Yanni Hufnagel’s Success as a Recruiter

You might not think of a college coach being a tough job, but the reality couldn’t be further from the truth. Expectations for college coaches are higher than ever, and succeeding in this field requires determination, hard work and the ability to recruit at a high level. Yanni Hufnagel has proven that he has these traits and much more. Hufnagel has put together a resume that demonstrates his ability to recruit and develop players at a high level.


Hufnagel’s basketball career started in his hometown of Scarsdale, New York. It was there that he gained a passion for playing the sport of basketball. After playing in high school, Yanni would begin his journey in coaching. His first work in this field came as a graduate assistant at Oklahoma University. Hufnagel began gaining attention for his abilty to develop young talent. In particular his work with Blake Griffin really had people take notice of his ability.


At Harvard University, Hufnagel’s next stop, his talents really began to shine. He would play a critical role in the growth and development of two key players, Jeremey Lin and Wesley Saunders. Furthermore the Harvard program reach high levels of success making to the tournament in back to back years. Outsiders were truly beginning to notice Hufnagel’s talents. His ability to recruit could not be denied.


After Harvard, Hufnagel had stops at California, Vanderbilt and Nevada. During these stops he was responsible for putting together some top recruiting classes including the #29 overall class at Vanderbilt in 2014. During his time at California he help to recruit one of the top recruits in the nation in Jaylen Brown. California beat out some of the best programs in the country including North Carolina and Kentucky in order to land Brown. All these with Yanni on the sideline.


Yanni Hufnagel continues to excel at Nevada University. His accomplished history would seem to indicate it’s only a matter before he is a head coach somewhere.

Jeff Aronin Leads the Development of New Pharmaceutical and Medical Companies

Now the president and CEO of Paragon Biosciences, Jeff Aronin has spent much of his career looking to come to the aid of patients who often feel they are ignored by the medical research community because their condition may be rare or difficult to research. The desire to help others has always been strong in the physician who began to look at the options open to him in the medical research and biosciences field when he was faced with a choice between surgical assistance for a child affected by seizures or trying a new medication on the market; choosing the experimental pharmaceutical option proved a success for Jeff Aronin and prompted his decision to explore the biotech sector.

The major motivation for Jeff Aronin in the formation of his own company, Ovation Pharmaceuticals LLC in 2000 was the desire to help as many people affected by rare and untreated conditions as possible in the 21st-century. Jeff Aronin wished to create a pharmaceutical company focused not solely on profit but also seeking to ensure as many people with damaging medical issues left largely untreated were aided as possible.

By 2009, the success of Ovation Pharmaceuticals was at a level on a par with much larger companies and began to attract interest from some of the world’s leading medical drug producers. Aronin remained president and CEO of Ovation in 2009 when the Danish pharmaceutical giant, Lundbeck purchased the group for more than $900 million.

The ability to develop new pharmaceutical and medical equipment companies was obviously a major reason for the attraction of Paragon to Jeff Aronin who believes the establishment of new medical and healthcare-based companies is vital to pushing forward this industrial sector. Paragon Biopharmaceuticals acts as a bridge between its own companies and researchers, entrepreneurs, and healthcare experts who have the skills to create new medical equipment and medications in a fast and efficient manner.

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Why End Citizens United Has High Hopes

The truth about the midterms is that we are headed towards a time when we will see something we haven’t seen in more than a decade. Democrats are going to win big this November and it’s going to take the help of PACs like End Citizens United to keep it all going. This PAC has made headlines for the way it focuses on fighting against the infamous Citizens United case.

That Supreme Court case is the reason we have so many of the issues we see in politics today according to opensecrets.org. It essentially treats campaign donations by corporations as a form of free speech. That egregious misinterpretation of what constitutional rights are must be stopped. Fortunately, End Citizens United has a plan.

The Big Money 20 are the major focus of End Citizens’ United. They are politicians who have used their power to represent the interests of corporations instead of their constituents. This has led to incredible low poll numbers for them and made them easy targets for anybody who decides they want to have a try at taking their positions. So far, it seems that the challengers are going to be able to take them down. All they need is someone who is willing to fight for them and give them the funding they’re going to need. So far it seems that the voters are responding well and we’re going to see some real changes in November.

