returns Most of Signing Bonus

Last year’s 3rd round draft pick for the San Francisco 49ers ILB Chris Borland had all the intentions of having a long and productive career in the National Football League. However, after he hit his head repeatedly during training camp he decided that the risk to personal injury of his brain was just not worth whatever he would make in the league. Therefore he has decided to end his career after just playing one year at the sports highest level. But showing that he was not just looking to collect a payday and run away from the contract he signed last spring he has voluntarily returned 3/4 of his original signing bonus that was paid to him with the expectation that he would play for four years with the team.

CNN iReporters were saying that in a statement on the Sunday morning television show CBS This Morning, he explained his actions and his reasoning behind the decision. While many will understand his decision, it does beg the question that he did play at lower levels and the sport of football is dangerous at any level why did he just now come to that decision. Had he never been hit in the head before? This cannot be the case, but maybe he just finally started to realize he was not invincible and that his time on earth will be limited. However, he did have a great year on a mediocre team with 84 solo tackles, 1 sack, and 2 interceptions.

How North American Spine Changed The Lives Of Multiple Dallas Locals

North American Spine is changing the lives of multiple people with their services. Located in Dallas, Texas, they work with clients to help with minimally invasive spinal care. They have made numerous headlines over the years helping people from Dallas achieve mobility and stronger bodies with their wide range of services.

North American Spine Helped James Phillips With His Sports Dreams

James has lived with cerebral palsy his whole life. One of his dreams is to get into bull riding. He decided to undergo the Accurascope procedure by the North American Spine center. This specific procedure helps treat herniated discs, scar tissue, arthritis, annular tears, among other conditions. It is a minimally invasive procedure that is fairly quick when compared to other surgical procedures.

The procedure involves having a high-definition camera as tiny as a coffee site to move up and down the lower spine to discover where the pain is taking place. Just a small bandage and maybe a stitch is all you need to complete the procedure. Most patients are relieved of pain instantly right after, but it may take several days to get back to regular activity.

North American Spine provided the service to James free of charge, and he has been on his way to a full recovery to fulfill his dream of bull riding.

Celebrating 8,000 Success Stories Over 6 Years

Having been in this industry for 6 years, they have worked with 8,000+ patients with their back pain using their minimally invasive procedure. They have provided Accurascope and their other services to change the lives of thousands of patients. Working with different coordinators to help their community, they are continuing to guide their clients on finding healing and stronger spines without invasive surgery.

North American Spine is continuing to provide clients with top of the line services and procedures that are safe, powerful, and minimally invasive. Anyone in need of finding relief or any form of back pain can find help at North American Spine.