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The need for PACs like End Citizens United is going to be very obvious when the GOP brings out all of its tactics to try to stop the blue wave. They can understand that there is a serious desire to upset what has happened in the last year. The attacks on America’s healthcare and other important areas of progress are not sitting well with the average voter. End Citizens United started as a PAC against the Citizens United court case, but it is becoming something much larger. People simply don’t want to have their interests discarded because corporations want to dictate how our society should be run. They are going to come out to vote and they are going to be heard. Donald Trump has changed how people think about politics and the impact is leading more people to decide that they want to see more Democrats in office. That might just lead to the end of big money in our politics for the foreseeable future.

Source: https://betofortexas.com/2018/02/beto-orourke-earns-the-support-of-end-citizens-united/

How Approach Financial Planning with the of Richard Dwayne Blair

Richard Dwayne Blair advises people not to be too harsh on themselves about their retirement plans. No one is born a financial guru. Wealth management and retirement planning takes understanding of goals, investment opportunities and knowledge about the subject. Richard Dwayne Blair, founder of Wealth Solutions, knows that everyone should have three pillars to their financial planning.

A three-pillar approach for financial planning is a way for him to look at a client’s current financial situation and make it more holistic.

  1. Your Financial Road Map Revealed.

The first Pillar in financial planning is designed to give you a financial roadmap. This road map includes determining which financial route to take by determining your:

  1. Risk tolerance
  2. Goals
  3. Strength
  4. Additional opportunities for growth
  5. Your Long-term, Effective Investment Strategy Revealed.

The second Pillar focuses on an effective and long-term investment strategy tailored to your liquidity needs and specific goals. Richard Dwayne Blair typically reallocates and manages assets to assist in capturing the maximum of performance when the market is trending upward. He also minimizes any decreases that a negative market trend has.

3.Your Insurance Needs Met.

In the third Pillar, insurance needs are reviewed. Insurance is vital because no one knows when a storm or other natural disaster will occur and how it will impact you. Richard Dwayne Blair will use work to keep you financially insulated from a negative impact a disaster can bring. He plans for these with long-term care insurance, life insurance.

Learning More about Investments will Help You Enjoy Life Later.

Richard Dwayne Blair has been providing solid investment advice for more than 25 years. He founded Wealth Solutions, a Registered Investment Advisory firm, located in Texas.

He loves helping people with their financial planning and investments. After graduating from college, Richard Dwayne Blair began in the financial services industry. He has steady acquired information to assist him in helping others. He developed the three pillars to assist clients in developing a three-prong approach to retirement planning and investing.



NewsWatch TV reviews this company’s proposal to disrupt the PC workstation.

With over 3 Billion people using a computer today, an optimized mouse-keyboard setup can have a significant impact on productivity. The consumer oriented television show NewsWatch TV reviews Contour Design’s proposal to improve productivity in the workplace with maximum comfort.

Contour Design has taken the challenge to improve the user setup introducing its ultimate workstation series featuring a keyboard with fully adjustable height and the patented Roller Mouse Red. This solution is a wireless setup that doesn’t require an on/off switch due to it’s smart energy usage.

Contour Design offers two series of the Roller Mouse: Roller Mouse Red, and Roller Mouse Free 3 for a completely wireless workstation. Both solutions disrupts the workstation with a large roller with a digital right click to minimize impact on fingertips. Intuitive sevens sensors adjust the user experience by matching the user’s pace. As the roller is centrally located right underneath they keyboard, unnecessary motion and stress of reaching out and moving a regular mouse is minimized.

NewsWatch TV produces reviews of consumer oriented products that comply with their editorial standards and practices. As an award winning platform with recognition from Videographer Awards, The Telly Awards and Marcom Awards, they present top level consumer oriented content.

The Contour Design review by NewsWatch TV led to a dramatic spike in sales for the ultimate workstation series. Reaching to over 95 million households in 200 US Markets, and through the overall quality of the video, NewsWatch TV demonstrate a significant impact for the reviewed products.

One Of The Students From The Academy of Art University Finds Success With The Animated Film Coco

The Academy of Art University opened their doors in 1929 for students studying advertising art. Richard S. Stephens founded and ran the school until his son Richard Stephens took over in 1951. In 1992 his daughter Elisa Stephens began leading the school. By 2012 she had increased the students from 2,000 to 18,000. Starting in 2005 the Academy of Art University became a participant in the NY Fashion Week. They are transported across San Francisco to their classrooms and dorms by a private fleet of buses.

The 2018 Oscars were magical and included the creators and cast of Coco. Numerous awards were won by this film including Best Animated Feature and Best Original Song. The competition included Ferdinand, The Boss Baby, Loving Vincent and The Breadwinner. Coco was an exceptional movie and partially created by a graduate of the Academy of Art University. The film is about a boy of twelve living in Mexico. He idolizes the legend of the town and is passionate about music. His great great grandmother has banned music from his home. He plays his guitar in secret until he is caught and his guitar destroyed. When he plays a borrowed guitar he is transported to the Land of the Dead.

One of the creators of Coco attended the San Francisco based Academy of Art University. The school is privately owned and operates on a for profit basis. The school was originally named the Academy of Advertising Art by the founder. More than 12,600 students attend the school, there are 1154 part time teachers and 283 teachers on a full time basis. The school is one of San Francisco’s biggest property owners with the school located in the Market district.

When Daniel Arriaga was asked about his work on Coco and being back at the school that taught him his craft he was happy to share his story of success. He told the other students they needed to build a strong portfolio and be open minded to be employed in the sector of animation. He also said what he most cherished about Coco was the heart warming story.


Countering Fraud and Fragmentation as Malcolm Casselle of WAX Explains

To solve the fragmentation and fraud problems experienced in the virtual assets markets, OPSkins, a world leader in in-game virtual assets, has developed a blockchain platform called Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX). OPSkins Chief Investment Officer, Malcolm Casselle explained that WAX is a P2P marketplace that uses small decentralized contracts allowing traders to transact business efficiently using a blockchain foundation. The benefit of WAX is that it makes it possible for users to purchase and sell virtual goods at the same time without clicking off their games.

Malcolm Casselle

The current virtual assets trading is burdened by limitations in language, security reasons and payment processing due to the differences in local and regions markets. WAX uses the Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS) blockchain technology to streamline the market allowing users to tokenize their assets and buy and sell them in a frictionless marketplace. WAX Token serves as the standard currency for gamers relegating forex issues that have crumbled virtual assets markets. Malcolm Casselle who serves as WAX CEO expressed optimism saying gaming sector will mainstream the cryptocurrency world.

With a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a master’s of the same from Stanford University, Malcolm Casselle is a well learned IT professional. He has served in different techno companies such as the CTO president of new ventures a Tronc(Tribune Publishing). A fluent Japanese and Mandarin speaker, Malcolm Casselle served Capital Union Investments, Hong Kong as director managing private direct investments and developing them into late-stage web firms. Early in his career, he co-founded NetNoir, a media production websites specializing in Afrocentric culture.

He was an adviser of Pacific Century CyberWorks’ CEO in Hong Kong. His connections with Groupon led him being one of the top executives in its joint venture with Tencent, a major and instant messaging and gaming firm in China. He was the CEO of Xfire, a core video game players social network, as well as CEO of MediaPass, a firm that develops subscription-based revenues from digital content. In 2013 he co-founded Timeline Labs before it was acquired by SeaChange International where he became general manager and senior vice president in charge of digital media.


For Ronald Fowlkes, It Is His Life Experience That Makes Him Excel At His Job With Eagle Industries Unlimited:

St. Louis, Missouri resident Ronald Fowlkes is the Business Development Manager for Eagle Industries Unlimited. He has been with the company since 2008. Eagle Industries specializes in manufacturing tactical gear that is powerful, modern, efficient and resilient. Ronald is frequently referred to as Ronnie by his friends, family and business associates. He manages the company’s line of products that range from the commercial category to the law enforcement category.


Ronald has a wealth of experience in the area of tactical gear but also has a wealth of experience from his prior employment in the law enforcement profession and his service in the military. He served formerly with the St. Louis County Police for three years and the St. Louis Metropolitan Police for a decade. Ronald is also a former United States Marine, serving a four years term in the service of his country. He proudly served the United States in the Gulf War. At the moment, Ronald’s life is very busy. His position at Eagle Industries keeps him constantly occupied with frequent communication with customers all around the United States. Ronald has a passion for product education and regularly teaches over 150 Eagle Industries sales representatives about the company’s products and their functions. He also handles product selection needs for Eagle Industries sales and development divisions. He takes great pride in working for a company that provides the public and law enforcement with contemporary, durable options in the area of chest rigs, slings, belts and armor carriers.


Eagle Industries markets itself as a security and sporting company. In its 30 plus years in business, it has released highly innovative products for military and sporting applications. Eagle is a highly trusted brand and its customer base includes shooting enthusiasts, law enforcement, tactical markets and the military.


Ronald Fowlkes is a perfect fit for the sort of operation that Eagle Industries runs. His background in the military and law enforcement gives him a special type of insight into the products that Eagle deals in. While in the U.S. Marine Corps. he was promoted twice. He trained in the U.S. Army parachute school as well as the Advanced Navy-Marine Corps. Parachute Insignia basic engineering course. He also trained in the Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company course and the Marine Corps School of Infantry. Another distinction that Ronald holds is that he is an instructor for the U.S. military in the field of hostage rescue, CBQ and post-blast analysis, tactical operations and evidence collection.


When Ronald Fowlkes is not busy building the Eagle Industries Unlimited brand, he is busy coaching youth hockey. He is also an avid fan of the National Hockey League.


Adam Milstein – Gifts That Keep Giving

Times Of Israel author, Adam Milstein, is a man of many talents. Prior to earning an MBA at USC, he served on the Israel Defense Forces during the Yom Kippur War. Today Adam Milstein acts as Co-Founder of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, where he dedicates time and resources to supporting Pro-Israel organizations. Adam also manages to write blog posts for Times Of Israel, a highly acclaimed online newspaper, while maintaining a position as a managing partner at a private real estate investment firm.

In a recent article, Mr. Milstein lists gifts that should be shared amongst Jewish families, these being guiding principles that are meant to strengthen the connection between the Jewish people and the State of Israel. Pride, Courage, Persistence, Knowledge, Innovation, Belief in the Impossible, Brotherhood, and Passion are the gifts described by Adam Milstein, and he says that these gifts are meant to enrich the lives of the young generations, strengthen families and secure a common future for the Jewish people.

Milstein concurs that Pride is amongst the greatest gifts that can be given, and should be a foundational cornerstone of the truths given to younger generations. He describes pride to be an understanding of “who you are”, and this pride can strengthen the link between Jews and the Jewish homeland. Courage and persistence are also valuable gifts that when imparted upon an individual can give them the drive to fight and stand up for what they believe in, as Jews have done throughout their oppressive history.

Knowledge and Innovation go hand in hand, as these gifts can inspire those who behold them to greater heights. Adam Milstein believes that Jewish people must continue to instill knowledge into their children, and this can drive them towards innovation which is the key to preserving communal institutions of Judaism and will allow them to adapt and succeed in a multicultural, global society.

Milstein is an advocate of the advancement of the Jewish people, and philanthropically supports many organizations that are Pro-Israel. In his work, he seeks to have a positive impact that will encourage Jewish people around the world to strengthen their ties with Judaism and the Of Israel.

A Man of Many Talents

Jason Hope’s Career Highlights & Background

Perhaps throughout the entire history of every single working industry, there has never been as influential and as impactful as Jason Hope has been in his career. With the number of accomplishments he has attached to his name, Jason Hope is truly a master of his craft. Having created a career resume for himself that very few in his profession can compare too, Jason Hope takes pride in being one of the most selfless individuals known to man. Some may think this is saying a lot about Jason Hope as both an individual and a professional but, by taking a look on his career accolades, it is easy to see how and why he is as prominent as he is today. In reality, there isn’t really anything Jason Hope has not accomplished throughout his career. In his career, Jason Hope has proudly held titles as entrepreneur, philanthropist, futurist, and investor. What is even more impressive than that is the fact that there is still so much more to his successful ways. Needless to say, these facts do in fact speak volumes about his greatness and effectiveness as a professional. Based in Arizona, his contributions have reached far beyond that point. Impressively enough, his efforts have established him as a global phenomenon as a professional. With all of that said and, to further get a sense of what he does and how he has achieved so much in his illustrious career, here is more on Jason Hope and just one of his many contributions in his battle against aging. Entrepreneur Jason Hope Invests in Research Against Aging

More on Jason Hope & Anti-Aging.

IoT Futurist Jason Hope Parallels Challenges of Cryptocurrency and IOT as Industry Values Rise

Worth repeating again, Jason Hope has accomplished so much more than he is given credit for. With contributions to math, science, and many other fields, perhaps his most recognized contributions have been his support in the anti-aging battle. Jason Hope Pledges $500,000 In fact, not only has his support in this area help advance the battle in a positive way, Jason Hope has helped save numerous lives as well. If this does not show how amazing Jason Hope is as a well-rounded individual and professional, who knows what else will.Jason Hope Helps Push Anti-Aging Efforts Forward All in all, there is no denying that his contributions are a blessing in so many ways. Overall, his contributions will leave a long-lasting legacy when he is done. As for now, there is no getting around the fact that he will continue to thrive in his area of expertise.  Scottsdale Philanthropist Jason Hope Helps Pioneering Nonprofit Fight Aging

Matt Badiali: An Excellent Natural Resource Investing Advisor and Partner

Matt Badiali holds a B.S in the earth sciences, which he received from Penn State University. After that, he attained a Master of Science in geology from the Florida Atlantic University. Having watched his father struggle in successful investing, Matt Badiali thought of blending his career and experience to help many other people. As a result, Matt Badiali majored in helping investors locate best investment opportunities in metals, energy, and other natural resources available. Through this commitment, most people have been able to make money from his advice. In May 2017, Matt Badiali launched a newsletter with Banyan Hill, the Real Wealth Strategist. This has helped him to build a large network of committed readers who look forward to his stock recommendations in natural resource. The catchy thing about Matt Badiali is his ability and commitment to travel all over the world and build networks with anyone he comes across. This has made him travel in many places, which include Singapore, Hong Kong, and Turkey, among others. Matt has also visited various sites where mines and oil projects are found in search for better investment ideas. Learn more about Matt on Inspirery.com.

In an interview with ideamensch, Matt Badiali says that the whole idea of starting up the newsletter about Real Wealth Strategist came from an experience he underwent and the education he had acquired. He adds that he also interacted with a friend who he assisted in handling financial matters. Matt Badiali combined the skills in developing investing methods with his education knowledge for earth sciences and geology to come up with the newsletter. This gave him perfect grounds to offer excellent and productive counsel to his readers and the entire Banyan Hill Company.

Matt Badiali is a natural resource expert in Banyan Hill Publishing team. Matt does a lot of research and recommends the opportunities in investing in precious metals, agriculture, energy, and the areas within the natural resource sector. He ranked among the leading persons in the natural resource experts in the entire industry. He is experienced in working with drill rigs, inspection for mines, giving speeches at geological meetings, and consulting with environmental companies. He is well informed in the matters of industrial developments, and this contributes to the provision of quality and late news around the natural resource industry. He is also the founder of the Real Investment Strategist. Read more about Matt on Interview.net.

Matt Badiali’s mission as an investment writer and a researcher is that of helping readers to grow and protect their wealth safely. He adds that he would expand his approach to exploring the opportunities available in the market for the readers to invest in them.

Learn: https://ideamensch.com/matt-badiali/